Black Lightning

Tuesday 9:00 PM on The CW Premiered Jan 16, 2018 Returning October 9, 2018




Episode Guide


  • Season 1
    • 4/17/18

      The ASA finds where the Pierces are hiding and come after them. Meanwhile, Jeff faces the possibility of losing his powers after the climactic events at Garfield.

    • The Resurrection and the Light: The Book of Pain

      Tobias returns to Freeland with orders from the ASA to capture Black Lightning. Meanwhile, Jeff discovers that Lynn is trying to "cure" the family's superpowers, and Khalil returns to town and tries to get back together with Jennifer.

    • Rebellion in the Ranks

      Bogus TVcom-added episode, bogus title, bogus date

    • The ASA sets up Jefferson's arrest, and Lynn tries to find a lawyer. Meanwhile, Gambi and Anissa work together to convince the city that Black Lightning is still protecting Freeland.

    • Jeff discovers that kids are going missing on the streets after taking Green Light. Meanwhile, the ASA abduct Gambi to force him to reveal who Black Lightning is, and Anissa taunts Jennifer into displaying her powers.

    • Little Black Lies

      Bill decides to help clear Black Lightning's name by going up against the crooked cops in his department. Meanwhile, Jennifer learns of her family's superpowers, and Gambi goes off on his own to learn what the ASA is doing in Freeland.

    • 3/13/18

      While Jeff takes Anissa out on a combination training mission and attempt to clear Black Lightning's name, Lala goes to Tobias' club and tries to get answers from LaWanda about his resurrection. Meanwhile, Jennifer discovers that she has superpowers.

    • The New Normal
      The New Normal
      Episode 8

      Bogus TVcom-added episode, bogus title

    • 3/6/18

      While Black Lightning continues his hunt for Tobias, Lynn faces up to the fact that Anissa is going to become a superhero no matter what her mother says.

    • Gambi appeals to Lynn to help him stop Jeff from becoming a killer. Meanwhile, Thunder destroys a statue as part of a protest, and Jennifer discovers that Khalil isn't who she thought he was.

    • Aches and Pains
      Aches and Pains
      Episode 5

      Anissa looks into enhanced children in Freeland, and discovers a connection to her grandfather. Meanwhile, Jeff suffers from headaches while learning that Tobias is still active in the city distributing Green Light.

    • Black Jesus
      Episode 4

      A new super-addictive drug appears on the street, and Jeff thinks someone other than The 100 is involved. Meanwhile, Jennifer quits the track team after Khalil's injury, and Jennifer tests her new powers in the field.

    • 1/30/18

      Tobias is informed that the community plans to march in protest against The 100, and takes steps to stop them... violently. Meanwhile, Anissa discovers how her powers work, and Jennifer and her new boyfriend's plans for sex are rudely interrupted.

    • 1/23/18

      Jefferson, Lynn, and Gambi disagree on whether Jefferson should come out of retirement. Meanwhile, a local woman's daughter goes missing and she questions why Black Lightning saved Jefferson's daughters but not her own.

    • The Resurrection
      Episode 1

      A retired superhero is drawn back into his old lifestyle when his daughter seeks to serve justice to evil-doers in the series premiere.