Black Books

Season 3 Episode 6


Aired Friday 9:00 PM Apr 15, 2004 on Channel 4

Episode Recap

The show begins with the shop being closed. Notice, the sign on the door has 'Open' on both sides. Manny suggests going to a party, but Bernard throws the idea out of the window. He suggests sitting in the garden for a while. This has never been known, but Bernard's shop does actually have a garden in the back. Although, it's littered with black bags, garbage and waste materials, and there is barely enough room to move. Manny then hides the wine, forcing Bernard to attend the party if only for the alcohol. Manny then tells, well, is forced by Bernard, to disclose the real reason he wants to attend the party. He has his eye on a girl named Rowena. After the party, the three, Bernard, Fran and Manny come back extremely drunk. Fran's drink is 'Bludge', Manny's is 'Delicio's Beetroot Liquor' and Bernard describes his drink as a choc-ice mixed with bleach. Fran suggests a dancing competition, after which they all settle down. Bernard then discloses that he once had a girlfriend, but she died. Her name was Emma. When Bernard leaves, Fran tells Manny that Emma actually isn't dead. She just pretended to be dead in order to dump Bernard. Manny, sworn to secrecy by Fran, then tells Bernard that his ex-girlfriend is alive. He takes it quite badly, but seems to get over it. Rowena comes by and Manny and her go upstairs for 'tea'. After Fran falls asleep, Bernard takes her phone and calls Emma, informing her that he is dead and is now haunting her.