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  • Superb and very cool.

    Love it.
  • A solid anime with some noticeable drawbacks!

    [7/10] This anime is both mature and interesting as the characters constantly walk along the paths which are shades of grey. Although Rock is the protagonist of the series, Revy steals the show at any given moment of the anime. The story deals with Rock's morality shift from being humble to an upfront villain, in the process affecting Revy's overall attitude towards him. Many different scenarios add up to the character developments of both Revy and Rock, which is very interesting to follow. It has a lot of brutal action along with complex plot twists. This show definitely caters to the interests of mature audiences only. This show could have achieved true greatness if it hadn't overdosed itself with raunchy humor coupled along with two of the most boring characters of the Black Lagoon company viz. Dutch and Benny. -_-' [7/10]
  • Without a doubt BEST anime i've seen.

    Black Lagoon "Burakku ragûn". Simply incredible.
    Story begins with a group of mercenaries that take as a hostage some random business man "Rock" but little do they know Rock will join us, quit his job and join this group of mercenarier and their journeys within some of the most corrupted, depraved, dark corners of the world. The other perk you get to this show is this insane, crazy, killing "chick" (cuz i can't say **tch), that is deffinetly the main attraction in this show. Her name is Revy and is one twisted woman. Truth being told without her they would've been dead countless of times. She is tough, enjoys killing people, drinks, smokes and curses more then anyone else in the show. Dutch who is a large African-American Vietnam veteran and the commander of their small boat, and Benny, a computer geek, and a non-violent person, much like Rock, Well if you're looking for action/violence/gore/anime/drama this si the perfect choice for you. Enjoy!
  • This anime is just awesome.

    First of, this show starts off with a man named Rock, he is a businessman in Japan, he had to go to the overseas to deliever a package though his package was taken from a group of pirates. The pirates are Revy, Dutch, and Benny. Revy is a bada$$ woman that is highly skilled at shooting and fighting, Dutch is the leader of the group, and Benny is the computer nerd. Later on, Rock decides to join them by during errands throughout the episodes. The violence is pretty heavy, there is guns blazing most of time and there is also blood and gore which you will see. There is a lot of bad language, the character that mostly cusses the most would be Revy. Alcohol/smoking themes are also seen in the show, you see like almost every adult smoke and drink. Last but not least, there is humor in the show as well to make the show not so boring which is a good thing.

    Overall, this anime is really great, though, I recommend this show for older teens and up, even though you are not really into anime, this show would make you like it if you gave it a try and keep watching it, it won't disappoint you.
  • going on 3rd season soon. great show.

    There's something about this show that makes it completely new. The story line is different, and the setting and atmosphere is new to media. Also the action is crazy amazing. In my opinion one of the most fascinating action anime using guns. This has a interesting plot and characters. My only complaint is that the 2nd season's episodes sometimes have nothing to do with each other. The show is comprised of smaller stories. The second season was still good, but it seem a little out of place. The first season though is amazing. By far one of my favorite anime.
  • This is an amazing show my only complaint is that it only ran for two seasons... we need more!

    The plot follows Rokuro Okajima (Rock) an ordinary japanese businessman who is kidnap for ransom whilst on a bussiness trip. Things don't go quite according to plan for the pirates who kidnap him though when his boss cut's him lose and refuses to pay the ransom. Enraged by this Rock joins the pirates and becomes a member of the crew on the Black Lagoon. Along with his fellow pirates Rock takes on all manner of illegal jobs.

    This show is utterly original. The plot is brilliantly written and the characters are very well formed and fantastically acted. The storylines are very well convieved with fantastic elements of comedy and action mixed together. This is a great show and I encourage everyone to check it out for themselves.
  • Follows the misadventures of Rock a Japanese business man ends up abducted by pirates and then screwed by his own company. After that he ends up becoming one of the pirates unconventionally, hes the honest man out of the group.

