Black Sash

The WB (ended 2003)


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  • different people from different backgrounds find one thing in common- martial arts. and they end up helping each other, and becoming better people. well done, great acting, amazing plot.

    fantastic show. i started it after it already ended on youtube, after i found it thanks to one of my favorite actresses (i wqas seeing what shed done in the past) loved the plot, so i watched, and it was amazing. i cant believe they ended it so soon! they need to bring it back. when i was choosing a classification, i couldnt choose between 'bring it back' and 'personal favorite', but i want more episodes, so i said bring it back. i luv this show!!! why didnt they do more? it was fantastic! even though it would sorta ruin it if they restarted it now, i still want them to. i miss it. i think im just going to rewatch the 6 episodes they made until they make more. or i find another good show. but id rather they at least make a new sesion with 'a few years later' so it fits, and finish it better this time. that would be better than this.