Bizarre - Season 3

Showtime (ended 1986)




Episode Guide

  • Episode Seventy
    Episode Seventy
    Episode 28
    Sketches include an interview with the billonaire husband of a younger woman, a funeral eulogy given by a ventriloquist in mourning for a fellow ventriloquist, a visit with the Bigots family,a look at auditions for the Don Corleone in the Godfather movie and Bob takes issue with the idea that he belittles others.moreless
  • Episode Sixty Nine
    Episode Sixty Nine
    Episode 27
    Sketches include an Indian boy asking his father about the origin of his name, a visit to the Schlock school for control of herpes, a woman gets a greeting from Mug-o-gram, a palimony attorney advises several female clients, a man and his son go to see a movie at the theater, a man visits McSex in the box and a man finds out a woman he just picked up has a hidden agenda.moreless
  • Episode Sixty Eight
    Episode Sixty Eight
    Episode 26
    Sketches include a presidental emergency visit to the washroom, two children show hosts meet at an unlikely place, a network executive meets with a man pitching a new show idea, a visit to a Bizarre casino, a dying hospital patient gets an unusual message from his business partner, a martial arts expert shows shows some of his techniques and John balks at not being presented as he really looks.moreless
  • Episode Sixty Seven
    Episode Sixty Seven
    Episode 25
    Sketches include a hospital patient begging his wife to pull the plug, the Reverend Tee Vee Seewell talks about news reports about him fathering a child, Henny Youngman guest stars, a celebrity take offence to a paparazzi and John unveils a new "original" sketch.
  • Episode Sixty Six
    Episode Sixty Six
    Episode 23
    Sketches include a boxing trainer waiting for his boxer to come out from an operation on both of his eyes, a funeral for the comedy of Cheech & Chong, Yoga for Health, Super Dave responds to charges he's beome too commercial and a visit with the Bigot family.
  • Episode Sixty Five
    Episode Sixty Five
    Episode 23
    Sketches include "Rocky XI", a man threatening suicide is greeted by Suicide-o-gram, an interview with a producer who claims nearly every TV show and movie was his idea originally, an unusual Army recruitment ad, a couple awaits the handing over of a baby by a surrogate mother, a Hollywood executive talks with a writer about a screenplay he's written, an over the hill boxer looks to fight one last time and Tom is on the verge of a major award for screentime in the show's first three seasons.moreless
  • Episode Sixty Four
    Episode Sixty Four
    Episode 22
    Sketches include a Bizarre Christmas card for the viewers, John talks to audience members he says are really well known celebrities, an army barrack sketch where celebrity names are substituted for off-color words, a priest talks with a prisoner about his sins, a KKK casino, an interview with country singer Johnny Bucks and someone else is brought in to close the show for John.moreless
  • Episode Sixty Three
    Episode Sixty Three
    Episode 21
    Sketches include a comic welcoming an audience, "Sushi by Sammi", an interview with a pro football player with an unusual name, a tape recorder date and a Dullahue interview with a faith healer.
  • Episode Sixty Two
    Episode Sixty Two
    Episode 20
    Sketches include a man receives a Toilet-o-gram, a woman receives a visit from Quazimodo Delivery, Henny Youngman performs, a man visits an exotic night club and sees a familiar face, a San Francisco couple gets bad news from their teenaged son and a man and woman interact at a bus stop with T-shirts.moreless
  • Episode Sixty One
    Episode Sixty One
    Episode 19
    Sketches include paying fines for a wide range of offenses, a look at a puppet penitentiary show, a visit to a church of punk, an interview with jailed assassin Sirhan Sirhan, a segment of a late night talk show a century after it originally aired and an oration from Tee Vee Seewell.moreless
  • Episode Sixty
    Episode Sixty
    Episode 18
    Sketches include a visit to a school for insecurity, a couple quarrel over the man's obsession with one particular thing, a marine commander confronts a private over his odd behaviour, an elderly man looks for romance at a local bar and John takes phone calls from viewers who have comments about the show.moreless
  • Episode Fifty Nine
    Episode Fifty Nine
    Episode 17
    Sketches include having the show's opening interpreted for the naked, a couple views an apartment for rent at a suspiciously low price, Super Dave Osborne is in the emergency room after a stunt goes awry, a football team's struggles is tied to one particular problem, a "Merv" interview with a famous actor who shrank himself for a movie and a follow-up on Super Dave Osborne after surgery.moreless
  • Episode Fifty Eight
    Episode Fifty Eight
    Episode 14
    Sketches include an attorney visiting a man jailed for impersonating the President, a woman has a visit from a door-to-door driving instructor, a couple talks about their son calling for an unusual reason, a French restaurant sketch goes awry when John quarrels with a cast member and things escalate, a visit with the Bigots family and John interrupts the closing sketch to warn people there is a shark in a studio.moreless
