Black Cat

Season 1 Episode 24

The Carefree Cat

Aired Unknown Mar 30, 2006 on Animax Entertainment

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  • The ending is here all in a flash...

    Ouch, thats why I said in my review of this show than the start was ok, of course this anime music is great, they gave a good use of it in the episode, the only problem is that they left a lot of story holes in it and stuff to speculate, some of that stuff cant be forgiven because as they show it is nearly impossible to happen but it did, this ending was totally rushed because of that in a way, even if in a part of the episode the action gets kinda slow, they had the need to do that in order to make the ending faster... it may be a let down for fans of the manga...

    Recaping the anime in your mind makes you notice that it didnt had anything special. It just let you kill the time.
  • Pretty good ending for the anime, even if it isn't in the manga.

    This was possibly one of the episodes I enjoyed the most. Although I must say, it became a little bit confusing at times, particularly when they showed what happened after the battle with Eden throughout the episode. However, I will say that this actually provided a little bit of dramatic effect. As far as final episodes go, Black Cat does it well.
    The action sequences are very promising and worth the time, although episodes like 'The Cat's Showdown' give it a lot more. Everything seems to move at a steady pace, as well, nothing goes too fast to not be able to keep up, and breaks in action to allow for dialogue are well-divided as well.
    All in all, for a final episode, it is worth watching.
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