Black Sheep Squadron

Season 1 Episode 3

Best Three Out of Five

Aired Tuesday 8:00 PM Sep 23, 1976 on NBC

Episode Recap

TV Rated: Not Rated (most likely TV-PG or TV-14)

Col. Lard cuts off supplies to the 214th making it impossible for the squadron to fly any missions. He flat out tells Boyington that a squadron that stands down for too many days can be decommissioned. Unfortunately General Moore is stateside and is not there to pull rank on Lard.

Pappy gets the idea to put his squadron on R and R so that they cannot be cited for standing down. Lard takes this opportunity to put Major Red Buell back in command of the squadron along with his men. This is the same unit that Pappy conned to get their planes in order to start the 214th.

While relaxing on a native island the Pappy gets word that the 214th has been reassigned to Buell. When he and his men return to Vella La Cava they find Buell and his men there and they have taken over the camp.

They have been unable to fly any missions because before he left, Pappy had Hutch take the points out of all the Corsairs. Boyington plans to replace the parts and continue flying with his unit. To usurp this plan Buell has his men remove the mags from all of the planes. The two commanding officers are now at a stand off. They decide to play poker using the plane parts to bet.

After a long night of playing both have lost some of their parts to the other player and they decide to fly a split mission with half the men from each squadron going up together. The mission does not go well. Upon returning the majors decide to have a boxing match to see who will command the unit.

Buell seems to be winning the fight but suddenly leaves the ring when he receives some bad news. It turns out his brother, who is a tail gunner, was downed the day before and had not yet been found.

Buell flies to Espiritos to see about his brother and Pappy goes also. He offers to help Buell get his brother who is being held prisoner on an enemy island.

Boyington's plan is to lead a commando raid to free the prisoners. Both squadrons work together to raid the island and free Buell's brother.

The Majors end up making amends and Buell and his men leave Vella La Cava leaving the 214th to be run by Boyington once again.
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