Black Cat

Season 1 Episode 3

The Cat in the Dark

Aired Unknown Oct 20, 2005 on Animax Entertainment
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Episode Summary

Sven accepts the task of rescuing Elena's sister, Eve, and makes an attempt to infiltrate the manor, but without success. Afterwards, Sven learns that Eve is not really Elena's sister, nor is Elena who she appears to be. Later, Sven discovers Eve in a park, and decides to talk with her, and he shows Eve there's a entire world outside the manor she's been held in. Unfortunately for Sven, Torneo's men find them, and forcibly take Eve back to the manor. Sven comes to realize that Eve is not merely a bio-weapon, she's a human being with thoughts and feeling of her own, and becomes even more determined to rescue her, no matter what the cost.moreless

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  • Rescue Eve

    Sven and Elena get ready to rescue Eve who is captured by a bunch of weird guys. She explains that Eve is some kind of weapon for nanotechnology. Train is also there and is about to kill Eve but is rescued by Sven. Sven finds out that Elena is not who she says she is and she reviews her identity. We learn more about Eve.

    Eve escapes the mansion where she is held captive and wanders to the park where she meets Sven. Sven finds out more about her and it turns out she isn't just a weapon but is just like a human and has feelings. But the bad guys have a tracking device and capture her once again.

    It was a good episode, where we get to see Train and Sven face to face again, and the mysteries behind Eve are still to be revealed.moreless
Grant James

Grant James


Guest Star

Todd Haberkorn

Todd Haberkorn


Guest Star

Nobuo Tobita

Nobuo Tobita

Flitte (Japanese)

Guest Star

Caitlin Glass

Caitlin Glass


Recurring Role

Megumi Toyoguchi

Megumi Toyoguchi

Saya Minatsuki (Japanese)

Recurring Role

Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (2)

    • Funimation dub: Torneo orders Eve on a demon chase. Eve assumes the Demon role.
      Funimation sub: Torneo orders Eve on a game of tag. Eve is IT.
      In either case, Eve's mission is essentially to hunt down and to kill her target.

    • This episode introduces another main character of the series, Eve.

  • QUOTES (6)

    • Eve: What other foods are good?
      Sven: There are more things out there than sweets, you'll love it. Of course there's pizza, spaghetti, and hamburgers.
      Eve: (pictures ice cream cones)

    • Saya: (to Train) Are you trying to seduce me with your bottled milk?

    • (next episode preview)
      Rin: I'm the ultimate thief, Rinslet Walker. I had a killer idea of stealing some previously stolen nanotechnology to sell back to the original owners, but things happened to go in a different direction. Now the weapon has thoughts of her own and Sven's fatherly instincts have suddenly gotten him acting too iffy for my taste. Not to mention that Chronos assassin Black Cat is trying to muck up the works. My plans are falling apart and all I can do is sit back and watch! Can't anything in this world be easy?

    • Sven: Wanna tell me what you're doing so far away from where you belong?
      Eve: Could you tell me where I am?
      Sven: Why? Are you lost or something?
      Eve: Lost? I am not. I am simply a demon searching.
      Sven: Hmm.
      Eve: I must catch my target or it will never end. This is a demon chase.

    • Sven: (sidestepping into the scene) Quiet now. Easy does it. Smooth and out. (tiptoeing towards Eve) Don't want to scare her 'cause I don't want to die. A bit closer.
      (Eve turns around, surprising Sven, who freaks momentarily and drops his cigarette.)
      Eve: Who are you?
      Sven: Who am I?
      Eve: Yes.
      Sven: I'm the…
      (Eve looks and then turns forward again.)
      Sven: Say, what are you doing here all by yourself, young lady?
      Eve: I am… I am a demon. A demon.

    • Eve: (while touching Train's pistol) Blood... I smell blood all over your hands.

  • NOTES (1)