Black Sails

Saturday 9:00 PM on Starz Premiered Jan 25, 2014 Between Seasons



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  • Just watched all the episodes back to back

    I liked Spartacus so thought I would give this show a try and was surprised by how much I enjoyed this pirate fest. The characters are interesting and some are even odd enough to get a laugh out of me. Its very adult orientated as was Spartacus but I find the story in Black Sails to be much better because the main protagonist has an agenda which slowly unfolds as the show moves forward. The pirates and ship battles are totally believable and immerse you into the 18 century.

    Can't wait to see these characters in the 2nd season.
  • Good show with funny names

    Good setup, excellent casting/acting and location ! A little slow and dry for action, but could turn out to be a great show. And then there's Mr. Hornigold :D - wifes name Meeso ? We miss Lovesicksilver and Nastypearl...
  • one of the best tv series this season!!

    something different and still very good and interesting!
  • Hmmmm

    Having a REAL hard time keeping my interest. Love most everything Starz does but if they keep this one after they cancelled Camelot I would be surprised. Not enough action or adventure. Very SLOW moving. So far like 1st episode was the only good one. But I will give it a chance and watch the whole season. If I don't fall asleep.
  • Arrr Harrr - X (-rated action) hits the (black) spot, Jim Lad!

    Dear Faditech.

    Not a British show, just a show with a lot of British accents in it because that's how it is in The Royal Navy, ex-British protectorates etc. It sort of goes with the territory, TREASURE ISLAND being a British book, after all.

    The Captain Blackbeard thing was a joke. You didn't get that? Given that Blackbeard really was a pirate and may well turn up in his male guise at some point in this series?

    It was a chance to show a merkin and then lots of rumpy-pumpy because that's what you can do with these sort-of GAME OF THRONES type cable shows.

    I rather enjoyed it because it looks like a lot of silly fun being set up playing with the Robert Newton accents and re-imaginings of characters, rather like DRACULA is doing at the moment.

    However, you're right on just one point.

    Stupid, stupid, stupid is very accurate but I'm not talking about the show.
  • Another silly British Show

    Too much Bla Bla Bla and useless dialogues

    Very little Action

    I gave 1 point for the ships, 1 Point for the breasts and half a point for "John Silver", Else it is a long boring 65 minutes of bullsh#t

    Captain Black Beard is a female !!! and when Silver asked why? She showed him the hair between her legs. Stupid Stupid Stupid
  • Excites curiosity.

    Slow start, intriguing ending. The first episode seemed to be pretty "piraty" (is this a thing now? Assassin's Creed etc. ) . Gonna give this one a try. -1 for the teeth though. Why do they all have white shiny teeth? I mean it really harms the authenticity. Still wondering how they're pulling it off in Game of Thrones...
  • Great.

    Filled me Pirate-y appetite.

    Everything that i'd expect from STARZ.
  • Michael Bay

    From the network that brings you absolutely anything and renews it before you've heard about it.
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