Black Sheep Squadron

Season 2 Episode 13

A Little Bit of England

Aired Tuesday 8:00 PM Apr 06, 1978 on NBC

Episode Recap

TV Rated: Not Rated (most likely TV-PG or TV-14)

Boyle and French are trying to get a closer look at a showering Nurse Ellie. They throw a golf ball into the water barrel and pretend they're looking for it. Ellie is none the wiser, but the other nurses come upon the scene and are none to happy with the little trick they are playing. Nurse Nancy tells Boyle that he can forget about that night and the next and the next and that she never wants to see him again.

On their mission that day the squadron strafes a harbor at Raubaul and comes out okay. But as they are leaving the area Boyle spots a train and asks permission to go after it. Greg has a feeling that he should not let him go as they have just enough fuel to get back to La Cava. He lets Boyle and Casey take a run at the train. Casey goes first and hits the target, passing over the train afterwards. Boyle makes a better hit, causing a large explosion. His plane flies through the explosion and catches on fire.

Greg tells him to try to make it to England. It turns out there's a coast watcher on an island that helps out allied fliers that go down in the area. They've nicknamed his island "England". Boyle heads out for the island. Larry wants to stay with him but Greg orders him to get into formation and fly back to La Cava with the unit.

Boyle bails from his planes, his parachute ends up stuck in a tree, leaving him hanging, unconscious. He is later found by the coast watcher, Peter and his aid "King George". They cut the now conscious Boyle down, attend to his burned hands, and then high tail it out of there as the Japanese approach. Turns out Boyle landed on France, the next island over and they need to take an outrigger back to England.

Meanwhile back at La Cava, the squadron returns and the nurses just getting off a shift notice that a plane is missing from the formation. They rush over and find out that Boyle was shot down. Greg tells Nancy that Boyle is probably fine and he orders Casey to the radio.

Upon trying to contact DUMBO, they get Lard instead. Lard refuses to let Greg use a Duck to go pick up Boyle. He insists that Boyle will have to wait 48 hours for a submarine to come in and pick him up. Greg reluctantly agrees. Shortly after that it is contact time for England and they are able to radio them. They find out that Boyle is okay. But Boyle is concerned about King George's daughter who is with them and she is sick. He had Peter ask for Sam. Peter is surprised that Sam is a woman but describes the symptoms. Sam determines that the girl needs medicine that Peter does not have, but the radio contact must be ended to prohibit the Japanese from locating the camp on England.

Greg determines he must find a way to reach England more quickly in order to deliver the medicine and recover Boyle. He wants to take an L5 to England as they have a small airstrip. Micklin is adamant that the L5 could not make the trip due to fuel constraints. Jeb has the idea of putting fuel in cans and refueling in flight using a hose. They intend to fly to England deliver the medicine and take Boyle back. Micklin still thinks that the plane will be overloaded. But Greg is able to take off with Jeb and the extra fuel.

It is night time when they arrive at England. They are able to land with the help of torches held by Peter and King George. Boyle asks Jeb if Nancy missed him and Jeb tells Boyle that Nancy was worried sick and even cried. Greg gives the medicine to Peter, thanks him for his help and tries to take off with Jeb and Boyle. But we see that Jeb is left behind, not understanding how he could have miscalculated the take off weight. Peter tells him he'll just have to catch the sub the next day.

When Boyington returns with Boyle, Nancy is overjoyed to see him. Boyle however asks about his kangaroo. Nancy slaps him and walks off. Greg must now get to an important meeting with General Moore. He hurries to his Corsair to make the trip.

On Espiritos Greg learns of a fuel depot that must be taken out in order to weaken Raubaul. He is given carte blanche to execute the mission.

While he is gone, Sam wants to radio England to make sure that the medicine was properly administered. Larry tells her that he will set up the radio but she has to wait for contact time to make the call. He then slips of with Ellie as Sam promises to watch the radio. When the two do not return by contact time, Sam takes it upon herself to make the call. She reaches England and finds out that the patient is much improved. Then she and Peter start to flirt a bit on the radio. Larry and Ellie return from their walk and he is shocked to see that the call has continued over the two minute safe period. He cuts the call off but it is too late. The Japanese were able to pin point the position of the radio transmission.

When Greg gets back from his meeting he is angry to find out about what has transpired. He learns that the Japanese are searching England for the group. Greg realizes that they do not have time to wait for the submarine. He calls Lard and tells him he needs the duck for his important mission. At first Lard refuses, but Greg brings up the fact that Moore gave him carte blanche. Lard relents and sends the duck to La Cava.

The Black Sheep are able to use the duck and the corsairs as air cover to pick up Jeb and the King's daughter off the shore of England on their way to the important mission.

In his ending narrative Greg reveals that they were able to save Jeb and take out the fuel depot.