Black Cat

Season 1 Episode 7

The Wounded Cat

Aired Unknown Nov 17, 2005 on Animax Entertainment
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Episode Summary

Train awakens in Sven and Eve's company. Confused and saddened, he has to decide what course of action to take with his life next. As Sven goes out to get supplies, Eve comes to realize that she has to repent for her sins as well. Meanwhile, someone from Chronos is close by, looking to capture Eve.moreless

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  • New life for Train

    Train is angry at Creed and starts attacking each other. Later he finds himself waking up at Sven's place, and Eve is there too. Eve is starting to learn more about the world and reads lots of books. But she doesn't really trust Train and is still suspicious that Train might kill her. She tries to make Train wear a bell so she can tell where he is. Train gets angry and says that Eve is just as bad as he is. Eve leaves and encouters Chronos Number #7 (Jenos Hazard) and some of his goons who are trying to capture her. But Train comes to her rescue and they get away.

    Not much really happens, Train doesn't know what to do with his life now and Eve is still suspicious of him.moreless
Grant James

Grant James


Guest Star

Hirakazu Shibayama

Hirakazu Shibayama

Secret Agent (Japanese)

Guest Star

Takuma Terashima

Takuma Terashima

Police Officer (Japanese)

Guest Star

Troy Baker

Troy Baker

Jenos Hazard

Recurring Role

Takahiro Sakurai

Takahiro Sakurai

Jenos Hazard (Japanese)

Recurring Role

Randy Tallman

Randy Tallman

Mason Oldrosso

Recurring Role

Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (7)

    • Chrono Number:
      VII Jenos Hazard

    • One of the books in Eve's stack of books contains a story called "Cherry Blossom Viewing From A Row House". It is a rakugo story about poor occupants in a row house who go out to view cherry blossoms, pretending their tea is sake and their pickled daikon are egg rolls, enjoying a slice of life.

    • In the beginning of the episode, the word "rakugo" was mentioned by Sven. Rakugo is a traditional form of Japanese entertainment based on comedic monologues, performed in front of an audience.

    • In the beginning of the episode, the word "tagaya" was mentioned by Eve. Tagaya is a reference to a famous rakugo (comical) story where Tagaya, a clamp craftsmen inadvertently knocks off a samurai's straw hat. The samurai orders Tagaya to be killed, but he beheads the samurai and lifts his head while people chant "Tagaya!".

    • In the beginning of the episode, the word "tamaya" was mentioned. "Tamaya" was one of the two leading pyrotechnics manufactures in Edo during the 1800s. To this very day, whenever fireworks are launched, people yell "Tamaya!".

    • The fight scene between Train and Creed was first seen in episode 1; The Solitary Cat.

    • Eve decides that a bell should be put around the neck of a bad cat, that way, it won't be dangerous anymore. So she puts a bell on a red ribbon and gives it to Black Cat to wear around his neck. Though he refuses at first, he eventually puts it on and is seen wearing it throughout the series.

  • QUOTES (7)

    • Eve: (to Train) If you slip a bell around the neck of a bad cat, then you'll always know where he is, and maybe he won't be so bad anymore.

    • (Next episode preview)
      Sven: I'm Sven Vollfield, the cool, lone wolf Sweeper. So why am I traveling with two dependents all of a sudden? Damn, the cold wind is breezing through my empty wallet. Might as well do some work. Hey, Train! Don't just sleep, help out! Ah, you can rest, Eve.

    • Sven: What? Chronos came?
      Eve: But I took care of them.
      Train: Dummy. He faked getting hurt on purpose.
      Eve: Huh?
      Train: You think a Number would faint from being hit by a mallet?
      Sven: I-I spend three and a half hours looking for Eve, so why the hell are you both eating?
      Train: Because I was starving.
      Eve: I was hungry.

    • Jenos: You're underestimating me, Black Cat. Even three gunshots won't stand a chance against my Excelion...
      Train: Sorry to disappoint you, but my Hades is made from Orichalcum, too.

    • Jenos: What a surprise. To be able to meet Black Cat at a place like this. Yes, Number VII, Jenos Hazard. To the respected deliverer of bad luck, Number XIII, take this!
      Train: I'm no longer a Number. I'm now a wayward, stray cat.
      Jenos: A stray cat, huh? If I bring you to Chronos, Belze will be happy.

    • Train: Where's my gun?
      Sven: Eve, give it back to him.
      Eve: (shakes head) This person still smells of blood. So I'm giving you this... But I won't return your gun. (gives a stuffed black cat to Train)

    • Train: You... I'm not letting you get away with this.
      Creed: Train, don't you understand? That witch was the cause of your demise.
      Train: You... You're going to pay for this!

  • NOTES (1)


    • Belling the cat was mentioned in this episode. It is one of Aesop's Fables about how three mice try to put a bell around the neck of a cat, so they would know when the cat was approaching. The moral of the story was "it's easy to propose impossible solutions".