Black Books

Season 3 Episode 6


Aired Friday 9:00 PM Apr 15, 2004 on Channel 4



  • Trivia

    • In this episode the door sign has "open" on both sides. In episode 1.2 "Manny's First Day" it had "closed" on both sides.

    • The Chalkboard reads: "CAN'T"

    • Manny was drinking Delicio's Beetroot Liquor, Fran was drinking Bludge, and Bernard was drinking a blue liquid which he described as a choc-ice mixed with bleach.

    • Fran's birthname is Enid.

    • When Bernard hits the ceiling with the broom and chunks fall down, the close up of Fran shows her with her hand up by her neck. The longer shot shows her with both hands lower down her body.

  • Quotes

    • Manny: You don't actually have a heart, Bernard. Just a shard of ice.
      Fran: Flint.
      Manny: Sorry?
      Fran: Flint, I always thought of it... as a piece of flint.

    • Manny: I didn't want to leave that party! I was enjoying it, it was great!
      Bernard: No it wasn't. The music was too loud, the food was cold, the drinks were too few, and the people many. It was everything I expected... and less. Anyway, I'm never going outside again unless I need someplace to throw up.

    • (scruffy and drunk from the party)
      Fran: My hair. Is my hair still good?
      Bernard: Yeah you're a vision.

    • (drunkenly coming back from the party, on the other side of the door)
      Bernard: The key, the key it won't go in the thing!
      Fran: Bernard, you are using your finger.
      Bernard: Oh yeah.

    • Fran: Do you notice anything different about me? My hair! I got it done! Isn't it perfect, aren't I divine, don't you think I'm more me than I've ever been? I can't believe you didn't notice.
      Bernarnd: Men have a different way of noticing hair and appearance... which is not noticing.

    • Bernard: It was Friday night last week, it'll be Friday night next week, and every week until we're dead and even then the whole wretched cycle will continue.

    • Bernard: Yeah, well before you move to the country to raise your bearded freak circus, tell me about her. What's she like? What are her prospects?
      Manny: She's nice!
      Bernard: Oh, she's nice?! She... don't make me get sick into my own scorn!! Does she play the viola? Does she embroider? Is she kind to the servants?!
      Manny: I don't know. I just know that I like her. And there's a good chance she likes me, that's all.
      Bernard: Okay, well, we are going to this party, because I am trying to picture this girl who likes you, and all I can see is you, in a dress.

    • Manny: Right. I think tonight's gonna be something special. I think we should open the best bottle we've got!
      Bernard: Not the four pound forty-nine!!
      Manny: Tonight's the night! This is the stuff Napoleon would have drunk if he'd been a bit strapped... and, er, he couldn't get anything else.

    • Fran: Look at my new phone! Look, look, look, look! Look, it's got web access, it's got a camera. Look, it can do everything!
      Bernard: Gah! Can it stop boring conversations?
      Fran: No, none of them can do that...
      Bernard: Mine can! (Picks up receiver) Shut up about your phone!!

    • Manny: Why are you getting so angry?
      Bernard: I can't help being angry when I'm furious!

    • Bernard: What is this... I'm drinking? It's disgu... It's like a chock ice fell into a bottle of bleach. It's children's booze! What's yours?
      Fran: Bludge. It's quite good actually. You don't even have to drink it. You just rub it on your hips and it eats right through to your liver.

    • Bernard: Can we go now?
      Manny: Yeah. We're all set. Let's, paaar....

      • Bernard: You know I don't approve of you seeing other girls - people! Who is she anyway, this so called person?!

      • Manny: Rowena. She's a friend of Anne's.

      • Bernard: Oh... I see. Roweeeeena. Roweeeeena. And what am I supposed to do when you're doing the underpants-Charleston with this insane blind tart?!

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