Black Sheep Squadron

NBC (ended 1978)



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  • Black Sheep Squadron, was fomerly known as Baa Baa Black Sheep!

    Being the daughter of a career officer in the Marine Corps, I would naturally have an interest in this series. That and the fact, my Dad, knew Greg"Pappy" Boyington. Boyington was a kind, decent, man, and one one hell of a pilot. Sure, the series took great leeway with the material in Mr. Boyington's book, but the essence of the American fighting spirit was still there. "Pappy" took a bunch of total misfits and made them into one of the best fighter pilot squadrons in the Pacific Theater during World War Two. These pilots were renegades and rebels and "Pappy" was just the man they needed to lead them. They would and did fly into hell for him. Robert Conrad was a perfect cast as "Pappy" and Robert Ginty was always a personal favorite of mine as Lt. T.J.Wiley. The first season of the series was by far the best. The second season had the addition of "Pappy's Lambs" and this was for pure ratings and finally ended up destroying any creditability the show might have earned. Still, I enjoyed the series and would recommend to this day for the entertainment value alone!
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