Black Cat

Season 1 Episode 1

The Solitary Cat

Aired Unknown Oct 06, 2005 on Animax Entertainment
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Train, better known as Black Cat, completes another mission for Chronos, and is informed of his next mission. Later, Sven is inside a restaurant, planning how to catch his next target. A parade is happening outside, celebrating a new governor coming into office. One of the waitresses informs Sven that the new governor is also a gangster, the same man that Sven is targeting. A party is held that night, and Sven learns he isn't the only one targeting the governor. The infamous Black Cat is as well, though with a very different objective...moreless

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  • Interesting.

    The story is about a dude Train Heartnet who works for the Chronos and goes around killing people. Another guy, Sven is a sweeper (someone who hunts down criminals and receives rewards for it) and is also a main character in the story. Sven sees some dude becoming the new Governor but is actually a gangster in disguise. In the evening party he looks into the future 5 mins ahead and sees that the governor will be assassinated. It happens and the one who kills him is Train Heartnet (it was his mission). It was a good for first episode, and Train Heartnet is an interesting character.moreless
  • black cat kills

    well this was a pretty good first episode. though it doesnt seem very much like the comics at all, though in the comics it started after the black cat had become a sweeper. this aproch is very interesting to see him more when he is a killer. we see creed too what a wack job. killing that guy just cuz he cut the black cats face. it was cute how the black cat fed the kitty though, that shows that he is sweet when he wants to be. the sweeper(sven) was pretty funny, though he was a bit of a dissapointment from the comics, i mean he was rather funny in this but it took away from how smart and sweet he acctually is, but hopfully it is just this episode.moreless
  • Good.

    Train Heartnet,better known as "Black Cat",works as an assasin for the secret society named Chronos.His number in their ranks is "13(XIII)".He is given another mission.Meanhile,a bounty hunter(or sweeper) trying to make a living has taken up the job of apprehending Lib Tyrant,a corrut politician with links to the underworld who is elected as the governor of a town.When Lib holds a party to commemorate his election as governor,the sweeper goes there.In the washroom,his vision eye(his special ability that allows him to look into the future five minutes from that moment) shows him that Lib is going to be killed.He tries to apprehend him before the other guy could get to him but the assasin comes out of nowhere,dashes toward Lib with inhuman speed,knocks out his bodyguard,and saying"I came to deliver bad luck",shoots him.After that,outside the building,he has a small skirmish with the other bodyguards of Lib.He defeats them but spares them.Another weird guy following him kills them.Upon enquiring a shopkeeper,the bounty hunter finds out that the assasin he encountered was "Black Cat",Chronos number XII,a merciless eraser who hasn't allowed anyone targeted by him to survive.Bits of Train's past is shown,and he is seen with Saya at the end of the episode.Eve is also shown briefly at the party.Sven's name is not revealed till the next episode.moreless
Brandon Potter

Brandon Potter

Sven Vollfied

Jason Liebrecht

Jason Liebrecht

Train Heartnet

Keiji Fujiwara

Keiji Fujiwara

Sven Vollfied (Japanese)

Takashi Kondo

Takashi Kondo

Train Heartnet (Japanese)

Chris Patton

Chris Patton

Creed Diskenth

Shinichiro Miki

Shinichiro Miki

Creed Diskenth (Japanese)

Anri Katsu

Anri Katsu

Race Donovan (Japanese)

Guest Star

Mayumi Yoshida

Mayumi Yoshida

Johanna (Japanese)

Guest Star

Kouji Ishii

Kouji Ishii

Liv Tyrant (Japanese)

Guest Star

Megumi Toyoguchi

Megumi Toyoguchi

Minatsuki Saya (Japanese)

Recurring Role

Caitlin Glass

Caitlin Glass

Minatsuki Saya

Recurring Role

Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (8)

    • Sven referred to Train as a kid during their first encounter. This could possibly mean that in the anime, Train is younger than 23.

      Response: When Sven is talking to the old guy in the pawn shop, he calls Train a teenager. Though it is also possible that Sven had called Train a kid because he looks young, or because Sven is older than him.

    • Sven, like Fudou (from Get Backers), wears an eye patch over his right eye and has the ability to see a few moments into the future.

    • Sven's right eye is also known as his Vision Eye. He covers this eye with a patch so he doesn't have to see the future that frequently. His Vision Eye can look up to five minutes in the future.

