Black Books

Season 3 Episode 4

A Little Flutter

Aired Friday 9:00 PM Apr 01, 2004 on Channel 4
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Manny places a bet on the Grand National for Bernard who immediately becomes addicted to the thrill of gambling having previously expressed no interest. But his losses mount, and he starts borrowing gambling funds from increasingly scary people.

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    Keith Allen

    Keith Allen

    Dave 'Mouse Ear' Smith

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    Su Elliott

    Su Elliott


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    Mac McDonald


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      • Bernard: Well, I was born to win.
        Manny: Huh, yeah alright. (pulls out coin) Heads or tails?
        Bernard: Heads.
        Manny: (flips coin, comes out heads) Yeah alright I'll give you that one.
        Bernard: Tails.
        Manny: (flips coin, comes out tails) Alright you've had two kisses from Lady Luck, now she's gonna spin around and knee you ratlers.
        Bernard: Tails.
        Manny: (flips coin, comes out tails) Yeah, but, sooner or later... I'll run out of money.

      • Manny: Did you win or lose?
        Bernard: It's hard to say...
        Manny: Alright. Have you got more money or less money?
        Bernard: That's complicated...
        Manny: You got no money?
        Bernard: ... Yeah.

      • Bernard: Now! All I need is some kind of system.
        Manny: There's only one system. Bet. Lose. Borrow. Steal. Lose. Take the drugs. Lose. Prison... Death.

      • Bernard: Is this what you spend your pocket money on? Filthy gambling?!
        Manny: It's not really gambling Bernard. It's the Grand National. It's a moment when the whole nation comes together. Like the opening of a Richard Curtis movie or a... manhunt for a serial killer.

      • Customer: Hey mister! Do you have anything on armories, weaponry, that kind of thing?
        Bernard: Military history is on your right.
        Customer: I don't want your little history guano. I want modern warfare. Infrared. Fallout. Kill zones.
        Bernard: Military history is on your right. If you need any help, just fire a couple of rounds into the ceiling!

      • Fran: Bernard, please, give me a job, just until the interview.
        Manny: No he's changed, he's on the GG's now.
        Fran: Bernard... I bet you... 20 quid, I'm so hopeless I never get another job ever.
        Bernard: I'll give you a job! You start tomorrow. HA HA HA!

      • Manny: (To Fran) Hah! You're toast! T-O-E-A-R-S-T. Toearst

      • (During the Grand National)
        Manny: Oh, he fell.
        Bernard: What happens when they fall?
        Manny: Well, they give 'em some oats. And then shoot 'em in the head. But yours is still in.
        Bernard: You put our money on this circus of death? You disgust me!

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