    This series is awesome in my opinion mainly it has comedy, action, plot, focuses on the antihero. I like anime but I tend to hate how they work in a show sense. They drag on and on with a story or instead of getting to the story they have too much filler episodes that were pointless other than to let the manga catch up or be ahead. I also love the violence I mean it goes over the top not cartoony wise just violence wise its psychotic but acceptable. In my opinion its acceptable as a cartoon goes except not for children. It has some awesome qualities like the rip off church, the mercenari9es are colorful and interesting but creepy as hell all at once. Final points are its not for everyone can get a bit violent if you enjoy anime or enjoy violence and swearing, and other things involving debauchery and psychos then I suggest you watch it. If not don't go anywhere near it.
  • The show follows a group of modern pirates, rock Benny Revy (two hands), and Dutch as they go through their trials and tribulations going up against small gangs, mercenaries, and mafias.

    Rock was a businessman in Japan, never happy with his life and wondering what would happen next, when he was sent overseas to deliver a package. The package he had was take by a band of pirates. The group then took him along with them as a form of insurance. The pirates consisted of Benny, the computer geek, Dutch the captain, and Revy the fighter. Rock eventually ends up joining with the band of pirates as they run errands "Occasionally brushing up against the law so they can eat" as Dutch says. Rock has a hard time adjusting at first but he gets the hang of it pretty quick. Ms. Ballalaika, a former Russian Lt. and personal friend of Dutch, is the leader of the Russian mob in this part of the world and treats her crew as if they were an army. There is Mr. Chan who is the leader of the Triads, another mob in this area. The band of pirates calls an Island called Roanapra in the south china sea home.
  • So what is good about this anime? Just about everything, it just isn't great.

    Black Lagoon isn't anything special. That is the first phrase that pops in my head when I think of this anime. It does a lot of things well but everything is just "whatever". The characters feel recycled from just about every other anime, it follows a "case of the week" formula with occasional story arcs here and there, but there is really nothing intriguing about Black Lagoon at all. I was told that this was supposed to be the best action anime to date, but even that isn't anything special. None of its "issues" are special either; more like common sense, or lack thereof. It tries hard to be a Samurai Champloo and Cowboy Bebop, but it doesn't really end up being anything special, just ordinary.

    First, the very unspecial characters. The main character Rock is your ordinary weak willed protagonist who doesn't really change much from episode 1 to episode 24. His observation for street fights gets better along the way, but that is basically it. Revy is your obligatory badass that had a rough life growing up since childhood. She's only different because she's supposed to be American but her english sucks, and she has a tattoo. Dutch isn't really special himself; your ordinary leader of a group that is different because he is African American, and Benny your obligatory intelligence and secretary who is different because he is Jewish. Well, there is one thing special about them, they all serve different roles under different races. Rock is a Japanese businessman, Revy is Chinese-American that speaks terrible english, Dutch is black and Benny is Jewish. Though it is only special on the surface; a bag full of characters with different races doesn't stop them from being just so damn ordinary.

    Their job is just about as ordinary. They are tasked to do a wide variety of things that range from protecting cargo, to protecting people, or killing certain targets. In the midst of these events, Rock asks some very common sense questions about life and ponders about them. He sometimes gets in a conflict with Revy about it and they argue about these childish issues. You don't really learn anything nor do you see anything in a different perspective, a feat Samurai Champloo and Cowboy Bebop were able to do without much effort. In fact there are times when you ask yourself "what was the point of that episode?" None of the supporting characters are really interesting. In fact, some of them are kind of annoying, and others just feel random as hell.

    So in short to this very ordinary review, Black Lagoon is just as ordinary. Ordinary psychological issues, ordinary cast, ordinary action, stand still character development, and just nothing really special about it at all. So is there anything good about this anime at all? Of course, it does everything good, just not great. It really lacks a point to it. All issues seem to end in a parallel move that doesn't go anywhere. Your special time deserves something more than just this ordinary anime though, unless you have a thing for girls that can kick your ass and have tattoos on their neck, or little children that like to chop up their victims into mince meat and put up an innocent facade about it. There's a story arc for that. On that note, fanservice is another word that pops in my head about Black Lagoon. An ordinary anime with a lot of fanservice, that's a good way to sum it up.
  • Action and Adventure anime. A low level Japanese businessman is held for ransom. When his company gives him up for dead, he joins the very pirates who took him. An unlikely criminal, Rock tries to balance his role in a criminal crew and his own identity.