    • Chrono Numbers:
      I. Sephiria Arks
      II. Belze Rochefort

    • Sweepers:

      Sweeper is a profession that consists of capturing criminals and receiving rewards for it. Unlike bounty hunters, they are licensed by the government to move around as they please. Sweepers vary in their appearance and style of fighting, and many times conflict among themselves upon a certain target. The criminals that sweepers have to capture are classified in levels, which range from F to SS, F being the least dangerous and SS the most dangerous.

    • Chronos:

      Chronos is the secret organization that rules one third of the world through underground business in various areas. Chronos members occupant high positions, such as mayors, politicians, among others. Willzark, the highest ranked of the three wise men, commands a secret force of the best assassins in the world, sworn to protect Chronos, called the Chrono Numbers, which range from No. I to No. XIII.

    • Many seiyu who voiced characters in Get Backers also voiced characters in Black Cat.

    • Black Cat is one of the series featured in Jump Super Stars (a game for the Nintendo DS).

  • QUOTES (11)

    • Sven: (about his watch) Are you sure this isn't worth anything?
      Shop owner: I don't own a recycling shop!

    • Train: (takes off the bodyguard's shades) Forget that you ever met me...

    • Sven: (To Train) Wait! Why did you kill him? I was supposed to capture him alive. He might have been evil but he didn't deserve to be murdered. Or does that mean evil doesn't deserve a chance to live?
      Train: (coolly) Hit the deck.

    • (Next episode preview)
      Sven: I'm Sven the Sweeper. A nice gentlemen capable of accomplishing the most dangerous of tasks.
      Waitress: What are you mumbling about?
      Sven: Huh?
      Waitress: That's right, can I read your fortune? My coffee fortune telling has a reputation for being accurate.
      Sven: Hey, hey, don't go telling my fortune.
      Waitress: Ah, crystal clear. You're out of luck with money but it says that there'll be a new attractions soon, oh!
      Sven: Huh, what the?
      Waitress: I'm sure there'll be lots of stuff brewing, so watch out!
      Sven: What did you see? Hey!

    • Waitress: (places food on table) Here, eat as much as you can!
      Sven: Whoa! Awesome!
      Waitress: I'll put it on your tab.
      Sven: (dully) You're going to bill me?
      Waitress: (cheerfully) Yes!

    • Sven: Suck on the candy and stay away from trouble, boys. Good boys, stay away from the ladies.
      Barmen: Huh?
      Sven: Thataboy, good good. Here's another candy for you two as a treat. (Sven slips candy in their mouths) It's a nanomachine. Upon entering your system, it will heat up to 1000 degrees and burn you from inside.
      (the barmen freak out and soak their tongues in water)
      Sven: Just kidding. Don't worry, it's the gentleman's Jalapeno candy. You won't die from it.

    • Waitress: (to Sven) Whatever it is, if you carry out your policy in this town, you'll be dead in five minutes. Really, a gangster who becomes a governor, it's the end of the world.

    • Sven: Looks like there aren't any gentlemen.
      Waitress: Gentlemen? What do you mean?
      Sven: A man who never forgets his pride and courtesy. A nice guy!

    • Sven: (Sven's stomach grumbling) Damn, have to catch him quickly or else I'm going to starve to death.

    • Sven: (about Lib) Governor? The scumbag. Blackmail, drug trafficking, homicide. To have committed such crimes while pretending to be a politician of justice is just sickening. There's no way I'm going to let him go. Enjoy the ride. Cause in a while, you'll be in a cell.

    • Train: I came to deliver bad luck.

  • NOTES (5)

    • Japanese title: 孤独な猫
      Romaji title: Kodoku na neko
      Translated title: Lonely Cat

    • The song Saya was singing near the end of this episode is called "Konoyo no Uta", meaning "Song of the World".

    • The main character was given the name Train because he seems to be traveling constantly.

    • This episode is based on the events from the 1st half of chapter 1 of the manga.

    • Lyrics of Konoyo no Uta:
      Sekai no uta wo
      Dokomade ikou
      Sora wo aoide
      Hito no fusu goe
      Mushi no habataki
      Fuwa fuwa fururin
      Omoi nosete

      English translation:
      Let the song of the world
      Travel forever
      Looking up to the sky
      The sound of people talking
      Insects jumping
      Light and bouncy
      Taking my hopes with it