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  • A solid anime that's worth your time

    Warning: Spoilers Ahead

    I wasn't sure what to expect when I started watching this. I was definitely expecting action based on the summary of the show and a cool plot. What I got was that and much more. The story is centered on an assassin who works for an organization trying to bring world peace called Chronos. The catch is that they aim to do so by killing people they deem evil. The main character, Train Heartnet, is their best killer, trained since he was a kid, and is known as Black Cat, an assassin who never failed his missions. Train's life changes when he meets a girl named Saya who sets him on his path to freedom and redemption. Meanwhile a sweeper named Sven and a thief named Rinslet Walker collaborate to rescue a girl who was made from nanotechnology from the hands of evil. Train is ordered to kill that same girl, and so their stories intertwine and insanity begins.

    Story: The story was pretty interesting and held my attention. There are several plot twists that keep you on your feet, and generally it kept you wanting more. There are a few episodes where the plot wasn't too interesting though and which dragged, but only a few. Also, the last four episodes, while serving as pretty good finale episodes, felt a bit rushed. The last episode especially was extremely rushed. It could have easily been stretched into three episodes or so. The ending itself I loved, but the episode as a whole could have used some fixing.

    Overall the story was well-crafted though, with small seemingly unimportant details mentioned in the first few episodes become relevant and very important in the end, which is somethingI absolutely love as it shows hood planning and makes your jaw drop.

    Characters: This is where the show shines very often. Train is extremely well-developed, easily the deepest in the cast. We slowly learn more about his past as the story goes on, and his path to redemption as well as his motivations are fleshed out excellently. Eve, the nanotechnology girl, also has excellent character development as she learns that she has freewill. Her situation is very similar to Train's, and an excellent parallel is drawn between them. Then you have the lovable Sven, a gentlemen with his crazy suitcase and vision eye. Rinslet is fun to watch as well. Creed was a wonderful villain whose obsession with Train did much to add to his creepiness. Sephira of Chronos was awesome as well. The character dynamics were interesting and a pleasure to watch, especially the touching bond between Eve and Sven.

    Of course, Saya deserves a special mention on her own, because her story was easily one of the most brilliant aspects of the show. The way her death motivated Train as well as her everlasting influence on him was shown again and again in all of Train's later actions, and its no exaggeration to say that the whole show is built on her character.

    My only complaints here is that some villains, like the Apostles gunman and the gravity guy, got almost no development before they were killed off, and several Chronos characters suffered from this as well. Also, Train's transition into a more easygoing person, despite making sense, was done a bit too abruptly and should've been done more gradually.

    Music: Nothing to say except it's amazing. Loved it, really set the mood.

    Animation: Generally pretty good, became pretty amazing during the fight sequences. At times though it was a little odd and had a few awkward moments and at times the coloring in the scenes was a bit strange and too stylistic, but overall the series is nice to look at.

    Action: Pretty awesome when it came. The animation was usually nice and fluid and the action scenes were often incredible. They did get a bit less impressive near the end, but overall were very good.

    So, overall the show was awesome, I find myself rewatching parts of it. If I was writing a review for the first seven episodes, which were nearly flawless, I'd probably give it over a 9. However, it did stumble a little later, despite remaining very entertaining. I enjoyed the moral dillemas presented in it as well as the recurring themes of freedom and redemption. The characters were generally fantastic. I'm not giving it a full score due to a few issues, such as its sometimes rushed pace as well as the rushed ending, as well as Train's abrupt transition and a few episodes that dragged, but despite these flaws it remained an ex cellent watch and I definitely recommend it to anyone looking for a good action anime, better than most out there. I know it's a series I'll keep coming back to to enjoy again.
  • Probably in my top 3 favourite anime!

    This was far better than I expected! I thought it would be like an ordinary anime... but its not! In my opinion... its up the top with Naruto and DBZ (I really love Naruto and DBZ!)! It has this amazingly unique storyline that I can't stop thinking about! Ok... There is Train Heartnet (hottie!) who is an ex chrono member(Number 13, and I cant stop drawing the number like XIII or whatever it is, lol), Sven who is a sweeper (cutie!), Rinslet a master thief (Really awesome, she would be my bestie!), Eve is a nano machine thingy that can morph into any weapon (So wanna be that!) And bad guy Creed. Creed killed a girl named Saya, and Saya was the one that helped Train go on the right path in life. Train wants revenge on her death and so on. They go together to kill Creed and his gang and etc. Its really way better than im making it sound. Its got a lot of humour (especially on the manga!) and great action! Gotta love it!!!
  • This is a solid and entertaining anime - well worth a look.