  • Episode Fifty Seven
    Episode Fifty Seven
    Episode 13
    Sketches include having the show's opening interpreted for amnesiacs, "Yoga For Health", an opera singer bids farewell to her career in an unusual way, a coach spends the entire team's budget on one player, a senator is interviewed after appearing in court on serious sex related charges, Don Corleone is the guest for "Meet The Press" and two well known sports personalities sing a duet.moreless
  • Episode Fifty Six
    Episode Fifty Six
    Episode 12
    Sketches include a tour of the Carousel of Comedy, a man visits an unusual pawn shop, a visit with the Bigots family, a pair of special guests sing an unusual duet and a man visits a black belt karate school though the sketch goes awry.
  • Episode Fifty Five
    Episode Fifty Five
    Episode 11
    Sketches include an interview with a doctor with an unusual approach to herpes, Super Dave performs his latest stunt with the aid of a celebrity, an operation on a game show host, a sketch about strip poker is ended by John early and John brings out a puppet called Jail Dog.moreless
  • Episode Fifty Four
    Episode Fifty Four
    Episode 10
    Sketches include a prison facing imminent execution and hoping for a last minute from the governor, a visit to a tailor shop that makes jokes for comics, an office worker returns from an anger management retreat and it is tested by a fellow worker and a man with unusual abilites applies to be a janitor.moreless
  • Episode Fifty Three
    Sketches include the manager of New York Yankees holding a series of press conferences,a priest tries to exorcise Saturday morning television out of a child, Super Dave performs his latest stunt with the aid of a stopwatch, the Schlock School For Insecurity welcomes its latest client and John does an Elvis impersonation, to the disapproval of Bob.moreless
  • Episode Fifty Two
    Episode Fifty Two
    Episode 8
    Sketches include a couple that encounters an unusual dress code at a restaurant, Richard Simmons announces his candidacy for the president of the United States, a visit to the family known as the Bigots, John interviews an author about sex on television and a sketch with two couples at a Chinese restaurant goes awry for an unusual reason.moreless
  • Episode Fifty One
    Episode Fifty One
    Episode 7
    Sketches include film critics reviewing " Gandhi 2", Super Dave Osborne shows the stunt school he has started, a man and woman say their good nights with tear away T-shirts and the cast of the World News cable network close in on five straight years on the air.
  • Episode Fifty
    Episode Fifty
    Episode 6
    Sketches include a woman visiting her son in the hospital under unusual circumstances, an intruder is discovered at Buckingham Palace, a customer visits McCheech and McChong In The Box, an elderly woman and a young man are accosted by would be thieves, a chiropractor's waiting lounge is shown, an elderly woman stays out late and angers her very young husband and John gets a surprise after the closing credits roll.moreless
  • Episode Forty Nine
    Episode Forty Nine
    Episode 5
    Sketches include giving a patient needing surgery who runs into complications, a fan of the show a chance to do the opening monologue, Tom Harvey visits a family who had their son Willie deprogrammed by a well known deprogrammer, Super Dave Osborne talks about his latest stunt, an elderly prisoner has his first conjugal visit in sixty years and the show visits the set of "Death Wish 3".moreless
  • Episode Forty Eight
    Sketches include having the opening monologue translated by the star of another sitcom, an interview with a top Hollywood make-up artist, the blind musician Davie Simpkins is interviewed, a show from the KKK cable network is featured and Henny Youngman guest stars in a comedy spot.
  • Episode Forty Seven
    Sketches include a distraught woman looking at an unusual police line-up, John talks with his real life sister briefly, a visit with the first family of predjudice known as the Bigots, an interview with an army soldier traded to the Russian army, a beauty pageant to crown the first Miss Lady of the Evening and Super Dave Osborne's latest attempt goes very wrong.moreless
  • Episode Forty Six
    Episode Forty Six
    Episode 2
    Sketches including children finding something in an outdoor shed, opera stars from Canada and the United States vie to sing their national anthems and things degenerate unexpectedly, a couple see what their future baby will look like, a representative from a group opposed to sexuality on television appears and a new line of security clothes is shown at a fashion show.moreless
  • Episode Forty Five
    Episode Forty Five
    Episode 1
    Sketches include an inmate attempting to break out of prison, a visit to a cheap plastic surgeon, Super Dave Osborne performs his latest stunt and a newlywed couple sketch is done twice with an audience member used in the second take.
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