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  • Awesome pirate show

    (spoiler) Easily in top5 series that I have seen. But at the same time one of the worst endings to a tv-show that I have seen. Almost threw up of boredom and poor writing during the last episode. It's like Go Big or go home, and they decided to go home and do nothing at all..
  • What 50 Guns

    They had this ship that Captain Teach was on and if you remember getting that ship no ship could take it by itself. Yet all of the sudden it is taken easily by the governor my god talk about bad writing. This is so unbelievable for 2 reason 1. We are to believe the Governor was that much better than Teach and he isn't 2nd A 50 gun ship against a 6 gunship a moron could win that battle they also have them sailing away with the prisoners on the other ship which had it sails and bow destroyed. last I knew there was no stores in the ocean and to think the a 50 gun ship would carry replacements for that ship is obtuse and this to me is the beginning of the end for this series if the writers keep on with this drivel. Your viewers are not stupid and yet you seems to think they are. The moment the viewers start to think this is a Pirates of the Caribbean rip off you will lose your real followers. What made this show successful was that it was the opposite of that crap. I hope this was just and oversight because I really do enjoy this show and except for these few mistakes, I see this running for many more seasons.
  • What a show

    Before I started watching I was a little biased from the effect Pirates of the Carribean type productions have put on me.

    However, this show is fantastic, I admit the first season on it's own is not something to shout about but from then to season 2 and a glorious season 3 it just gets better and better.

    The character builiding is fantastic. I love it.

  • Best Show Since Breaking Bad

    This show has gone from tepid (in the first few episodes) to my favourite show on TV right now, and my 3rd favourite show of all time (behind Breaking Bad and Firefly). It's absolutely stunning.

    No, it's not perfect. Yes, there's a few annoying characters. Yes, some of the speeches are a little on the nose. But it's insanely exciting, jaw droppingly beautiful, breathtakingly acted and directed, and the music is some of the best I've ever heard coming from my TV. Give it until the end of season 1 and you won't regret it. It gets better every single week, and I'm shocked at how this isn't a more popular show.

    NEW EPISODE !!! Black Sails s03e06 XXIV ---
  • Just love it ha ha

    The story just never makes me lost interest in what would happen next.
  • Advancing the gay agenda?

    Funny how they put a pretty strong gay agenda in one episode, then pretend for the rest of the show that it didn't happen and it was all only in my head.

    I wonder where they will go with it this time?

    Wonderful show, the scenery is so breathtaking. Actors are all AAA.
  • The Pinnacle Pirate Show.

    Wow so I just finished re-watching S1 of Black Sails today and I figured that I would give you my written review. I absolutely love this show. I will start with the story which takes place in 1715 roughly 20 years prior to "Treasure Island" and revolves around Captain Flint and how him and his crew try to survive and thrive in Nassau. I admire that time period very much and they captured the aesthetic perfectly in my opinion. The visuals and sound design are superfluous in the best way possible. I will now move onto the acting which was cast flawlessly. The 2 main characters are Captain Flint played by Toby Stephens and Captain Charles Vane played by Zach McGowan. The other cast members while major also did a tremendously great job portraying there characters. I will now move onto the action and Holy Smokes let me tell you that it's Intense. The whole crew from the writers to directors and etc spared no expense when showing the brutality of open water war. The fighting was vicious and relentless which I love. I would recommend it especially if you like Spartacus or Game of Thrones then you will love this show. I will say that it doesn't have the amount of violence that is displayed in the shows I just mentioned but it's still up there with the best of them. I will finish off by saying that you should watch this show immediately. I'm going to be buying S2 on Blu-ray next week. I haven't seen it yet but when I do I will post my review for Season 2 as well. I would also like to mention that they have announced Season 4 of Black Sails even before Season 3 airs so don't worry about it being canceled. Knock on Wood lol. Well thanks again and take care.

    Update for S2 review.

