Black Gold

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Black Gold

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Wildcatters and their crews race each other from location to location as they try to be the first to tap into some of the last remaining oil reserves in Texas. The stakes are higher than they've ever been with the dwindling supply of oil and the risk involved in striking oil in Black Gold.

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AIRED ON 2/19/2013

Season 5 : Episode 10


    News Briefs: NBC Is Looking at a Super Villain Henchman Drama

    Plus: NBC might also revive Cleopatra, Smash is hosting a Will & Grace reunion, and Miley Cyrus heads to Two and a Half Men.

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    • juan is a joke

      im with Mitchell, I cant stand a#$ holes taking credit for work that a damn good hand preformed. Juan u should shut the mouth and give credit where credits due. You did nothing but stand around barking orders, at least Brandon would get in there along with his guys knuckle for knuckle elbow for elbow. I too do a very hard dangerous job . Asphalt is what I know and what I love and being a forman I am side by side with my hands showin im good for more than guidance and I hate pencil pushers that are scared to get dirty. Try it Juan your hands just might respect u more and work even harder. oh and for the guy saying Brandon changes when he gets to work duh tard I don't where my asphalt covered boots in my car I busted my a#$ for and I don't where tar covered cloths on my 97 custom are u kidding? And by the way Freddie looks like he hasn't done a hard days work since the 70s yeah maybe he knows a lot but get your hands dirty and prove it like oskar.moreless
    • i've never written on a blog befor, is enough

      thinking freddie is the only one with any sense of how to run a rig. tonight the voice over said they were pulling 1500 ft' stands of pipe. one shot of them 'going in the hole' showed a casing pipe stabber in the derrick. cheston needs to be run off before his wormy ass hurts someone. i've only been around the patch since the 70's, so maybe i don't really know what i'm talking about, but at least show footage that relates to what you are talking about (one of my favorites is brandon getting fired; he rode up in clean jeans, tennis shoes and a black shirt. he came out of the pushers trailer in filty jeans, boots and a stained white shirt. he rode off on his cycle dressed the way he rode in)moreless
    • Only for the cerebrally challenged

      Just like the wood choppers and crawfish hunters... a whole bunch of dumb ladened with too much testosterone. I find it implausible that there can be so many mentally challenged peoople that think that "their" job is the "baddest" most difficult job in the universe. Has as much entertainment value as watching a reality show of a toll booth worker. Actually... the toll booth show might be more entertaining. The Dumbness of America continues.....moreless
    • Tank is he for real

      Sorry folks but Tank needs to realise that he is OLD and FAT. He needs to grow old gracefully and stop making himself look like a tanker, please replace the t with a w. I enjoy watching the show but please Tank let it go and get on with your life. It is getting a bit pathetic.
    • Now this is Reality TV. Black Gold , Finally a reality show that is worth watching!!! Tells it like it is and no holds barred... Catch it each week!!

      One of the better Reality Shows to come down the pike in quite a while.. I'm hooked and look forward to each episode..

      Watching the crews as they go through daily trials and tribulations of life on an Oil derrick. I enjoy watching bosses tell it like it is. These guys are a hoot to watch each week. I know I couldn't do this sort of job, My hat is off to the guys who do.. Definately a young mans game with the exception of the Drillers who have truly paid their dues.. I anxiously wait for each episode to arrive on the telly....

      Thank you TV.Com.moreless

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