Black Sheep Squadron

Season 1 Episode 21

Poor Little Lambs

Aired Tuesday 8:00 PM Feb 22, 1977 on NBC

Episode Recap

TV Rated: Not Rated (most likely TV-PG or TV-14)

Returning from Espiritos on a 'borrowed' plane Pappy, Anderson and Boyle run into trouble. Boyle pilots the plane as Pappy and Anderson nap in the back and wakes them to tell them they must be lost. They've been in the air too long and should have reached Vella La Cava. It turns out the needle on the compass was stuck and now they are lost and running out of fuel. They spot an island and turn towards it. They are forced to parachute out. All three land on the island, but they become separated and do not know the status of the others.

The island is Japanese occupied. Hearing the plane come down and seeing the parachutes, the Japanese send troops to investigate. Pappy lands very close to the enemy and they surround him as he is trying to get free of his chute. They are interrupted by a jeep driving through and Pappy uses the opportunity to escape into the jungle.

As the Japanese scour the area to find the three men, Anderson and Boyle find each other and wonder about Pappy. Anderson saw the general direction that Pappy landed and they head out that way. In the mean time, Pappy spots a mission and enters. He is found by a Swiss nun who asks him to leave. She is afraid for the safety of the orphan children who are sheltered there. But when the Japanese arrive, she offers Pappy a place to hide. He is undetected but after they leave, the nun again insists that Pappy leave.

Outside Boyle and Anderson come upon a Father and children picking berries. The Father was the driver of the jeep that diverted the attention of the Japanese earlier. He is happy to find the Americans and brings them to the mission where they are reunited with Pappy.

Pappy is aware of an offensive attack being planned by the Allies on that island. He tells the nun and priest they are in danger as the Allies have no idea that the mission exists on the island. He tries to convince them to help him make a plan so that they can all escape to safety. The nun is hesitant because the Japanese have allowed them to co-exist on the island and she does not want any trouble. She still wants the Americans to leave. The priest however wants to help Pappy and his men.

Back at Vella La Cava the men are aware that their comrades are overdue and are worried about their safety.

At the mission the priest tells Pappy he knows where the wreckage of the plane is. Pappy decides to go there to try to salvage what he can. He hopes to get a radio so that he can contact Vella La Cava. With the help of the priest the three sheep are able to get a radio and some flares from the downed plane. The nun in the mean time is taken in for more questioning by the Japanese.

Pappy is able to contact Vella La Cava and is able to arrange a rendezvous with a sub to evacuate the sheep as well as the nun, the priest and the orphans that night, just before the attack is scheduled to occur.

Under the dark of night they all go to the beach for the rendezvous. Another diversion must be made to free the nun from the Japanese. The children are evacuated and at the last moment all the sheep are able to make it to the rendezvous and are saved.