Black Scorpion

Syfy (ended 2001)




Episode Guide

  • Season 1
    • Zodiac Attack (2)
      Zodiac Attack (2)
      Episode 22
      Unable to defeat the combined might of four supervillains, Darcy questions her vocation as a superhero. When Dr. Phoenix resurrects her father, Lieutenant Walker, Darcy is inspired to remain true to her calling. Once again, Darcy becomes Black Scorpion, and this time father and daughter battle the four supervillains together.
    • Zodiac Attack (1)
      Zodiac Attack (1)
      Episode 21
      Ridiculed because none of his predictions come true, Professor Prophet, a washed-up psychic, fulfills his own prophecy that the City of Angels will be destroyed by earth, fire, wind and water. He forces Breathtaker, AfterShock, Inferno and Hurricane to carry out his plan, which also predicts the demise of Black Scorpion.moreless
    • Face the Music
      Face the Music
      Episode 20
      Vox Populi, the lead singer of the world's worst band, finds the only way she can sell records is through subliminal recordings that make her young fans (including Darcy's pal, Tender Lovin') turn violent.
    • Photo Finish
      Photo Finish
      Episode 19
      Flash Point escapes from jail and it's Black Scorpion who becomes his next target. He captures her and learns that she is really Darcy Walker. He prints out her photos and Darcy soon finds herself in hot water and realizes that the only way to elude the authorities is to clone herself.moreless
    • Power Play
      Power Play
      Episode 18
      Edwina Watts is the Mayor's deputy. When the mayor refuses to listen to her warning about his plan to put his name in lights, she heads down to the prison but is electrocuted. She renames herself Stunner and plots to release an evil source of electricity on the City of Angels. When Mayor Worth ignores the warnings of his Deputy Mayor, Edwina Watts, and proceeds with his plan to put his name in lights, Edwina is accidentally electrocuted and becomes the villainess Stunner. She threatens to unleash her raging electrical current through every outlet in the city, turning household appliances into deadly bombs.moreless
    • He Who Laughs Last
      He Who Laughs Last
      Episode 17
      When Argyle is accused of car jacking, his ex-partner Luther Simms, a.k.a. the Gangster Prankster, breaks him out of jail and forces him to join his gang against his will. Gangster Prankster forces Argyle to build a device that, when activated, will kill anyone in the city who laughs.
    • Kiss of Death
      Kiss of Death
      Episode 16
      Darcy soon finds herself not only protecting her alter ego Black Scorpion but also protecting her enemies as well when The Angel of Death, a female detective suspended for brutality, plans to kill super villains in the city.
    • Bad Sport
      Bad Sport
      Episode 15
      Ricky "the Rocket" Blade is injured by his team-mates after he refuses to throw a game. Taking an offer to wear a special set of armor to overcome his injuries, Ricky renames himself Slapshot and plans to eliminate his former teamates and anyone else who tries to stop him, including Black Scorpion.moreless
    • Virtual Vice
      Virtual Vice
      Episode 14
      Dr. Sarah Bellum plans to shelter the homeless by creating a virtual reality world for them to live in. When Mayor Worth rejects her proposal, she becomes MindBender, a sexy VR specialist who uses her powers of virtual persuasion to create fantasies that transform into reality. Can Black Scorpion stop her plans to trap her opponents in a virtual prison?moreless
    • Fire and Brimstone
      Fire and Brimstone
      Episode 13
      Darcy and Steve team up while hunting for a weird character called Cupid. Meanwhile, Inferno and Medusa team up to plot against Black Scorpion.
    • Roses Are Red, You're Dead
      Greenthumb, a florist with a dark side, plans to use a deadly gas on the city and only Black Scorpion can stop him.
    • Life's a Gas
      Life's a Gas
      Episode 11
      When an environmental scientist's experiments go awry, Angela Haze is turned into Pollutia, a superpollutant whose breath causes others to become superpollutants as well. She decides that consumers are the real source of pollution and vows to erase humankind from Earth, leaving the planet free to cleanse itself.
    • An Officer and a Prankster
      Gangster Prankster, another of Black Scorpion's old enemies, is brought back from the dead by Dr. Phoenix and genetically altered to be an upstanding citizen. When the plan goes awry, Gangster Prankster reassembles his old gang and plots to destroy City of Angels with a deadly form of laughing gas.
    • No Sweat
      No Sweat
      Episode 9
      Black Scorpion takes on the evil exerciser Aerobicide, who plans to take revenge for personal tragedy on the wealthy men of the city of angels.
    • Crime Time
      Crime Time
      Episode 8
      25 years ago, Ben Tickerman was sent to prison for a crime he didn't commit. Now, Tickerman is out of the slammer and, renaming himself Clockwise, seeks revenge on those who sent him to jail. Black Scorpion races to stop him before time is up for his targets!
    • No Stone Unturned
      Medusa, the owner of a ritzy mineral spa, abducts the city's most eligible bachelors, including Darcy's partner, Steve and starts turning them into statues. Only Black Scorpion can save the men from a stony oblivion.
    • Out of Thin Air
      Out of Thin Air
      Episode 6
      Breathtaker, Black Scorpion's long time enemy, is resuscitated by the mad yet benign Dr. Phoenix, and his lovely, buxom assistant, Ariana. Breathtaker plots to torture the city of angels with a nerve gas that brings their worst fears to life through dangerous hallucinations.
    • Love Burns
      Love Burns
      Episode 5
      Darcy befriends an unemployed fireman, Adam Burns, who is still trying to save lives. One night, a freak accident with flammable chemicals results in Adam having the power to start fires rather than stopping them.
    • Home Sweet Homeless
      When the mayor orders all the homeless people to be removed from the streets, the homeless join forces with one of Black Scorpion's old enemies that was thought to be dead.
    • Blinded by the Light
      A photojournalist is obsessed with capturing the Black Scorpion's identity on film. He sets the vigilante up to have her secret ID revealed but the Black Scorpion accidently blinds him to cover up her tracks. Wanting revenge, the photographer renames himself Flashpoint and plots to blind the entire populace of the city of angels.moreless
    • Wave Goodbye
      Wave Goodbye
      Episode 2
      A marine biologist, Gail Waters, is studying the ocean surf filled with toxic waste dumped by the mayor's henchmen. When Gail comes in contact with the poison, she seeks revenge by renaming herself Hurricane and plotting to flood the city of angels.
    • Armed and Dangerous
      Darcy befriends a new male cop, Detective Steve Rafferty, who is determined to capture the Black Scorpion, a vigilante whose true identity is unknown. Meanwhile ,a former cop is forced into an early retirement but when an urban militia group costs him his right arm, he seeks revenge as the villain Firearm.moreless
    • Black Scorpion 2: Aftershock
      Black Scorpion is back protecting the streets from a maniacal criminal called the Gangster Prankster. Meanwhile, a seismologist is working hard on a new device that might stop buildings from falling during earthquakes. On the first day of testing of the invention something goes wrong. Ursula is in a terrible accident. Now she wants revenge. Renaming herself Aftershock and plotting to release a really big one.moreless
    • Black Scorpion
      In this 1995 TV movie, when Darcy Walker was little, her father Officer Walker shot a doctor who was a hostage. Now years later, Darcy has taken the cop job of her father. On the day of when she is going to visit him, he is shot by a buisness man seeking revenge. Darcy has become a phantom of the city of angels called the Black Scorpion.moreless
  • Specials
    • No episodes have been added for this season of Black Scorpion.