Black Lightning

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  • niko kovac

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  • Just finished season 2 of the show, and I'm thinking of giving it up.

    I got to ask, how powerful is Black Lightning's lightning bolt? We see him confront regular non-super street hoodlums, knocks them down with a blast, only to have them get up again for him to engage them in fisticuffs. Maybe he should carry a stun-gun 'cos his blasts just aren't up to that level.

    Then he is able to create lightning force-fields, strong enough to deflect bullets, use his lightning bolts to be able to pick people up off the ground, suspending them in mid-air, and by blasting lightning out of his hands, able to fly. I'm not a scientist, but as far as my non-scientific brain knows, lightning/electricity cannot do these things.

    Lightning travels from point A to point B, through the path of least resistance, at pretty much the speed of light, that's it. To use electricity beyond that such as for heating things up at a constant temperature, or turn on a globe, or provide current for running machinery, a lot more is needed than just the electricity.

    If BL is able to use electricity to fly, create force-fields, suspend people and objects in the air, shoot people without electrocuting them or stopping their hearts, then please explain how. Or even have someone question this.

    Then the silliest aspect of all, at least for me, the front of his costume lights up! Huh? Why? This is just ridiculous and idiotic, and not something that any warrior in real life would have on a tactical fighting suit. If one were to say let's send all our fighting men and women body armour that lights up on the chest, arms and belt buckle, one would seriously be laughed at.

    As for the family, I thought during season one the family dynamic worked well, but for season two, it was as if where the daughters' storylines were divergent from the goings-on in BL's life, the writers were at a loss, lacking in imagination and inventiveness and originality. The youngest daughter was turned into your typical TV teenager, full of angst and complaints of "my parents don't understand me," whereby she then proceeded to make one bad decision after another.

    On at least two occasions, her stupidity led to her about to be killed only to have her rescued by her sister or her father or Uncle Gambi. Each time, I'm sure, the writers wanted that the audience was supposed to breathe a sigh of relief. I just felt disappointed that she was saved, as someone this stupid should be dispatched before they lead to the deaths of those around her. And even then, again as a typical TV teenager, she takes no responsibility for her actions (Gambi nearly died because of her idiocy, yet she blames it on Tobias), nor does she actually learn from it.

    How many times did someone leave her alone and say, "stay here, don't go anywhere," and no sooner was the speaker out the door, Jennifer did the exact opposite? And each time it went wrong? And each time she took no lesson from it?

    The wife's storyline was done better, but I wonder what they are going to do once she no longer has pod kids to look after. Hopefully the writers will have more originality than with the two daughters' storylines and not let it sink into the same melodrama and soap opera.

    My final gripe is with the editing. The fade out from one scene to another is all too often jarring, not flowing together in an organic way. A couple of examples:

    One scene faded with BL on the ground terribly wounded and in pain from a confrontation, dramatic music, then commercial break, then fade in to Jefferson Pierce in civvies making breakfast for his kids, calling them down to eat.


    The wife upset from losing half her pod kids, then next scene wife dealing with a BL or kids issue, provided her words of wisdom, no grief or guilt visible (she got control of it we think), then next scene we see wife, she is grief-stricken and guilty beyond all reason, as she was 2 scenes previous. It was like the character of the wife is different people.

    The same happens with Black Lightning-Jeff Pierce character and eldest daughters' character (in Anissa's case, her ever changing hair style from one scene to the next, and back again, contributes to it more).

    It could be part of the editing process that makes some sub-storylines run too long, and others just too short. The mercenary who kidnapped the evil doctor, more could have been shown there. Jennifer's stupid, senseless running away didn't need three full episodes, when it was obvious from the start that nothing would be gained. Tobias' manipulations and plans seemed too protracted and seem to just sit for a while in order to extend through all of season 2, then he is chased out of his hideout and captured within a 15 minute window. Tobias' actually defeat by BL was too short for the build up to it, and completely anti-climactic and unsatisfying. Even his being marched into a black-site just seemed lacking.

    It was disappointing that Tobias didn't face justice at the end of season one, then at the end of season two, his simply being escorted to his cell, just felt as if he still hasn't received his just deserts.