    This is a great anime, perhaps greater than the sum of its parts. Pure action and adventure, Black Lagoon is a crime and mercenary tale told from the perspective of a young Japanese business man who becomes entangled in the lifestyle of a small band of mercenaries in SEA. The young man, taking the name Rock after he is abandoned by his company, gives up on the corruption and hypocrisy of the business bureaucracy for the honest and open criminality of the group of pirates who abducted him in the first place. Rock is a strong, moral character who is able to face his own demons and balance his own beliefs and values with the total amorality of the crew leader and the empty self-destructive nihilism of the hottie-gunslinger in the Daisy Duke shorts. The amine progresses as a number of loosely linked stories and plots vector towards the end of the second season. There is very little subtext in this show, but what little there is seems to be relevant, namely, that one is responsible for his own identity and one always has choices to make. This show is very violent and marginally bloody. I found that there were not many really likable characters other than Rock, but I will say that all of the characters, particularly Revy and her backstory, were interesting. The animation was above average and the voice acting was superior. There were enough plot twists and creative story-telling to keep the anime interesting throughout. If you like a shoot-em-up action, you may like this one as well.
  • It's a excellent series in all aspects.

    Black lagoon is about youre every day man Rock, who's life ben turned upside down when he got kidnapped by a bunch of pirates, lead by Dutch. The story is very clever, and it's very origniall. I love the Animation and the characters, but i disslike the sound, and when they speak english i want to fastforward -.-

    All in all this show is very worth watching if you like action dramas. Unlike alot of action animes out there this one has a good storyline to stick with, and the drama bit is refreshing, and very clever exsecutted.

    Thumbs up for Black Lagoon!
  • With Black Lagoon you will be in store for some truly great action, along with some awesome characters, and decent story plotting. However, as bad-ass as this anime is, it cannot be recommended for everyone.

    The premise of this anime is about a man named Okajima Rokuro, who is a cowardly salary man that relies on "kissing the ass" of all his superiors just to keep his measly status in life. This all changes when he is taken captive by the Lagoon Company, also known as "Black Lagoon." The members of Black Lagoon include Dutch (the leader), Benny (the brains/technical expert), and Revy (the gunner). Well, surely enough this anime has a great start, and will most likely capture the viewer's attention by the very first epsiode. Basically, by the end of the second episode, Rokuro (who is nicknamed "Rock" by the rest of Black Lagoon) ends up joining them when his boss declares him officially dead (knowing full well that he is alive). For more details on the story, you can actually watch the series. Now, for the actual review. For one thing, Black Lagoon has a very good OST (Original Sound Track), and the BGM (Back Ground Music) is well played, and at the right moments, which counts for a lot.

    Now, here's where some people might love or hate the series. If you're looking for something with a set story line, that intensely progresses, then this is most likely not the anime for you. Black Lagoon has great action, settings, and characters, but has no real set story. Their are various stories that have little, or nothing, to do with each other, and are good in themselves, but there will be no main arc to keep you interested. However, all is not lost. Black Lagoon, to some, will more than make up for this with its great characters. The characters, despite being cliche to the typical action anime, in some ways, each have a unique feature of personality, and they will keep the series interesting for many people. While some characters like Dutch, who are obviously fully developed as characters, their personalities will remain the same throughout the series. But on the other hand, the main characters, Rock and Revy, will go through a good deal of character development. Its very balanced, in that you won't have too much time spent on development, that you will get bored, waiting for some action to happen, yet at the same time, its not so little that you will feel the characters to be shallow and completely lacking in any sort of depth. In this aspect, the character development is excellentlly done, and is handled very well.

    As mentioned before, Black Lagoon is really a show broken up into a series of mini story arcs. These story arcs will feel a lot like something out of a late 80's or early 90's action movie (which for some people, including myself, would be a very good thing). In fact, Rock will sometimes make various references to popular Hollywood action movies (one example would be how he refferrenced the Terminator, when the Lagoon company was being chased down by an assailant who seemed very robotic in personality, and who it seemed "just wouldn't die"). These little references and puns can be pretty humorous, which brings me to my next point. Thankfully enough, Black Lagoon isn't all serious action, and has plenty of comic relief humor. Although, I typically find it hard to laugh at Japanese written humor, Black Lagoon will give many people a good laugh every once in awhile, and will stop the series from taking itself "too seriously" (which can really make a series feel annoying if it treats itself like its too good for comedy, if you know what I mean; well, that probably makes no sense, because I have lack of a better way to word it).

