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NBC (ended 1978)

Just an update about a similar series . . .

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    For those who also enjoy WWII series, in Chicago "Twelve O'Clock High" is back on the air. I noticed it on a few weeks ago and was able to again see most of the episodes in season 1 and season 2. Me TV doesn't seem to have all of them (its a known fact several of them went missing or are poor quality) and they are not showing them in the original order, but hey, they are still showing them.

    Originally when I looked for DVD seasons of Twelve O'Clock High, I couldn't find any, but recently I found two people selling the series. One person is on eBay selling the three seasons for $35.99. The other has multiple offering with a wide range of prices and features. He's at As a birthday / Christmas (or is it Christmas 2010 and birthday 2011?) gift, I bought the Criterion Collection box set. It has all the episodes, facts (quotes, trivia, notes), iPod versions (e.g. MP4), special extras, etc. I got it last week and am only scratching the surface of what is there.

    Anyway, I just wanted to give people a heads up that at least another WWII series is coming available again on DVD and over the air.

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