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... For those of you who like slower-moving television, Animal Planet is moving forward with an eight-part series called Meet the Sloths. The series will be filmed at a sloth sanctuary and follow the furry guys as they navigate their complex social structure, which involves love triangles and even pranks.  No word on whether Kristen Bell will be involved. [Variety]


... Despite some people not digging Season 3 so much, this past Sunday's episode of Homeland matched a season high with 2 million average viewers. And one above-average viewer, me! [EW]

... It looks like TNT has renamed its upcoming reality series Nashville Confidential to Private Lives of Nashville Wives to better accentuate the fact that it's basically Real Housewives: Nashville. The network also announced a premiere date: Monday, February 24 at 10pm. Oh! I forgot to tell you what the show is about! It's about a bunch of "wives" trying to make it in the country-music business. It's like a less realistic Nashville. [TNT via press release]

... NBC has put an end date on the current season of The Voice. The festivities will come to a close over a two-night period, with final performances sung at you on December 16 and a winner named on December 17. Both episodes will run for two hours because if NBC isn't airing The Voice it may as well not air anything at all. [NBC via press release]

... Tim's Personal Recommendation Time! Hey it's me, Tim! And I have a personal recommendation for you! The U.K.'s anthology-miniseries Black Mirror is finally coming to the U.S. on November 12 and it's one of the best things I've seen all year. It's awesome and in the vein of The Twilight Zone but with an emphasis on how technology is affecting our culture. If you're into weird and twisted, you'll love it (trailer below). Also en route is Secret State, a conspiracy thriller following the aftermath of an industrial disaster. But here's the catch: Both will be exclusive to DirecTV. Hmmm... if only there was a way for Americans to watch programs that have already aired in the U.K. [DirecTV via press release]

... 12 Years a Slave director Steve McQueen is developing a project at HBO about a black man who enters New York's high society with a past that may not be what it seems to be. This one is being fast-tracked. [Deadline Hollywood]

... Channing is dipping his Tatum into all kinds of television nowadays. Following last week's news that he's developing a sitcom for CBS, Tatum is working on a reality series at A&E that would follow the goings-on and employees of a burlesque club in New Orleans. But why would he do that? Because he OWNS the club. Ahh, lame. [Variety]


... Mitch Hurwitz, best known as the creator of Arrested Development and best forgotten as the creator of Running Wilde, will guest-star on Community as Preston Koogler, Greendale's biggest party animal. Hurwitz *has* appeared in front of the camera before: Workaholics fans will remember him as the company HR rep who tried to get the guys sober. Weirdo comics Tim & Eric will also drop by Community as people who are involved in one of the Dean's plans for fixing up the school. I have seen the future, and Season 5 of Community will be great. [The Wrap]

... NBC's The Blacklist is stuffing one of its upcoming episodes with a bunch of cool guest stars. Without much context to go on, here's who you can expect: William Sadler, recently seen on Homeland as Michael Higgins, will play a man from Liz's past; one-time shock comic Andrew Dice Clay will play a plastic surgeon who did some work on the week's big bad; and Justin Kirk (Weeds but also forever Animal Practice, which never got the chance it deserved) will play the villain on the Blacklist who Red and Liz hunt. No word on when the episode will air, but that sounds like a sweeps episode to me! [EW]

... Dina Manzo is returning to The Real Housewives of New Jersey after not being on the reality series for three-and-a-half seasons. Now you know. [E! Online]

... Former doctor to the mob Jordana Spiro will guest-star on CBS's The Good Wife as a sexy police detective who isn't above jumping into bed for a lead. She'll potentially recur on the series and make her debut in the December 1 episode, which is the series' 100th. [TV Line]

... Bob Barker will return to The Price is Right as part of his 90th birthday celebration. He'll help adopt out a pet during the show's big Pet Adoption Week (a cause Barker championed while he was on the air), and pitch in during a Showcase Showdown. Look for his episode to air on December 12. [CBS via press release]

... John Larroquette (Night Court) has landed himself a recurring role on Fox's upcoming sci-fi drama Almost Human. He'll play a robot-maker who "is a little broken," according to Fox. [Fox via press release]

... Jane Lynch will narrate the upcoming Discovery special Penguins: Waddle All the Way. The two-hour documentary will follow three species of penguins as they try on tuxedos and engage in long-term relationships, and it will be filmed with the help of a robot penguin. [Discovery via press release]

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