Black Saddle - Season 1

NBC (ended 1960)




Episode Guide

  • Client: Vardon
    Client: Vardon
    Episode 20
    A bank employee decides to stage a fake bank robbery. But when he changes his mind, his accomplice goes on with the plan. The employee shoots his friend, who stumbles into the street and into the sights of Culhane, who fatally wounds the man. As he lay dying in the street, the man confesses the whole plot, causing Marshall Scott to arrest the bank employee, whom Clay decides to defend in court.moreless
  • Client: Reynolds
    Client: Reynolds
    Episode 19
    Clay gets hired by a pretty saloon girl who not only wants back wages from her greedy gambler boss, but also has designs on the gunfighter turned lawyer. Only when the employer turns up with her knife in his back, Culhane now must defend her against a murder charge.
  • Client: Brand
    Client: Brand
    Episode 18
    A man named Brand hires Clay to handle a legal matter for him.
  • Client: Adams
    Client: Adams
    Episode 17
    A bounty hunter is fast on the trail of an old friend of Culhane's, Neil Adams, who is injured and asks Clay to help prove he is innocent of the charges before the bounty hunter catches and kills him.
  • Client: Nelson
    Client: Nelson
    Episode 16
    Culhane happens across two men in a knock down fight. After he successfully intervenes, he hears the same story from each man, that they are each a lawman and the other man his prisoner.
  • Client: Frome
    Client: Frome
    Episode 15
    Like so many, a woman's husband never returned from the Civil War, so she had him legally declared dead and moved on with her life, which included taking his possessions and getting remarried. But the man is still alive and one day appears in town, wanting his possessions and his wife back. To find a document that will restore his rights to both, he hires Clay Culhane.moreless
  • Client: Jessup
    Client: Jessup
    Episode 14
    Clay's life and career suddenly become entangled with the lives of Lon and Alice Jessup.
  • Client: Banks
    Client: Banks
    Episode 13
    Young Dick Banks is a teenager with a huge interest in guns and using them, even though his father has tried to discourage it. Former gunfighter Clay Culhane sees a dangerous similarity with his life and Dicks and befriends the young man, hoping to sway him away from a future of crime and death.moreless
  • Client: Braun
    Client: Braun
    Episode 12
    Clay gets hired to file an injunction to keep trespassers off of an old recluse's property. But in the handling of the matter, Culhane discovers that an infamous General from the war days thought to have died in a heroic battle, is actually still alive.
  • Client: Mowery
    Client: Mowery
    Episode 11
    Grat Mowery is an infamous gunslinger. Grat Mowery is also dying. He enlists the help of Clay to write his will directing where a good sized sum of money will go. But Culhane has no idea that most of that money is loot taken in a Durango bank holdup.
  • Client: Steele
    Client: Steele
    Episode 10
    Marshal Scott has three men locked up in jail accused of robbery, including one Bill Steele, who Clay agrees to defend against the charges.
  • Client: Northrup
    Client: Northrup
    Episode 9
    When an ex-lawman, now a wanted outlaw, comes into town with his ill wife, Marshal Scott tells them they can not stay and must leave immediately. Culhane implores Scott to give the couple just enough time for the woman to get better before being forced back on the run.
  • Client: Martinez
    Client: Martinez
    Episode 8
    Juan Martinez seeks help from Clay Culhane over a matter of great importance to him and his family.
  • Client: Robinson
    Client: Robinson
    Episode 7
    Wayne Robinson is having a drink with his friends to celebrate his birthday, when another patron at the saloon starts to badmouth the boy's spiritual beliefs. That man is later found dead and Wayne is arrested for murder, causing Clay to spring into action, believing the boy is innocent.
  • Client: Tagger
    Client: Tagger
    Episode 6
    After serving a long prison term for a crime he claims he did not do, Roy Tagger is finally released and immediately seeks Clay to help him clear his name and reputation.
  • Client: Starkey
    Client: Starkey
    Episode 5
    A beautiful woman's husband has gone missing and she comes looking for Culhane to help her find him.
  • Client: Dawes
    Client: Dawes
    Episode 4
    Ben Dawes thought he had found the wife of his dreams in a bridal catalog. Only he lost his dream and his life over the choice. Culhane is hired by the man's brother to investigate the woman who now is set to inherit the dead man's estate.
  • Client: McQueen
    Client: McQueen
    Episode 3
    An old friend of Culhane's seeks Clay's help after losing his ranch to an underhanded foreman.
  • Client: Meade
    Client: Meade
    Episode 2
    A man involved in a family argument is accused of murder when a family member is found dead and comes to Culhane for legal representation.
  • Client: Travers
    Client: Travers
    Episode 1
    Former gunfighter turned lawyer Clay Culhane's first client is located in Latigo in the New Mexico Territory. Upon arrival he finds that the town is run by a hateful rancher.
  • Threat Of Violence
    Clay Culhane is an infamous gunfighter who is nearly killed during a gunfight and, while recovering, decides he will give up his guns to practice law.

    In his first case, Culhane becomes involved with a Mexican cowboy who is accused of killing the wife of another man.