Black Sheep Squadron

Season 1 Episode 4

Small War

Aired Tuesday 8:00 PM Sep 28, 1976 on NBC

Episode Recap

TV Rated: Not Rated (most likely TV-PG or TV-14)

During a dogfight, TJ accidentally shoots down Pappy's plane. Pappy is able to parachute from his plane, but he is over an enemy island.

The squadron returns to Vella La Cava where Capt. Gutterman does not hold much hope for Greg's rescue. He tells the men that they'd better start worrying about all those court-martials they have waiting for them.

Meanwhile on the island, Greg is found by an Australian navy man, Lt. Hooper, who has been on the island since his boat went down a few months previous. He has found a way to exist on the island unbeknownst to the Japanese that inhabit it. Greg immediately makes plans to try to get off the island but his companion is in no hurry to get back to the war.

On Vella La Cava the moral of the squadron gets lower everyday. Many men refuse to fly and Jim Gutterman does nothing to motivate them. Their missions go unflown, drawing attention from General Moore.

Pappy has found an old Japanese plane that was wrecked on the island and steals parts from the Japanese base to fix it. Hooper protests all the while but in the end helps Greg and ends up being caught by the enemy.

TJ feels very guilty about having shot down Pappy so he requests Jim to sign transfer papers that will move him out of the unit. Jim refuses to sign them. But TJ's request somehow spurs Jim into taking command of the squadron and getting them up in the air.

When Greg completes his repairs to the aircraft, he breaks out Hooper and they try for an escape.

On the way back from their first mission without Pappy, the squadron sees a lone Zeke flying nearby. They decide to let TJ go after it to boost his morale. He goes after the Zeke and everyone notices that the pilot is very good, but TJ finally gets the upper hand and shoots down the enemy plane. The plane lands in the water and two men get out. Jim Gutterman goes down for a closer look, and then they see that TJ shot down Pappy...again.
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