Black Books

Season 1 Episode 6

He's Leaving Home

Aired Friday 9:00 PM Nov 03, 2000 on Channel 4
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Episode Summary

When Bernard's bossiness gets too much for him, Manny runs away from the bookshop into the arms of a beard-loving photographer. Fran tries to bring them back together.

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    Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


    • TRIVIA (3)

      • One of the names on the police missing poster for bearded men is Paul De Csernatory - he was involved in the making of another comedy show Red Dwarf.

      • When Manny comes out of the shower, the magazine he leafs through is the May 2000 edition of Empire film magazine with features on Scream 3, American Psycho, Kevin and Perry Go Large and first pictures from a certain Lord Of The Rings trilogy.

      • As Manny meets Trebor, keep your eyes on the background as the scene continues. It's clearly been edited together from multiple takes, as bystanders appear and disappear each time a vehicle passes in the front of the shot.

    • QUOTES (9)

      • (after learning he is to accompany a Japanese businessman to a casino as an escort)
        Manny: (to the photographer who arranged it) There is no way I'm going to the casino, alright? Now look, you have given me everything that money can buy. Yes, I've slept on satin sheets, I've eaten crinkle-cut chips from a silver bowl, I've been driven all over town in minicabs. But there are some things that money can't buy. Like the love I found in a little bookshop off Russell Square. Yes, love. You know, not, well, not love so much more... more... freedom! You know, fre... well, not really freedom, more a largeness of heart. Well, not really a largeness of heart... or freedom... or love. But I was never contractually obliged to sleep with foreign businessmen, alright? And that is not nothing, that is something.

      • Bernard: (phone rings) Manny? Manny, phone. Manny! Oh, I'll get it, shall I?
        (picks up phone) Hello?
        Manny: (on other side phone) Bernard?
        Bernard: Manny. Where are you? The phone's been ringing!

      • Fran: Manny was something else you know... You don't meet someone like him everyday.
        Bernard: I met him everyday... I met him all day and all night everyday. Today is one of the few days I haven't met him and even then he still wrote to me and rang me. I'm expecting a fax any minute!

      • Fran: Do you know nothing about the modern culture Bernard? Beckham, Posh, Pokemon...
        Bernard: PACman! It's pronounced 'Pacman'.

      • Manny: I was out with some friends.
        Bernard: Friends? Out? With? Some?! Let me smell your breath... I thought so: chips! Where are my chips? Look at your clothes. They're all rumpled, what have you been doing? Is that lipstick on your beard? Here I am worrying myself away into a stick, in the dark, and you're scoffing chips from some tart's lap! Where's my tart? I want chips and tart!

      • Fran: Oh my god! Mickey Rourke had another facelift. He looks like his trousers.

      • Fran: Well where is Manny? How can I find him?
        Bernard: Well, you could become a terrible event and happen to him.

      • Customer: You know, I'm probably getting a lot of secondary smoke from you.
        Bernard: Don't worry about it. Get me a drink sometime.

      • Bernard: (playing with yo-yo and realising it doesn't work properly without Manny) Without him it's just a Yo!

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