B.J. and the Bear

NBC (ended 1981)


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B.J. and the Bear
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What kind of trouble can a monkey and a trucker get into? This classic series explores just that! BJ McKay was a good-looking young trucker who traveled around the country in his big red & white rig, with a single companion - his pet chimp, Bear. B.J. was based in rural Georgia and was confronted by a succession of corrupt local sheriffs - Elroy P. Lobo (who was later given his own series, Lobo); Sgt. Wiley of Winslow County and his two fellow lawmen, Sheriffs Cain and Masters. The only honest cop B.J. seemed to encounter was the Fox, who spent much of her time trying to trap the crooked local cops. Tommy was a lady trucker friend and Bullets ran the local hangout, the Country Comfort Truck Stop. In 1981, B.J. settled down to run a trucking business in Los Angeles called Bear Enterprises. His new adversary was Rutherford T. Grant, a corrupt politician who headed the state Special Crimes Action Team. Grant was a silent partner in TransCal, the largest trucking firm in California and stopped at nothing to stomp out potential competition. Because of Grant's intervention, B.J. found it impossible to get regular truck drivers to work for him and had to settle for a crew of 7 young, beautiful lady truckers, including a pair of identical twins and Grant's daughter, Cindy. The Theme Song was written by Glen A Larson and sung by Greg Evigan


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  • Mills Watson

    Mills Watson

    Deputy Perkins [1979]

    Richard Deacon

    Richard Deacon

    Sheriff Masters [1979]

    Claude Akins

    Claude Akins

    Sheriff Elroy P. Lobo

    Janet Louise Johnson

    Janet Louise Johnson

    Tommy [Season 2: 1979-1980]

    Slim Pickens

    Slim Pickens

    Sgt. Beauregard Wiley [1979]

    Conchata Ferrell

    Conchata Ferrell

    Wilhelmina 'The Fox' Johnson [Season 2: 1979-1980]

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    • BJ And The Bear

      Hello there, this is Derrick Ferguson from Little Rock, Arkansas. I like to watch this classic television show, and it's called "BJ And The Bear", because it brings back some of my memories. Please send me an e-mail to my new e-mail address, and it's derrickferguson2010@yahoo.com. Thanks! See you all again real soon.

      Derrick Ferguson

      Little Rock, Arkansas
    • B.J. and the Bear Was the Best TV Series Ever Created

      I have watch this show every episode from the movie pilot to where they had B.J. and the Bear in CA, including the movie after. There has never been or will ever be a TV series as good as this again. Greg is one of the best actors of all time next to Bear. HA! I met them and the truck one time when they came through Montgomery, Al. They parked the truck at the Eastdale Mall where I was working at the time at Morris Cafeteria. We would love to have the entire series including any missing episodes on DVD or it should be put back on TV for a whole new generation to see. Not a remake, but the original series with Greg and Bear. www.claimyoursnow.com/work-at-homemoreless
    • One of those shows that i grew up watching and My Dad never had any complaints of the kinda trash the TV was dishing out

      I've always been waiting to get my hands on a DVD of this show from the past.One of the first shows that I remember watching as a Kid and one that we discussed the next day at school with all my friends about how great Bears antics were.

      looking back and seeing what I see on Discovery/Nat Geo of how Chimps and other animal stars are abandoned in the old age after the fame and fortune has faded,

      and the various tortures inflicted on them to get 'em to perform the stuff that looks good on camera,seem to leave me with mixed feelings.

      But on the whole it was a great show for us kids growing up in the late 70's early 80's.

      Truly an all time classicmoreless
    • BJ and Bear always had a mean trucker to put up with and I can not remember his name.

      I think this was one of the greatest shows ever made. It was something diff., you did not before this show or after this show see one that was set like this. I would love to see this put on dvd. For me, what get me into this show was the Rig. I grew up loving big rigs. Then after I watched it for the first time, Bear became my fav. He was the show really.moreless
    • you must be kidding

      how on earth did this show ever get made? a show about a trucker and his monkey. i bet greg evigan is really proud of this show. i remember seeing it once or twice. the other thing i can not believe is that it was successful enough to get a spin off.

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