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Black Jesus is the live-action Adult Swim series from The Boondocks creator Aaron McGruder which follows the adventures of Black Jesus. Adult Swim is the cable network that shares channel space with Cartoon Network, taking over the airwaves from 9:00PM to 6:00AM for some wild and crazy adult-oriented fun. The channel launched in 2001, and features animated shows, both original and syndicated, often geared to the 18 and up crowd. With hit shows like The Venture Bros., Robot Chicken, Aqua Teen Hunger Force, and more, the channel has cemented itself as a cult favorite amongst late night viewers who might be under the influence of certain substances. Aaron McGruder is the cartoonist best known for creating the controversial satirical comic strip The Boondocks, and now he has taken his signature style to live-action with Black Jesus. We join an outspoken black Jesus as he gives the secrets to Steve Jobs' success, turns water into Hennessy, heads to the club and many more hilarious adventures. Tune in for the hilarious hijinks of a street-smart savior in Adult Swim's Black Jesus.


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AIRED ON 11/27/2015

Season 2 : Episode 11

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  • Can't help but think this show is the pure definition of blasphemy

    So! Watching the world seeing America, herself has lost her way from From watching the world descend into chaos, I can't help but this just another way of blasphemy? Depicting Jesus as you might urchin?I'm not a religious fanatic, or a don't even follow an organised I can't help but what I've learned about religion, and and things (Walking Dead this just another situation that blasphemes a religion? Just a haven't seen much of the show, but from what little I've show does not depict the name of Jesus at all, but instead defames the name. I'll give the show a 5/10 since I'm just putting in my thoughts. Take care all!moreless
  • Black Jesus Is Back With Season 2! Tune In 9/18 @11/10c On Adult Swim

    Season 2 starts 9/18
  • I love this show

    I love this show!!! The characters and storylines are hilarious and have an underlying message. For those Super religious Christian extremist they might not get it, Jesus was a carpenter and lived amongst ordinary people. He too had a posse called the disciples -_-

    If Jesus were to walk the Earth most people would not recognize their Lord and Savior Jesus Christ because he will NOT have blond hair and blue eyes and will not be rolling around in a limo.

    To the writers and creators of this show keep it coming, I'm lovin it right along with the Boondocksmoreless
  • Racist and offensive to Jesus Christ and Christians

    I don't like how this show is made, Why would Jesus be staying on the streets offering crack to people? Jesus would never do that I don't like this show at all all the cussing and stuff? They are only cussing that much to make it funny like they did in boondocks, I don't find either of these shows the creator of boondocks, and Black Jesus to be funny, it's plain immature and it has too many swearing in it. In Boondocks every episode they have to say the 'N' word "This n*** gay" "N*** be hatin'" and "Ya'll n*** is gay" and do the characters have to be so ***phobic? In Black Jesus, the "Black" version of Jesus sells crack on the street and his stereotypical gang, Jesus would never speak like that in that show. and this is for the Creators of this show, You better hope you do not end up in Hell, and you better not hope that Jesus and God are disgusted in your show, YOU better hope so.moreless
  • Liking what I'm seeing

    It's a really simple concept and the producers are nailing it!!! Black Jesus isn't all about humor, it has some emotional aspects about it and it only improves the depth of this show. I'm really excited to see where this show goes from here.

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