    As for the technical stuff, the animation is great, with good use of colors and lighting, and that's all there really is to say about it. While its not nearly the best animation that I've seen, its safe to call it "easy on the eyes," and "attractive" looking animation. As for the sound, its what I'd call average. The sound quality, as well as the voice acting, is good, but nothing great or amazing. Things such as cars screeching, and the clicking sounds of guns reloading, can sound quite realistic. However things such as throwing simple punches, grenades exploding, rapid gunfire roaring, as well as people being sliced or stabbed, may sound over the top (but not so unrealistic, that its rediculous, at the same time). The sound is sharp and clear, at any rate, but will sound very standard, overall (which, once again, isn't really a bad thing).

    All in all, Black Lagoon is a very good anime, but not one that every viewer will enjoy. Perhaps after reading this review, you can decide whether it meets your preferences or not. One thing that people must be warned about, is that Black Lagoon, at times, can be quite bloody, and will use foul language on more than one occasion (and in English, even if you're watching the anime in Japanese with subtitles). If any of these things disturb you, then you should know that you will be in for quite a lot of it in Black Lagoon. Its not nearly the bloodiest series, but it still will contain lots of blood, so just be prepared for that. Other than that, I hope that this review was helpful, and I sure do hope that those of you reading this review, will find this series to be interesting, and enjoy it as much as I did.
  • A great and original anime!

    Black lagoon is one of my favorite animes out there. This show is full of action. The English dubbing is one of the best out there, probably because the original Japanese audio track has a bit of English here and there. It has allot of fast passed action and has some coarse language but it just puts you in the mood even more. Black lagoon has a really original story line that will make you want to watch every episode one after the other. the second season is called Black lagoon the second barrage and is just as great as the first one. The only bad thing about black lagoon is that there is only 2 seasons.
  • Excellent series.

    Black Lagoon is possibly one of the best action series I've seen all year. Everything tends to run smoothly throughout and I like it how it's short. The gunfights aren't usually just random shooting and most dialogue explains what's going on. The fact that even though after one of the Lagoon Company's jobs is fulfilled, and they move onto a new one, there is a slight hint of memory for the previous ones. Despite all of the gunfights and such, I like it how there are a couple of episodes without any of that, or at least having actual firing to a minumum. Overall, what I'm trying to say is that it's a good, no, great choice for anyone who likes good action series.
  • A Japanese salaryman is kidnapped during a business trip, and ends up joining a group of modern pirates working for the Russian mafia.

    A friend loaned me the first two volumns of this anime and I love it! The characters are very entertaining, the action is top notch, and the animation is excellent. I would recommend this for any person who loves guns, fast boats, grit, grime, and crime.

    This is an anime that is best suited for older teens and adults due to the vast amount of violence and profanety. There are a couple of scantily clad women wearing transparent shirts in an episode in Volumn 2. I haven't seen any volumns beyond the second one, so I can't say how much nudity may be in later episodes.
  • This show is violent and funny at the same time. Strong female characters and a lot of blood makes this show something you should watch.

    Despite that this is a review, I’m obligated to warn you that this contains spoilers.
    Black Lagoon is mainly two things: funny and very violent! Both things I really like.
    The story about a man who gets away from his super boring life is quite interesting – and I guess an idea and hope most people have. However the career that man gets after pulling out is rather unusual. His new nickname Rock is never really explained and it somehow doesn’t fit. The team he joins is as unique as he is. The computer geek Benny who could be a criminal on his computer any place in the world. Dutch the soldier, the war dropout – he seems to be the only one who can handle his main partner Revy. She’s the super girl. She’s 100% messed up. Apparently she had a real bad childhood, but mostly the worst youth in general. She’s so messed up, she’s the real underworld dirt. She’s the heart of the entire crew – the four men crew of the Black Lagoon. She’s the one commenting everything, trying to kill and threaten everything. I just love her, but I also feel sorry for her.

