Black Lagoon

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Black Lagoon

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On an unusual but routine business trip in South East Asia, fate turns business man Rokuro Okajima's life around when pirates hijack his ship and take him hostage. In a strange turn of events Rokuro joins the Russian mafia-employed motley crew and adopts the moniker 'Rock.'

The second season is also known under the title: Black Lagoon: The Second Barrage In July 2008, a third season was announced. The third season, also known as Black Lagoon: Roberta`s Blood Trail airs mid-2010.

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AIRED ON 5/11/2011

Season 3 : Episode 5

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  • A solid anime with some noticeable drawbacks!

    [7/10] This anime is both mature and interesting as the characters constantly walk along the paths which are shades of grey. Although Rock is the protagonist of the series, Revy steals the show at any given moment of the anime. The story deals with Rock's morality shift from being humble to an upfront villain, in the process affecting Revy's overall attitude towards him. Many different scenarios add up to the character developments of both Revy and Rock, which is very interesting to follow. It has a lot of brutal action along with complex plot twists. This show definitely caters to the interests of mature audiences only. This show could have achieved true greatness if it hadn't overdosed itself with raunchy humor coupled along with two of the most boring characters of the Black Lagoon company viz. Dutch and Benny. -_-' [7/10]moreless
  • Without a doubt BEST anime i've seen.

    Black Lagoon "Burakku ragûn". Simply incredible.

    Story begins with a group of mercenaries that take as a hostage some random business man "Rock" but little do they know Rock will join us, quit his job and join this group of mercenarier and their journeys within some of the most corrupted, depraved, dark corners of the world. The other perk you get to this show is this insane, crazy, killing "chick" (cuz i can't say **tch), that is deffinetly the main attraction in this show. Her name is Revy and is one twisted woman. Truth being told without her they would've been dead countless of times. She is tough, enjoys killing people, drinks, smokes and curses more then anyone else in the show. Dutch who is a large African-American Vietnam veteran and the commander of their small boat, and Benny, a computer geek, and a non-violent person, much like Rock, Well if you're looking for action/violence/gore/anime/drama this si the perfect choice for you. Enjoy!moreless
  • This anime is just awesome.

    First of, this show starts off with a man named Rock, he is a businessman in Japan, he had to go to the overseas to deliever a package though his package was taken from a group of pirates. The pirates are Revy, Dutch, and Benny. Revy is a bada$$ woman that is highly skilled at shooting and fighting, Dutch is the leader of the group, and Benny is the computer nerd. Later on, Rock decides to join them by during errands throughout the episodes. The violence is pretty heavy, there is guns blazing most of time and there is also blood and gore which you will see. There is a lot of bad language, the character that mostly cusses the most would be Revy. Alcohol/smoking themes are also seen in the show, you see like almost every adult smoke and drink. Last but not least, there is humor in the show as well to make the show not so boring which is a good thing.

    Overall, this anime is really great, though, I recommend this show for older teens and up, even though you are not really into anime, this show would make you like it if you gave it a try and keep watching it, it won't disappoint you.moreless
  • going on 3rd season soon. great show.

    There's something about this show that makes it completely new. The story line is different, and the setting and atmosphere is new to media. Also the action is crazy amazing. In my opinion one of the most fascinating action anime using guns. This has a interesting plot and characters. My only complaint is that the 2nd season's episodes sometimes have nothing to do with each other. The show is comprised of smaller stories. The second season was still good, but it seem a little out of place. The first season though is amazing. By far one of my favorite anime.moreless
  • This is an amazing show my only complaint is that it only ran for two seasons... we need more!

    The plot follows Rokuro Okajima (Rock) an ordinary japanese businessman who is kidnap for ransom whilst on a bussiness trip. Things don't go quite according to plan for the pirates who kidnap him though when his boss cut's him lose and refuses to pay the ransom. Enraged by this Rock joins the pirates and becomes a member of the crew on the Black Lagoon. Along with his fellow pirates Rock takes on all manner of illegal jobs.

    This show is utterly original. The plot is brilliantly written and the characters are very well formed and fantastically acted. The storylines are very well convieved with fantastic elements of comedy and action mixed together. This is a great show and I encourage everyone to check it out for themselves.moreless

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