    The plot centres on Train Heartnet AKA the Black Cat a professional assassin for the secret society Chronos. One day a chance meeting with a bounty hunter changes Train's views on the world and he quits Chronos to become a bounty hunter himself. Now he travles the world with his partners Eve and Sven Volfied finding work wherever they can and avoiding Trains former associates at Chronos.

    This is a very decent show and almost certainly would have been great had it been a little longer. The plot ends quite abruptly which always ruins an ending inm my opinion. having said that the premise is good and the characters are not the two dimensional charactetures that you might expect.

    All in all this is worth a look it is just a shame that it didn't quite live up to it's potential.
  • An awesome show with some great humor, and intense action.

    Personally, I really like this show. This show is about Train Hartnett, a silent, cool boy who has the unlucky number of 13 while at Chronos, an orginazation that has skilled fighters. After his best friend Saya dies, Train decides to leave Chronos, and become an average, every day sweeper. He meets Sven, a broke detective, Rinslet, a secret agent, and Eve, the ultimate weapon. Together they go on a quest to destroy Creed, Train's ex-partner who killed Saya, and save the world from destruction. The action in this show is awesome!! The intense battles will keep you at the edge of your seat. The humor in this show is great. It can vary between Sven dressing up as a woman to do a mission to Kyoko trying to kiss Train, only to kiss Train's cat. Some of the lines are really hilarious! I like the line when Train saves Kyoko, and that he is trying to buy milk from a store. It is funny when Kyoko says "I have got some milk, I'll give it to you unless you give me some sugar!". I thought that line was really funny! The dialog in this show is excellent. The great story will keep you wanting more of Train, and his friends. I did not have much interest in the theme music, but the action music rocked!! Overall, awesome show, great music, hilarious humor, intense action. I would recommend this show to anyone!
  • Meow meow meow!!

    Black Cat is my 5th known favorite anime series since Naruto, Bleach, Ouran High School Host Club, Death Note, and this is my 5th favorite! All the action, drama, crude humor, etc. is all the needs I have right here! Anime is awesome indeed!!

    I also hope that this can be shown in the anime club at my school! The members will like it, as it is appropriate age level like in all the other animes we watched. I hope they select this one and enjoy all the action and excitement. Anybody can enjoy anything that has cats added into it, right?
  • Black Cat SHOULD be an average anime, but because of unique methods of story telling and great productions, it was a great watch.

    Chronos is an organization determined to maintain world order. The one maintaining that order is an eraser called Black Cat. Whoever they deem as a threat to the world, Black Cat will be there to exterminate them. This was his way of living, until he encountered two people; Eve and Sven. Their destinies were intertwined when a mission was sent in by Chronos to Black Cat to destroy Eve; a bio weapon whose powers may even rival Black Cat's. The three become a trio of sweepers living a struggle to find huge bounties to pay off their myriad of tabs and debts. However, because of Black Cat's resignation as an eraser, the balance of powers started to shift as his former partner Creed Diskenth formed the Apostles of the Stars destined for world conquest. Black Cat's former group, the Numbers, get involved too.

    The first couple of episodes are a bit confusing. The story telling is structured in a weird but unique way. It's as if it's expecting you to know what is already going on. Despite that, the introduction was still bearable to watch and does accomplish what it's meant to do; establish the setting, characters, and the roles of those characters. From that point on Black Cat just keeps on getting better with great fights and an even better musical score of some of the best battle music you'll ever hear.

    There are basically only two things wrong with this anime. It's short for a shounen, and to make it worse, there are some rather unnecessary fillers in the way. It's so blatantly obvious what is filler and what is not. There's even an episode dedicated to a mysterious woman living in the mountains that may even have a show of its own. Later on when you think back to why these fillers even exist, you just shake your head and wonder how much better Black Cat could have been, and I'm fully aware of the whole "catching up to manga" phase. The fillers could have at least been better.

    I'm really confident that if Black Cat was an 80 episode anime, it could rival the current big three shounens of today; One Piece, Naruto, and Bleach. This is truly one of GONZO's better works, and it unfortunately ended sooner than it should have. There are many unanswered questions that could have materialized into great and juicy story arcs.

    Fortunately, with what we were given, it's fully worth investing your time into. The story isn't really anything deep, and it may even have borrowed some things from other animes (cough End of Evangelion cough). However, like mentioned before, the story structuring in Black Cat is really unique and offers a fresh new way of story telling. Sometimes when it's in the middle of a heated battle, it'll show glimpses of the aftermath, when the battle is resolved. There are other methods Black Cat uses to tell its story, but to tell it would be spoiling its riches.

    Best of all, the productions are just astonishing. GONZO has a history of creating great productions that aren't congruent to the feel of the anime. Finally it scores big time with Black Cat. You'll never hear better battle music that compliments a fight so well than in Black Cat, and what's even better is that there are a handful of battle themes instead of one. The battles are also filled with great dynamics that will most definitely please your eyes.

