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Black Books

Season 1 Episode 5

The Big Lock-Out

Aired Friday 9:00 PM Oct 27, 2000 on Channel 4
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Episode Summary

The shop is robbed after Manny leaves it unlocked, and he arranges for a new security system to be installed that he immediately forgets how to operate, causing him to be locked in with no food while Bernard is locked out with no money. Fran runs into an old flame whose voice stirs up confusing feelings.moreless

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  • When Manny gets a security system and gets himself locked in, and Bernard locked out, Bernard wonders around and somehow gets himself a job at a fast food restaurant

    One of the funniest Black Books epiosde, guest staring Nick Frost. When Bernard works at the fast food restaurant is classic and hilarious, and one of the most memorable things of the series. And Manny's story is also enjoyable when he starts reading and acting like a boy scout. Fran falling desperately obsessed to her old friend's voice is unable to help Bernard, also making a funny storyline for us. When the robbers come back and take nothing but the security system is funny and ironic, and when Manny confesses to eating Bernard's bees is a hilarious moment with the simple words "i ate your bees"moreless
Paul Beech

Paul Beech


Guest Star

Steve Bowditch

Steve Bowditch

Len/Voice of Joe Pasquale

Guest Star

Nick Frost

Nick Frost

Security System Man

Guest Star

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    • Bernard: (after finding out the shop had been robbed) So, what did you tell them? They got in through the back?
      Manny: Yeah.
      Bernard: Yeah, it wouldn't do to let them know that we went out and you left the front door open, would it?
      Manny: Yeah, well, what sort of world is it that you can't go away and leave the front door open without getting robbed?
      Bernard: It's this sort of world, Gandalf!

    • Bernard: (to cashier) Excuse me, there seems to be some mistake. I bought some popcorn and a drink and now I have no money left.
      Cashier: That's how much it costs.
      Bernard: What is it, magic popcorn? Does it produce some kind of dizzying high?

    • Manny: That was the last film you went to see? Planet of the Apes?
      Bernard: Yeah. Amazing effects, you know. You really believed that monkeys could have meetings.

    • Bernard: (showing off his new drink to Manny) We've found something new. Absinthe, you know... that slogan "The Drink That Makes You Want To Kill Yourself Instantly."

    • Fran: Oh, yeah, Bernard... something came... up. I'm so so sorry. Umm what did you do?
      Bernard: Oh just my usual night out, you know. Went to see an experimental film where nothing happened for two hours. Hung out with a pornographer. Got a job in a burger bar. You know, the usual.

    • Bernard: Does the... umm... Mamba Burger... come with zesty cheese?
      Cashier boy: No.
      Bernard: Ok, uhh, then could I have some... Hunky Dunkers. With barbecue Hunky Dunky dip. And a... Mucky Chocolate Milkshake.
      Cashier boy: What size? Small, medium, goliath or god?

    • Manny: Do you think I should wash my beard?
      Bernard: I think you should wash it, yeah. Then shave it off, nail it to a frisbee, and fling it over a rainbow.

    • Bernard: (thinking) You know what you are? You're a beard with an idiot hanging off it.

    • Security Man: I'm normally asked to install this system in zoos. The glass is soundproof.
      Manny: Why do you need soundproofing in zoos?
      Security Man: Well, otherwise, the kids start calling the lions pricks.
      Manny: Oh right.
      Security Man: It's a very good system. You know the CIA?
      Manny: Yeah.
      Security Man: They don't use this system. Uhh, they probably use something a lot better.

    • Manny: (to Bernard) I ate all your bees.

  • NOTES (1)


    • Gandalf

      In this episode, Bernard calls Manny by the name, "Gandalf". Gandalf is a fictional character from the book series and film franchise, "Lord of the Rings". Like Manny, Gandalf has a long beard.