    OMFG I just finished watching S2 of Black Sails on Blu-ray after buying it just the other day when it came out. I Binge-watched it straight through and it was 100 times better then S1 and I loved S1 so without further ado here is my review. I will start with the story which was extremely well derived from the finale of S1. I will say this much without spoilers and that is that it takes place immediately after S1 with Flint stuck on the island and trying to get back home. I mean there are a ton of other story threads which I will not divulge lest I ruin some bit of the story but needless to say it's Excellent. I will now move onto the cinematography and sound which were both Superb. I honestly didn't think they could top S1 but I was so wrong and it was captured beautifully and it was nice to see different scenery. I will now move onto the acting which again is flawless. I mean every actor and actress brought there A game to the second season. The new actors all did extremely well and the villain was quite adept to terrify anyone and everyone. I will now move onto the action which again I didn't think could top S1 and yet again I was wrong. The action was unparalleled to any show I have seen of late being when the action did come to fruition. I mean it was brutal and visceral just like in S1 but amped up fifty fold. I mean I watch a ton of shows including GOT and The 100 and etc and those shows are all Phenomenal as well but the contrived setting and knowing that these characters existed in reality also makes it that much more plausible and scary so to speak. I will finish by saying that if you have not watched this show then you need to drop whatever show you're watching right now and watch this series. I mean the production value and acting and everything else involved in the making of this series is unprecedented. I guarantee that you will not be disappointed. I will finish with this and that is that S1 is light on the background story but S2 more then makes up for that with there flashback scenes which draw you even more into certain characters pasts and in turn help you care about them and also help you to relate to them in a manner of speaking. Thanks again for your time and I hope you enjoy this show. Take Care. I can't wait for S3 this coming January and then S4 afterwards.
  • Black Sails: Season 3 Trailer - looks amazing cant wait

    Black Sails: Season 3 Trailer - looks amazing cant wait

    love this show.
  • sexy yet sexist show

    I enjoy very much the show, one of the best shows on tv.

    HOWEVER, I can clearly see the sexist scratch on female characters.

    Screenplayers have based Max's power on being manipulative, seductive and the very much use of sex to obtain things. Eleonor has the "traditional" prejudice assigned to women: whimsical, impulsive, not trustworthy.

    BS may take place on the XVIII century and I appreciate the historic veracity, but viewers are 21st.

    I do love for instance the pair Vane-Eleonor, 2 hurt lonelyhearts seeking to drop the guard in each other arms: 2 equals. I'd put my money on that couple as they deserve and need each other.

    But I believe their relationship has been massively overused to ease the storylines. Things like the way Abigail was released should have been overwritten (again, it is much simpler to write that the woman would use sexual connection to approach and then betrayal... ) .... Please, SHOW ME SOME CUNNING PLAN! (specially when Vane has proved to be smart)

    My guess, if more elaborated plots can be delivered, viewers will handle it. Viewers should not be taken for stupid.
  • Wonderfully Wicked Modern Day Pirates

    When I tuned into this tv show I was expecting something of the historical nature, maybe a bit of blood and guts and the odd "aye aye Captin!" here and there. I was really surprised to see what I thought was quite a lavish drama and very entertaining show set in the days of the buccaneer's. It was brilliant to watch and incorporated some very modern day themes. At some points of the tail I was at the edge of my seat whilst others made me recoil. I was very entertained and there is some good eye candy for the ladies to drool over. I cant wait for the next episode, what a winner,I'll splice the main brace with Billy Bones any day.
  • Black Sails 3?

    Is there going to be?

    I do hope they are thinking of a BS 3.

  • If you like Black Flag, You'll Like This

    Wow. Season 2 finished recently and it's one of the best shows of 2015 so far. Yes, Season 1 was a little problematic at the start, but this is another example of a show that gets better as it goes on, becoming a really fun show that doesn't hold anything back. Yes, it's no Game of Thrones, but it's a very fun, and it's great to see an excellent Pirate drama now that I've played through Assassin's Creed: Black Flag twice.
  • Surprisingly good!

    9.5 easily.

    Compared to other shows that have imploded and faded out like the new Helix or the brutally boring new Walking Dead, this new Black Sails shows us excellent photography, super-crisp lighting and camera work. The make-up is excellent, somehow the characters faces shine with detail. Also acting is good and the conversations / people / social atmosphere is surprisingly intelligent.

    Couldn't help notice the excellent colorist jobs and set props throughout. Also the CGI work is top-notch!

