Black Gold

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  • Season 5
    • Episode 10
      Episode 10
    • Digging Deep
      Episode 9
      When a pressure spike causes a cave in and brings the rig to a screeching halt, Oscar steps up to the drilling slot to keep the rig running. A visit from his family reminds him of what is truly at stake. With their competition to become a Big Dog driller on hold, Mitch and Cheston have a spitting contest of sorts - roughneck style. Cheston's attempt to earn bonus points with Oscar by helping out with rig repairs backfires - big time. And a heart to heart with his father brings Brandon to tears - and closer to the root of his anger issues.moreless
    • 2/5/13
      A dangerous explosion rocks the roughnecks of Rig 28, and it's an all-out sprint to finish the fourth and final hole before the looming deadline. With no driller to take charge, Freddie commands Oscar to do it himself. That doesn't sit well with Mitch, who's been gunning for the job. A battle between the two leaves only one man standing - but not for long, as an injury takes out a key player. And finally, Brandon's long awaited day in court arrives, and he must face the consequences of last year's brutal assault.moreless
    • Black Gold
      Episode 7
    • End of the Line
      Episode 6
      Brandon has a run in with the law far from home, and when his buddy Cheston breaks a promise to bust him out of jail, there is hell to pay on the home front.? Oscar has had enough of no-show Brandon, and it looks like his days working for Big Dog may be over.? Will the crew left standing in the wake of his epic blow up be able to overcome a major mechanical breakdown without Brandon around to fix it??? Plus, a competition between Cheston and Mitch arises to fill the vacant driller slot - and all bets are off when it comes to this battle.?moreless
    • Double Cross
      Episode 5
      A deadly gas build up threatens the crew, and it's up to Brandon to soar high above the rig to try and relieve the pressure. Things turn tense when Freddie comes by for an impromptu rig inspection, and the friction between the boys builds up at couples therapy.? They try at let loose with some lakeside R&R, but the law is not far behind.?moreless
    • Drilling Lessons
      Episode 4
      Cheston walks a fine line between loyalty and self preservation when Brandon lets him down yet again, and he must seek out the help of a rival driller - behind his best friend's back. Brandon is put on final notice by Oscar when his own job is threatened. And, a worm's butterfingers might cost the rig big time, as a small mistake halts drilling - and could spell a stack out for the rough necks.moreless
    • Growing Pains
      Episode 3
      Brandon keeps his promise to Cheston and gives him a drilling lesson, but after losing time with a twist off, things don't play out as planned and Cheston risks their friendship by talking to a rival driller in the hopes of coming out on top.? Things get ugly when Cheston bails on work after Brandon blows up at him.? Meanwhile, Landowner Larry lays down the law to Oscar - if they don't make their deadline, they could lose it all.?? And, Brandon's legal troubles have him facing down both a 20 year sentence - and the wrath of the Big Dog Brass.???moreless
    • 12/26/12
      Brandon's always been an elusive dude, but when he doesn't show up to work, something has to be wrong - very wrong. A stint in the hospital and some time in therapy don't quite cure what ails him - and time away from work could cost him his job. Things aren't any better on the home front - after being kicked out by his girlfriend, will he be able to swallow his pride and accept a helping hand from his best friend, Cheston? Or will he continue on his downward spiral? Back at the rig, the crew gets some much needed reinforcement - but from someone who might add a bit more drama than they can handle.moreless
    • Under Pressure
      Episode 1
      The 5th season of Black Gold gets off to a hot start with temps - and tempers - rising, with no end in sight. Brandon struggles to keep a crew on Rig 28, and puts his hands at risk by running a bare bones operation. When a worm hits the dirt, it could be the end of his drilling days. Cheston's found a new gig with plenty of perks, but gets lonely on his own. Will a heartfelt plea from his pal be enough to get him back with Big Dog?? And when a gas leak sends the roughnecks running, will they all make it out alive??moreless
  • Season 4
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