    The strange city they live in is controlled mainly by the Russian mafia and the Chinese Triad. However the Russians are the ones in control – and they are a freaky breed. The woman in charge (I like the fact that a woman is the top shot boss), Balalaika – as a super Special Force soldier who took along all her Special Force friends from the Soviet soldiers. These guys are the real deal. They just don’t mess around, they take what they want and they kill what they don’t like. To see them in action is almost more fun than to see Revy in action.
    The first season hasn’t much character development and so, but still shows us a great deal about the Black Lagoon and their surrounding.

    The second season starts off really sick! Three episodes with these completely messed up kids. They are so broken, even Revy is normal compared to these two! These three episodes really are just too sick and I barely was able to watch these episodes.

    However when the show moves to Japan and focuses on Revy and Rock, it gets interesting. We see character development and everything. While Balalaika shows how good she and her men are killing all their enemies, Revy has to hold back. She’s like the fish out of the water, but she handles herself quite well. We even see that she might dream of a normal life, but she knows that she can never have one. She’s too broken for it.

    Meanwhile Rock really becomes a criminal. He starts to become a leader, but he doesn’t get his hands dirty. However in the end, I guess we are at the point where he is finally broken too and at the point where he might become one of Revy’s and Dutch’s kind. The entire development he makes is really well made and I like it.

    What I liked most in here are all the nasty and violent jokes along with the action, especially Revy’s action. I like the strong women in here. The very end with Revy shooting Eda, the show comes to its beginning again. With Rock finally broken and becoming one of the city’s people, they get rid of the outsiders – and Eda was an outsider. Rock got in and became the real deal; Eda wasn’t – so she pays the price.

    The show also had its bad moments, with episode 8 and the unbelievably violent and sick episodes 13 till 15. Otherwise this is a really good show, but it’s clearly for adults only. I would give it an MA rating, especially episodes 13 till 15.
  • A group of pirates work their trade for the Russian mafia. Mayhem and chaos follow them where ever they go.

    Reviews of this show on other anime sites convinced me to buy the first DVD sight unseen. I do not regret the purchase. This show has tons of action, with a good mix of humor. Rock, the Japanese salaryman turned pirate, is simpathetic without being pathetic, Dutch is way cool, and Benny is kind of cute. Revy, the gun toting chick, is a little over the top, but most action based anime has at least one character who can shot and hit anything no matter what sort of position they're in. Revy pulls it off with style. If you've enjoyed "Cowboy Bebop", or "Noir" you should enjoy "Black Lagoon".
  • This series had me after about the first five minutes I watched it and it kept me interested the whole way through.

    Black Lagoon is a fast paced, action packed anime with just enough comic relief thrown in to lighten the mood. Each character in this series has a very unique and vibrant personality to them which keeps things interesting. Dutch seems to stay the same throughout both the first season and the second barrage. Benny changes a bit after meeting Jane. But Revy and Rock seem to change the most which is to be expected seeing as they're the main characters. The series focuses a lot on how a person's background can affect them later in life as well as what position they choose to take due to the things that have happened to them. Both seasons of Black Lagoon were pretty interesting but the Second Barrage seemed give a wider look at character development and story development. Not only has Revy's view of Rock changed drastically but by the final episode we also see a drastic change in Rock. Has he finally been hardened by seeing so much killing and distruction? Or will he still be the cool and level headed member of Black Lagoon? Hopefully Rei Hiroe can continue the manga so that the third barrage can be developed sometime in the near future.
  • Had potential but was a let down.

    When I first read about Black Lagoon, and read that it was a story about a group of mercenaries based in the modern world. A grounded tail with no space travel, superpowers or the like. I thought it would be a nice change, and the animation looked good. It did start of good in the first three to four episodes, but then things began to go down hill. Most episodes went no where, other anime did episodes like that. Cowboy Bebop had many, but they were fun and still had meaning behind them. Black Lagoon on the other hand had no point. Then there was the final episodes. What a major disappointment, what were they trying to tell. What was the point of the series. It went no where, the characters weren't intresting, the story wasn't very good. Over all a bad show.