Black Books

Season 1 Episode 4

The Blackout

Aired Friday 9:00 PM Oct 20, 2000 on Channel 4
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Episode Summary

Manny overdoses on coffee and cop shows after getting an espresso machine for his birthday and is mistaken for a policeman after attempting to thwart a purse-snatching. Fran and Bernard gradually exchange embarrassing stories about injuries they sustained the previous day.

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  • Bernard can't remember what he did last night. Fran thinks her beau is seeing someone else. And Manny thinks he's a cop. Then things get worse... [SPOILERS INSIDE]

    This is quite simply one of the funniest things I've ever seen. Manny as a cop high on expresso, running around and ducking when someone drops a book...classic. The injuries from one's own stupidity that Fran and Bernard incur: priceless. And of course Belly Savalas. I'm just sorry we couldn't see Cabumbo (well, not that sorry). This episode also highlights Bernard's way with children. "Oh the songs, Jimbo, they'd melt your face." Then of course, there's what the "happy go lucky scamp" Bernard and his lovely gifts, and the way he always knows what room he's in. Fran's boyfriend troubles are also a great plotline.moreless

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    • (Bernard is discussing his dinner party friends Gerald and Sarah)
      Bernard: Sarah's an interior designer. She's on that programme, you know – Pet Surprise.
      Manny: Pet Surprise? What's that?
      Bernard: You know the thing. They take the dog for a walk, he thinks it's a normal walk, but when he comes back, the kennel has a patio and French doors.
      Manny: Yeah, and they take the blindfold off and its like "Oh My God". Right.

    • Gerald: Look at Jimbo!
      Bernard: What? He looks surprised. All children look surprised. Everything's new to them!

    • Bernard: You know Gerald and Sarah?
      Fran: Gerald... uh... your friend.
      Bernard: Friend?! When I first came to London, he, he put me up, he lent me money, he helped me find a job, he helped me find this place. I was, I was an incredibly good friend to him. And, even though, even though I fancied his girlfriend, I did not make a pass at her. Well, once. Twice. A few times. But not after I realised just how angry it made him. Well, once, but only because...
      Fran: Get on with the story.

    • (A little boy in pyjamas walks into the room)
      Gerald: (to Bernard) Oh you remember Jimbo, don't you?
      Bernard: I'm not sure... (to Jimbo) What do you do?
      Gerald: No, he's our son.
      Bernard: Oh thank god. I thought you had a disease. It's a child!

    • Bernard: I went to the chemist to get some Fizzy-Good.
      Fran: Some what?
      Bernard: You know, some Fizzy-Good, Fizzy-Good-Make-Feel-Nice.
      Fran: Oh, Alka-Seltzer.

    • Fran: I want Manny in on this. Manny!
      Bernard: No no no, he's no good to anyone. He stayed up all night with his birthday present.
      (Manny enters, looking both alert and paranoid)
      Bernard: A complete set of The Sweeney and an espresso machine.

  • NOTES (1)

    • Dylan Moran (as Bernard) tried desperately to make Liam Hess, the young child in this episode, laugh. He improvised an entire song, which went "I live alone in a tree. I live alone in a tree. I live alone in a tree, and nobody loves me. Cows in the morning. Cows in the morning 1, 2, 3. Up and at 'em, up and at 'em with a pick. I live by the river with my mother in a house, she washes, I cook and we never go out. I'm a simple cow, living a simple life, but sometimes I feel exploited. Ireland will never be free until I can marry my brother. Oh I love you Eileen Bueag. I love you Eileen Bueag. I love your teeth and your eyes and your face. I love your knees, and your house and your place. I love your couch, and your mother and your teeth. I love your cupboards and your loft and your swimming pool, I love you I love you I love you I love you Eileen Bueag, but leave us alone now for the minute." The song can be found in the outtakes of the Season One DVD.