Black Cat

Season 1 Episode 17

The Napping Cat

Aired Unknown Feb 09, 2006 on Animax Entertainment

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  • If you dont have access to the manga ad you are a big fan of Black Cat better skip this episode for you own good...

    Why? this one could be called filler episode, just that as I know it is on the manga, but it doent get continuation in the animated series leaving a big hole in the history, anyway the plot of the episode doesnt really affect the mainline followed by the anime... of course the episode is a little above average but it is skipable with no worries, but there again somethings happens that may leave you a bit lost if you skip the episode, so I'm going to say what it is but is something totally expected

    *minimal spoiler alert*

    Trains get reunited with the team :| aint that totally expected? so, now you know why he is back in the next episode if you decide to skip this one...