    Well done!!
  • They're all going to die

    Omg, the last episode was so epic in many ways...

    When Flint and Vane get back to Nassau all hell is going to break lose. I so hope to see that bit** Max get slaughtered. Can't wait for the next season! Best show in last two years.
  • A show that doesn't know what it wants to be, but does have moments of excellence.

    Black Sails sucked me in at the beginning with its strong opening credits and theme. It then proceeded to be a soft core porn, like it was competing with Cinemax's Banshee. Well, like, Banshee, it accidentally started to get good and as it did, it mostly shifted from the rather gratuitous sex to its core theme which is pirates. In the first season, once they got Flint and his crew solidly on the water, it got excellent. The sailing scenes and battle were probably on par with Master and Commander quality. Then the second season started and all that ground to a halt as they were mostly back on land.

    I know there are a lot of complaints about "the gay agenda" being pushed with Flint, but this aspect doesn't really bother me by itself. It is actually being used as an active plot device so that is fine. The real problem is the story stalling around it. The soap opera aspect of the various side relationships is getting in the way of the big picture.

    In all, there needs to be a better balance of sailing action to mix with the back room politics, soap opera romantics and lackluster hand-to-hand combat.
  • On Gigantic Puzzle...

    of stories about power, greed, hope and death! Exceptional production, strong script and powerful performances!
  • Simply Legendary...

    John Silver, Jack Racham, and Charles Vane... These three are more than enough to make this series awesome... Simply Riveting... Absolutely Stunning... TV at its best...
  • ho mo phobia: the irritation of having queer agenda shoved in your face

    Starz ought have their own version of "hbogo". $50/season for physical HD media, $26/season for HD amazon video license, $10/mo addition to most ISP/satellite plans. Let's have $15/mo "StarzAbout" for every device (linux or otherwise)


    > Why not?

    Because I do not want the queer agenda rubbed in my face in my own home in media I license.

  • Black Sails is about pirates?

    Is this really about pirates? I think pirates don't talk so much about stealing gold. Its like watching to a talk show.

    @DonovanBrown, i think u don't understand what action is. If 5 minutes of a ship battle and arround 4 to 5 of them on all the episodes is action, then i'm confused. I never heared someone whine so much then these pirates ...
  • Why not?

    To those complaining about Flint being gay: Why not? Is it forbidden for pirates? I like the show because it does what others don't:

    It still surprises me sometimes. And it did it with the last revelation about Flint's past.

    Showing the triangle between Jack and the two girls and now this, the writers show that in a world without laws and moral borders everything can happen. ;)
  • Season 2 : Episode 5

    Really?! Captain James Flint gay? I'm not a ***phobe, but that was a bit much! That is ridiculously unbelievable!
  • WOW...

    There ware times throughout the first season where I felt "what a waste of money" that feeling is long gone and now it's my favorite show along with the Game of thrones, True Detective & The 100..

    Black sails season 2 it's just awesome!!
  • One of the best.

    Yep, after The Americans and Game of thrones, this is my favorite series!
  • Season 2 great so far.

    Lots of action, lots of pirating, season 2 has started out VERY strong. Captain Flint is a sociopath you can truly root for.
  • Finally some action

    After one episode season two is already better than season one, finally some action. They need to keep it up, and kick it up some more. Eventhough it's better - it's still too much talking and too slow paced at times.
  • So, they remade The Buccaneers

    1956 series based in New Providence. Starred Robert Shaw.
  • Just watched all the episodes back to back

    I liked Spartacus so thought I would give this show a try and was surprised by how much I enjoyed this pirate fest. The characters are interesting and some are even odd enough to get a laugh out of me. Its very adult orientated as was Spartacus but I find the story in Black Sails to be much better because the main protagonist has an agenda which slowly unfolds as the show moves forward. The pirates and ship battles are totally believable and immerse you into the 18 century.

    Can't wait to see these characters in the 2nd season.
  • Good show with funny names

    Good setup, excellent casting/acting and location ! A little slow and dry for action, but could turn out to be a great show. And then there's Mr. Hornigold :D - wifes name Meeso ? We miss Lovesicksilver and Nastypearl...
  • one of the best tv series this season!!

    something different and still very good and interesting!
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