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Missing, and incorrect info here.

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    This show was originally titled "Baa Baa Black Sheep", why is it listed here as "Black Sheep Squadron", the name that I believe it was changed to after the show was canceled, and sold into syndication.  ?  Also why are the DVD sets not listed under the DVD tag above?



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    You are correct.  The show's original title was Baa Baa Black Sheep.  It was actually cancelled after one season.  Robert Conrad worked very hard to have the show re-instated to the NBC primetime lineup and when many of the new shows in the Fall of 1977 did poorly the network decided to give it another chance.  The name of the show was changed at that time.  Conrad has said in interviews that some people had the idea from the original title that it was a kid's show.  That is why the air dates in the second season start in December of 1977 and the show came back as Black Sheep Squadron.  After its second season it was cancelled again for the final time.  The show was then syndicated under this name and was never referred to again by its original name.

    I, for one, was a bit surprised, when the show was released with its orignial name Baa Baa Black Sheep.  I imagine there are some legal ramifications for this.  But now that it has been released in this manner, it would not surprise me if they release season two as Black Sheep Squadron.

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    I think some of the above info should be added to the show's main info. There is no mention of this, and with the show being released on DVD it surely is confusing. I only knew about this because the Wiki article quickly pointed out the show has different titles.
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