    If the intention is that Tobias is going to be a recurring villain, then I really don't want to watch Black Lightning's continue efforts against him, because it really means that ultimately these efforts are just going to be fruitless.
  • Love the family theme, but....

    I love the idea about the family working together to solve the problems.

    The family has its own internal issues, let real life. You see them working through them.

    The tech gadgets and effects work for me, it is a well made show.

    BUT, I have to agree that the white hating is a little over the top. The ONLY whites (besides Gambi) you see are subservient to the main characters or evil.


    I agree with the writer below who said that at least the Cosby show treated all colors as equal. Is that not what we are striving for in this country? That all are treated as equals? Change THAT part of the show and I would give it a 9.

  • I wish they did 'Static Shock', but I'll admit: this show is okay.

    I really wish they did 'Static Shock', but I'll admit: this show seems pretty well. There's been some flaws, but I think it's still good. Basically, this show is about a High school principal who's an ex-superhero and is now out of retirement; thereby fighting crime again. Personally, I describe Peter Gambi to be the Alfred Pennyworth of this show, especially because of him helping out Jefferson as well as being close to him. I also view Black Lightning as nothing more than a grown-up version of Static Shock. Even though I'm not a massive fan of 'ANT Farm', I love seeing Chyna's face again.

    Now I can fully acknowledge that Greg Berlanti is not Joss Whedon, but he sure make some pretty cool shows, including 2 of my all-time favorites: 'The Flash' and 'Riverdale'. Anyways, I'm just gonna give this show an 9 just because.
  • Black power

    Love the show
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  • Seriously the cop can,t see who it is .

    I know we will put a mask on Black lightning and no one will guess who he is .You have a cop who cannot make out the face with the exact beard style and trim as some one he see,s all the time and cannot see who it is .Long gone are the days when you could put on a pair of glasses and it would be a disguise .Still the show is so so will give it a couple of more episodes .
  • A Waste of Time

    I have to admit when the previews started to come around I was looking forward to this show. I had an open mind to the show and even after the first episode. But by episode 4 I had to call it quits I don't know what I was expecting but they turned what could be a good show into some half ass cheesy who knows what. I'll give it a 1 just because there was no minus numbers.
  • YAY!!! Rekindling Black Television

    I know it's not yet a masterpiece; but honestly every form of art nowadays wasn't always labeled as such; besides I will rather watch a fiction based show that contains realistic scenarios; rather than a show that's created to simply make NON-POC feel comfortable. For anyone who was misinformed, there are more shows featuring black superheroes.
  • Guaranteed sabotage

    It's bad enough the writing on this show is horrible, transversely causing the acting to be bad. Let's add another bitter distraction, to the only show featuring a black "Super Hero" the liberal social agenda. Why can't black people have a show where they can set down as a family and enjoy, celebriting the impossible feats of a super hero, who looks like them. No, liberal writers feel the need to add their social agenda crap to the mix. As bad as the writing and acting is, I was hoping this show would succeed. Maybe one day someone with "Powers" would cure liberal writers from their insane desire to reshape society and remake the family structure.
  • Can Lightening Strike Twice

    The show is okay. It's never gonna compete with Luke Cage due to TV regulations. However, if CW can keep the cheese to a minimum, it can be as strong as The Flash was in it's first season. I think DC is going to have to prepare for crossovers with other series and they need to scrub all the horrible music they used in the pilot. The jazz sucked, the rap was terrible and why do leading black women always have to have lesbian hair.

    Com on CW, this is your chance to change the TV landscape.
  • No Thunder here

    I love the other 4 DC TV Series. But, this one just misses it for me. I'll keep watching for a little while but if it keeps up with the stereotypical black gang and inequality garbage, I'm over it.

    I'm sorry. Why does a story that has black peoples as the principles have to beat us over the head with this crap. I know Cosby turned out to be bad guy, but his show should have set as an example of what an idealized world with blacks being treated as equals rather than beating people up with the "We're not treated fairly Beating the audience up with the inequality crap is just that. CRAP!! And, not good television. When I watch TV, I want to leave the real world behind, not get hit on the head with the reverse racist garbage. If I wanted to see that crap, the news these days has been far more dramatic than a TV show, especially one that is supposed to be about Superheroes!