Black Saddle

NBC (ended 1960)




Episode Guide

  • Season 2
    • End Of The Line
      End Of The Line
      Episode 24
      Clays escorts Nora to Chloride to check on investments that she has in the mine there, only they find themselves in the middle of a feud between the miners and the saloon owners, a gang that Gib has been after for some time.
    • The Penalty
      The Penalty
      Episode 23

      A new hire at the Travers Freight Lines must deal with a lot more than he expected while attempting to bilk Nora out of $3,000.

    • A Case Of Slow
      A Case Of Slow
      Episode 22

      Clay is hired to defend a man charged with poisoning his wife because of his affection for Nora.

    • The Return
      The Return
      Episode 21

      A group of three outlaws, of which one has never been identified, are captured by the marshal and his men while hiding in a remote cabin. When the third man turns out to be the marshal's brother Jamie, who has a plausible story about how he met the men, Gib hires Clay to defend him.

    • The Cabin
      The Cabin
      Episode 20
      Clay finds himself trapped in a cabin surrounded by outlaws, defending a woman and her husband and their gravely ill daughter.
    • Burden Of Guilt
      Burden Of Guilt
      Episode 19
    • The Apprentice
      The Apprentice
      Episode 18
      While working out a land dispute between miners, Clay's past catches up with him when his old gunfighting mentor arrives in town, with a new young buck in tow, who is only too anxious to prove himself against the gunslinging legend, Clay Culhane.
    • The Indian Tree
      The Indian Tree
      Episode 17

      After a brief conversation between Clay and a client about to be hung the marshal mistakenly believes Clay was told where $30,000 from the heist is hidden. 

    • Means To An End
      Means To An End
      Episode 16
      An argument over the books between two business partners results in the death of one of the men. Clay Culhane is asked by the victim's widow to find out the truth of why he was killed.
    • Mr. Simpson
      Mr. Simpson
      Episode 15

      The President spends the night in town on the way back to Washington. Gib and Clay thwart an assassination attempt.

    • Letter Of Death
      Letter Of Death
      Episode 14

      Clyde Dawson is on his deathbed in a New Mexico prison. Another inmate, Brad Pickard, convinces him to write a confession in which he admits to Brad's crime on the promise he will sue for false imprisonment and help Clyde's family with the proceeds. Unknown to Brad, Clyde wrote a letter to his son Barney explaining what he did. Clay gets Brad a $10,000 settlement and Barney is there to collect.

    • The Killer
      The Killer
      Episode 13
      A man is found dead in Latigo. Then another, and another. Four men and a dog are murdered and Gib must face the fact that his town is being terrorized by a serial killer.
    • Blood Money
      Blood Money
      Episode 12
      George Baker is a long time respected resident of Latigo, and a successful rancher. No one knew of his violent past as an outlaw, except for a gold digging bounty hunter who shoots him in the back for a reward. Gib arrests the bounty hunter, but Mrs. Baker sends for George's vicious outlaw brother and his gang to even the score quickly.moreless
    • Change Of Venue
      Change Of Venue
      Episode 11
      Montero Ranch owner Carla Doyle asks Gib and Clay to help locate her missing sister, only to find her murdered, presumably by Tom, her ex-boyfriend. Gib takes Tom into custody but Carla sends her ranch hands to capture Tom and lynch him immediately.
    • The Deal
      The Deal
      Episode 10

      Joey Hooker is caught robbing a bank with a partner who shortly gets killed by the marshal. The bank clerk was killed by his partner but Joey will be tried for his murder. Joey's brother Frank is notified and tries to get help from Clay and finds that Joey will get at least 3 years in prison. Frank decides to take Nora for a hostage to trade for Joey's release.

    • Four From Stillwater

      Clay makes a gruesome discovery that is also personal. As he approaches the town of Stillwater, a boy runs up to him to tell him he found a body. Clay investigates and finds a man who has been shot four times in the back. When he turns him over he finds the man is a friend of his. When he gets to town, not only does no one want to talk about it, he soon discovers they killed the wrong man. His job is now to find those responsible, whatever way it takes.

    • Apache Trail
      Apache Trail
      Episode 8
      Revenge is on the mind of Apache chief Ulzana against Sam King after Chata escapes his captivity.
    • Murdock
      Episode 7
      Clay is forced to defend a man accused of murder as a public defender, and gets him off, even though he was guilty of the crime. Gib feels guilty that he did not do his job well enough and resigns as Marshal. But while escaping the original murder scene, the killer injures a woman who now also dies, giving Gib a new charge to arrest the killer on.moreless
    • The Freight Line
      The Freight Line
      Episode 6
      Nora has just begin to carry the mail on the run to and from Latigo when the drivers and guards start being attacked.
    • Client: Peter Warren
      Clay Calhune agrees to take the case of Peter Warren, who has been accused of murdering Priscilla Hayes, his wife's rich aunt.
    • The Hotel
      The Hotel
      Episode 4
      On a trip to San Francisco Nora Travers decides she would like to live there. She returns home to sell her hotel. Clay gets upset when he learns that Big Sam Davis wants to buy it.
    • The Long Rider
      The Long Rider
      Episode 3
      While Marshal Scott is riding the Albuquerque trail, his horse becomes lame. Fortunately, a wagon train is passing by and gives him a ride. They soon come across a woman and two men, one badly injured, whom the wagon master recognizes as a wanted criminal with a hefty price on his head.moreless
    • The Saddle
      The Saddle
      Episode 2
      Three outlaws are captured after a fierce gun fight and Clay recognizes one of them to be the son of Judge McKinney, the judge who was responsible for turning Culhane from the law of the gun, to the law of the courtroom.
    • The Freebooters
      The Freebooters
      Episode 1
      The town of Latigo has been put under martial law by a Major and troop of cavalry soldiers who are boarded at Nora's place. They confiscate the town's guns to "protect" them from a band of deserters. But Gib and Clay soon discover that the soldiers are bogus and in fact are the deserters, now heavily armed with a leader intent on kidnapping Nora.moreless
  • Season 1