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AIRED ON 3/28/2015

Season 2 : Episode 10

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Set in 1715, twenty years prior to Robert Louis Stevenson's "Treasure Island", Captain Flint is among the most feared of the pirates that control the former British colony, New Providence Island.  With the Royal Navy set to return and exterminate the pirate threat, Flint allies himself with the daughter of a local smuggling kingpin, Eleanor Guthrie.  Together, they hunt the ultimate prize.

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  • If you like Black Flag, You'll Like This

    Wow. Season 2 finished recently and it's one of the best shows of 2015 so far. Yes, Season 1 was a little problematic at the start, but this is another example of a show that gets better as it goes on, becoming a really fun show that doesn't hold anything back. Yes, it's no Game of Thrones, but it's a very fun, and it's great to see an excellent Pirate drama now that I've played through Assassin's Creed: Black Flag twice.moreless
  • Surprisingly good!

    9.5 easily.

    Compared to other shows that have imploded and faded out like the new Helix or the brutally boring new Walking Dead, this new Black Sails shows us excellent photography, super-crisp lighting and camera work. The make-up is excellent, somehow the characters faces shine with detail. Also acting is good and the conversations / people / social atmosphere is surprisingly intelligent.

    Couldn't help notice the excellent colorist jobs and set props throughout. Also the CGI work is top-notch!

    Well done!!moreless
  • They're all going to die

    Omg, the last episode was so epic in many ways...

    When Flint and Vane get back to Nassau all hell is going to break lose. I so hope to see that bit** Max get slaughtered. Can't wait for the next season! Best show in last two years.
  • A show that doesn't know what it wants to be, but does have moments of excellence.

    Black Sails sucked me in at the beginning with its strong opening credits and theme. It then proceeded to be a soft core porn, like it was competing with Cinemax's Banshee. Well, like, Banshee, it accidentally started to get good and as it did, it mostly shifted from the rather gratuitous sex to its core theme which is pirates. In the first season, once they got Flint and his crew solidly on the water, it got excellent. The sailing scenes and battle were probably on par with Master and Commander quality. Then the second season started and all that ground to a halt as they were mostly back on land.

    I know there are a lot of complaints about "the gay agenda" being pushed with Flint, but this aspect doesn't really bother me by itself. It is actually being used as an active plot device so that is fine. The real problem is the story stalling around it. The soap opera aspect of the various side relationships is getting in the way of the big picture.

    In all, there needs to be a better balance of sailing action to mix with the back room politics, soap opera romantics and lackluster hand-to-hand combat.moreless
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