Black Sheep Squadron

Season 2 Episode 13

A Little Bit of England

Aired Tuesday 8:00 PM Apr 06, 1978 on NBC

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  • A great series cut short in its early life.

    A Little Bit of England is a wonderful episode on several levels. The plot line is exciting, fun, and interesting.

    This episode revolves around an island the Black Sheep call England, because the Son of a British Earl is a coast watcher. Peter Frampton appears as the Son of the Earl. Not only does he fit the part, but he does a hell of good job acting. Ernie Hudson guest stars and does an outstanding job. I really enjoyed his role as the other coast watcher, "King George." After seeing him in this role, I thought he actually was British.

    In some ways, this episode mirrors the end of the real Black Sheep Squadron. In early January 1944 the Japanese shot down Major Boyington. When the combat tour of VMF-214 ended a few days later, the squadron disbanded. Unfortunately Major Boyington didn't reach an island like England, but instead got picked up by a Japanese submarine. I don't know if the writers knew this would be the last episode and wrote it for both Peter Frampton and to be similar to Major Boyington's real life experience.

    A better ending to the series might have been a cliff hanger closer to real life. The Japanese shoot down Major Boyington, a Japanese submarine picks him up, and the squadron starts a plan to spring him. It leaves the viewer to imagine how the squadron's plan to spring him comes off or does Col. Lard disband VMF-214 before they can execute the plan.

    In any case, this is another good Black Sheep Squadron episode. I'm just sorry the series didn't last longer.