    I was wary of Black Cat at first because it was based off of a manga (I've tried to stay away from these because I'll eventually run into the inevitable filler), and because it was produced by GONZO, but while the former one came true, the latter was made up for it and really proved me wrong. The unique blend of story telling, characters, and productions, make this a great anime watch. Take away it's two biggest flaws of length and fillers, and you have a shounen anime that is up there with One Piece, Naruto, and Bleach.
  • Just about one of the best anime I've ever seen.

    I'll be frank. Black Cat is the best anime I've seen so far. It has action, humor, and meaning. Although sometimes there could be more detail, and had the anime followed the manga more closely, it would have been ten times better. Black Cat has a cast of unique characters, each one with some special power or trait to them. (Ex: The Chronos Numbers, The Apostles Of The Stars, The Sweeper Alliance, Eve, etc.) The opening and the two endings are wonderful as well, and character development happens throughout the series, mostly with Eve, but also with Train and Sven. I love this series, so I may be exaggerating a little, but it is a series that is worth the time.
  • Creed Diskenth had killed Train's dearest friend, Saya Minatsuki. With Train's new partner, Sven Vollfied, and Rinslet Walker.During this they encounter Eve. After defeating Torneo, Eve joins Sven and Train as a sweeper.

    Saya profile:-
    Before she was killed. Saya was an accomplished sweeper, whose fun loving spirit and easy likability made her Train's first real friend. Her involvement with him lead to his more human outlook on life and his departure of the Chrono numbers.

    Due to how close Train and Saya were, Creed grew jealous of the "Witch". Creed murdered Saya. She died in Train's arms during a fireworks show, the thing she was most looking forward to see. While she was alive she wore a yukata, just because she thought she looked cute in it.


    Train profiles:-
    Train Heartnet, the "Black Cat", worked for a secret organization known as Chronos. His job: assassin! But then he left, abandoning that murderous existence. He choose to live his own life... as a bounty hunter!

    Although he abandoned Chronos, his past returns as his old 'partner' came asking Train to join forces together to bring about a global revolution. Though Train refuses, a battle of old partners begins.

    Now a lighthearted carefree Sweeper and partner of Sven, was once an Eraser and Number XIII for the secret organization Chrono. Known as Black Cat because of his cat-like mannerisms he was an assassin until meeting Saya Minatsuki, a Sweeper who lives life how she wants. Her death is what motivates him to chase after Creed Diskenth not to kill him but to capture him. He's an expert gunman and still wields the orichalcum gun he received on his induction into Chronos, Hades. He was originally trained to be assassin by Zanguine Axeloxe after killing his parents.
  • This series takes a big and good start, but it goes down later on like if it wasted all its energies...

    There exits a big organization called Chronos, which works for the world order, assassin and destroying everyone that could attempt an attack against it. The self-called numbers and eraser are the elite of Chronos. Inside this group there is a guy with the number XIII (13), known as Black Cat being one of the greatest Chrono numbers. One day he meets a woman, called Saya, that changes the way he is making him notice that he could do something else that work as an eraser.
    In the other side is Sven, an ex-FBI agent, who rescues and gains the heart of a bioweapon called Eve. While something else is approaching to destroy all order…

    The basis of the history may be a cliché, inside all that is full with original stuff and characters, the music is okay and how the plot develops is okay, but in what it fails is at the end, how they insert to many characters at once looked as a bad sing but later, tit is just over in a big rush leaving a lot of doubts.

    Character design: 8/10
    I think it is great, but the anime relies a lot on how cool the characters are... and how cool can be a gay as the main bad character?

    Music/sound: 8/10
    It is great, good OST most of times it fits with the anime.

    Story: 4/10
    Kinda poor, not well developed. With some holes unsolved and making a really forced ending like a slap in the face.

    Overall: 4.8/10
    All the anime relies in the character desing, making cool scenes doesnt help it from being below average.
  • One man with an unknown destiny and another man bent on creating his own world.

    I have finally found a show that could give Elemental Gelade a run for its money, maybe not win but at least give it a run. The characters a spectacular and without a doubt in my mind the magic was breath taking. Sven, Train, and Eve are an awesome set, they continue to help each other out no matter what. Battle after battle the characters are tested to their physical and mental capabilities. In some respects Trains' story reminds me of Final Fantasy 7, which is a very good thing. I was also continually impressed at how in depth some of these characters truly are. The only downside that I saw to this whole series was that some of the characters, in my opinion, didn't get anywhere near the volume of screen time that they should have. If you liked Elemental Gelade, Full Metal Alchemist, or Escaflowne then you need to see this, you will love it!
  • Black Cat is a manga and anime series by mangaka Kentaro Yabuki. It was serialized in Shueisha's Weekly Shonen Jump.

