Black Sash

The WB (ended 2003)


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  • Season 1 Episode 3: Jump Start

  • To correct the thirty thousand "goof", the people were told by the guy who gave Trip the money. He was taking his own money back...

  • Trip's father states that he was arrested the night he was 'disciplining' Trip, but technically, he was arrested the next day when Trip went to the police.

  • After Trip and Bryan received the 30 thousand, how in the world did the street/gang members know exactly how much they had? Lucky guess? I think not.

  • Bryan and Trip's first major scene together was in the locker room when Bryan is convincing Trip to give him the gun. Bryan talks as if the two are really good friends, since when? At that very instant moment? Seems some relationships are being thrown together instead of being built.

  • When Trip and Bryan leaves with the money and gets it taken, it is pitch dark. Then in the next scene when Tory hints to Tom that Trip is in trouble, it is clearly day outside.

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