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Best show no one is talking about

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    I've watched the 1st two episodes of Black Dynamite and this has to be one of the best shows people aren't writing about on The artwork is similar to Boondocks. As a parody of the blacksploytation films of the 70s (the era it takes place in) it's awesome. I have to admit, that 1st episode had me going because I set my DVR to record series 2 weeks in advanced and it starts with "previously on Black Dynamite" and I was thinking I had missed something but then realized they were using it as set-up for the 1st episode. Jackson 5 across your eyes was totally hillarious, making Michael the abuser instead of Joe and making him an alien. The constant references to his songs was priceless. I think if Michael had been alive he might have voiced himself on this one.

    So, if you like stuff like Boondocks, Venture Brothers, Aqua Teen, or other strange Adult Swim toons, you may want to give this one a look-see and see what you've been missing.

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