Black Lagoon

Season 2 Episode 1

The Vampire Twins Comen

Aired Saturday 12:00 AM Oct 03, 2006 on TV Tokyo

Episode Recap

It's raining in Roanapur. We hear a conversation between a girl and a boy; they quote some famous writers. A guy walks into the Yellow Flag bar. Meanwhile there is some machine gun shooting and some guy gets killed with an ax. The boy mentions how they have killed eight so far. They hold each other's hand, acting as if they were brother and sister. They then give a quick kiss, looking forward to what fate awaits them. The phone rings at the Black Lagoon office, and Rock answers it. Boris, from Hotel Moscow, tells Rock the meeting is canceled. The other Lagoon folks ask what is up, and they put together the story so far. Hotel Moscow has suffered five casualties within the past month. Dutch clarifies it is six, and that the balance of power is getting disrupted. Balalaika talks with some men in what seems to be a meeting of all the city's crime bosses, including Chan, Abrego, and Verrochio. They talk about having grudges with each other but should try to work together, as whoever is doing the murders is not among their groups. Chan mentions how his Triad was hit too, including a subordinate of his. Someone is trying to break the balance. Abrego asks what's going on. Verrochio shares that his group got hit too. They agree it must be some outside influence and discuss options. Verrochio suggests a warning note, but Balalaika thinks that would be useless. She is about to leave, and affirms her gang's position: Hotel Moscow will show no mercy to anyone in their way. Rock and Revy are at the Yellow Flag for a drink. Rock comments how everyone has guns (as usual). They talk about someone named the Punisher, who has entered town, and Rock ponders what offense that person is punishing. The atmosphere is really tense like heated popcorn. The bounty for bringing down the Punisher is fifty thousand US dollars. Revy and Rock discuss ideas with Bao; if it is an outsider, people would know right away, like the Loveless' maid. Revy speculates that someone must be protecting him, but no one knows who, so everyone is on edge. Bao wants to stay neutral. Suddenly a blonde woman enters, dressed like a lady of the night; however, it turns out to be none other than Sister Eda, who greets them and sits down for a drink and a smoke, calling Rock a Romeo and inviting him to play with her, and throwing in a jab at Revy about her irregular periods. But she is not there to start a fight; she has to talk business: partnering together on the manhunt. Eda shares that all the freelance assassins are making their way to the town, including the Yung Brothers: "Big One" Emilio, and Ronny CK. Bao is really impressed by the names. Greentooth Johnny is also involved as he recently requested an elephant gun. Meanwhile the two kids are in their shoes, dangling a teddy bear and holding hands. With $50K on the line, Revy asks Eda if there is any other information, and Eda replies with her one lead. The Caribbean bar was destroyed earlier this morning, and Hotel Moscow took casualties. So Hotel Moscow is getting ready for a war. Balalaika is staring at the mess of bullets, blood, and bodies around the Caribbean's tables. She is not pleased, while from afar, some children are giggling. Police Officer Watsap arrives and has information for her, from a waiter that was critically injured. The Punisher is already two children: a boy and a girl that look like a pair of twins from The Shining or any other creepy horror movie. The kids had entered the area and asked the bartender to see Balalaika. Watsap comments that if the bartender contacted Balalaika right then he wouldn't have died, but he was trying to be considerate of her time. Ivan, a mafia collector guy, arrives and asks how business is. The bartender engages Ivan in some small talk when the boy comes out and asks if the collector if he would play with them. At first Ivan refuses, but the boy insists they play. The bartender recognizes who he is, but it is too late. The boy pulls out an axe and slices him. Then the girl arrives. They talk to each other; now that everyone knows who we are, and then it can't be helped. She unravels her blanket that she carries around with her, and it turns out to be a HUGE machine gun. Ivan reaches for his gun but the boy steps on his hand, saying it is too late as he swings his ax towards his head. The girl opens fire and the boy continues to cut down more people. As everyone has died, the boy and girl try to drag Ivan away to a parked car and comment how heavy he is. Balalaika asks what was the car model, and Watsap answers it was a black Japanese sedan. The kids were white but when they talked to each other, they did not use any familiar English phrases. Balalaika tells Watsap to keep things calm and not tell the government or else there will be a mess of peacekeepers involved. Watsap agrees and then replies they will also join the hunt. Balalaika is in her sedan, Balalaika tells Boris that she made a mistake in thinking that two man cells would be safer in case of attack, but it did not work. Sahalov and his partner had their blind spot struck because the killers were children. They recall a fight in Panjishir, Afghanistan, where they had to fight children as well. Boris replies they need to be careful then, and Balalaika agrees. They will use the agents from outside their organizations to be the pawns, and affirms her oath to her comrades in battle that she will avenge them and put in her full hatred to kill the children. As Dutch returns to the office, Revy asks for an update as she sits on a couch reading some magazine. Dutch replies that they have no leads yet, but Balalaika is thinking of using the Visotoniki, her old Special Forces unit in Russia, who were veterans from the Afghanistan wars, and where she functions as the brains of the team. Dutch affirms that once her unit gets involved, he doesn't want to be anywhere near. The two kids are in some room, singing some really morbid song. A group of men arrive and ask what they are doing. The kids reply they are "exchanging their clothes". At the other end of the room on of their victim still hangs, nailed to the wall, and blood is all over the place. The guy tells the kids that their boss said to just kill Ivan and not torture him like that, and then just finish up and get out. The men leave, very sickened by the scene. One of them, Maury, comments that he can't even call the cleaners to dispose of the body properly anymore. Back at the Black Lagoon office, they talk about the crazy kids. Dutch agrees they are trouble; those kids are outsiders even to the garbage out there. They can't live without being over the edge, and they bring disaster. Revy chimes in, saying those kids hate all sorts of things; they hate so much that they don't even know what to hate. They will just draw everything in and explode. The phone rings, and Benny picks up. He hands the phone to Rock, saying it is from Balalaika. Meanwhile, the boy asks the girl what they should do now. The girl replies she "wants to try it" since she has "never put an Ivan in before", but the boy replies that is not what he meant. The girl replies that we can kill them (the men who said bad things to them) eventually, since she does not like being yelled at or being struck. Rock converses with Balalaika, reviewing the Latin sounding phrases. Balalaika mentions it's like "buna sera" like Italian. They also said "sora mai mare", Rock asks if it could be someone from the European branch. As the boy and the girl grin in their scene, Rock sees an article on the outside of Revy's magazine titled Dracula is Alive, and gets an insight. That's it; something to do with vampires! Meanwhile the two kids enjoy the smell of blood and think of killing the entire city as they hold hands and giggle.
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