    The story centers on a man named Train Heartnet who withdrew from an elite group of assassins called the Toki no Bannin to become a Sweeper (a bounty hunter).

    In Train's world, there is a secret organization, Chronos, that rules one third of the world through underground control of almost every kind of business. To maintain the balance of the world, Chronos is essential, and therefore, there is the need to have people to protect Chronos. Besides all normal erasers, there are special elite assassins with Orichalcum-made weapons called the Chrono Numbers. Chrono Numbers have their numbers engraved on their body and their weapon. There were twelve total Chrono Numbers, but when Train Heartnet, an unsurpassable shooter, decided to join Chronos in their cause, the number XIII was founded. No one that was targeted by Train Heartnet, also known as Black Cat, for bringing "bad luck", and his extremely quick movements and attacks, ever survived. The name Black Cat was the most feared among assassins.

    His only objective was "to be the best". In one of his missions, he had to kill a target, but the target's child was at the scene. Train, recalling his childhood trauma, could not kill the target in front of his child.

    Eventually, he met Saya Minatsuki, who was a sweeper. Through his contact with Saya, Train changed drastically, a change that culminated with leaving Chronos. However, a man who admired Train in an obsessive way, Creed Diskenth, did not accept that an elite assassin was being changed that way. Creed then set out to kill Saya, while Train was not there. Train reached the scene too late and tried to fight Creed, but he escaped.

    Six months later, Train is a Sweeper, traveling with his partners Sven Vollfied and Eve. Their lives as sweepers is about to be changed when the present is invaded by the past: Creed Diskenth, after two years of being away, returns. And he wishes to meet Train, with a proposal to become his partner.
  • Good show.

    Train Heartnet,otherwise known as "Black Cat",is part of an elite group of assasins(or erasers) hired by a secret society called Chronos.He looks a lot like a cat,has the number XIII(13) tatooed on his chest(13 is an unlucky number),and his favorite Quote is "I'm here to deliver bad luck ".All this,coupled with the name "Black Cat" which refers to bad luck shows that he is merciless and not a soul who has been targeted by him has survived.All that changes when he meets a woman sweeper(bounty hunter) named Saya Minatsuki who changes his life.Train decides to defect from Chronos.Now,he is a sweeper partnered with Sven Vollfield,an ex-FBI agent,and Eve,a genetically engineered bio-weapon that takes the form of a girl.Black Cat is an interesting anime but not quite as good as anime like Cowboy Bebop.It's good some pretty good stuff like Sven's vision eye(which allows him to see the immediate future i.e,what is going to happen about 5 minutes later) and Eve's hair abilities.Overall,I would recommend this anime to any fan of Hellsing or other anime of this kind.
  • It was not as boring as I thought was, I'll give you that.

    Just one day switching through channels then I saw its commercial, like anyone I just thought: Hey that's dumb, next! Finally another day, I had no choice but to watch an episode than.... Lolz look at those moves! And those powers! Next thing you know is, I recorded almost every episode and I'm still watching it. I totally love the action, the teammates quarreling, and the funny situations. Though I would want to know more about Train's past. We saw some of it in "Small Cat" but still, most of it is puzzling not to mention sad. He's just soo cute! And also I like the fact that he's willing to give up his life for his friends.

    I guess some of us just have to like no matter what.
  • When i first heard of Black Cat from a friend, i was thinking wierd. At first i wasn't at all interested since pictures i've seen of the show didn't impress me. But after watching more than 2 episodes of the show, i found it quite interesting.

    very nice action based anime with bits of comedy and romance. I started watching this anime after a friend recommended it to me, and it was completely worth my time.

    Interesting characters, appeals to both guys and girls. They have interesting character developments and backgrounds. The story clearly shows most main character's background and history. only deduction of a point from this show is how it ended. Towards the end of the series, worse, like they put less effort in it. I heard rumors that the show lost its funding because it wasn't that popular, so that may explain why. The last few episodes were especially rushed, and I wasn't satisfied with the last episode at all. The crammed in a lot of things into the last episode, that really should have been expanded into a 24th episode.
  • Train Heartnet is an assassin for Chronos. Known as Number XII, or Black Cat, he is one of the bext in the organization. But then he meets a girl named Saya who changes his life forever...

    This show is one of the best shows that have been produced. My favorite character is Train and i love how he changes throught out the show. I really want them to show this on tv in the U.S. but i dont think they have. I have one dvd of it so far and i love it. This is also one of the most hilarious shows i have ever seen. I recommend everyone watch this because it is so awesome. My friends love it too. I love a lot of japanese anime and this is one of my top favorites!! I cant wait to see all of the episodes.
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