Black Sails

Starz (ended 2017)




  • Season 1 Episode 3: III.

  • Mrs. Barlow gives Richard Guthrie a book by Marcus Aurelius.  This is probably Meditations, a philosophical work about service and duty.

  • Captain Hornigold tells Mr. Gates that he's "not even certain that his men trust him at this stage".  This is a reference to his crew did not liking the fact that he never attacked British-flagged ships. They wanted to raid any ship.  He was replaced as Captain by his crew in November, 1717.

  • Mr. Gates asks Captain Hornigold whether there has been any news from his friends in Edinburgh.

    He replies, "The last I heard, James fled to France. Call him the Pretender now. I promised my men that if they stayed with me, they'd be soldiers again, that they'd be part of a rebel navy fighting a war to restore a rightful king."

    This is a reference to King James II's son, James Stuart.  He is often referred to as "The Pretender" or "The King Over the Water".  This implies that this fictionalised version of Benjamin Hornigold is a Jacobite.

  • Season 1 Episode 2: II.

  • Mr. Scott tells Eleanor that the Captain of the Carolina has brought a fluyt's worth of rare silks.  A fluyt was a type of Dutch cargo ship.

  • Frasier, the appraiser, tells Captain Naft that one of the paintings is by Adriaen Hanneman.  He was a 17th century Dutch painter known for his portraits of British and Dutch nobility.

  • Season 1 Episode 1: I.

  • Gates tells Eleanor he needs a thousand pieces of eight. This is another name for the Spanish dollar.

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