Black Sheep Squadron

Season 1 Episode 4

Small War

Aired Tuesday 8:00 PM Sep 28, 1976 on NBC

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  • An old fashion action adventure with an hint of situational comedy makes Small War a good way to spend an hour.

    Small War combines situational comedy with good old fashion action adventure.

    Lt. T. Joseph "T.J." Wiley (played by Robert Ginty) downs Major Boyington (play by Robert Conrad) not once, but twice resulting in a comedy of errors so great they bring the viewer to cry and laugh.

    By downing Major Boyington, the writers split the Black Sheep allowing them to continue the on-going 'destruction of the squadron' plot line. Back on the island we watch was the squadron first loses it moral and later brings itself together in order to go on without their Pappy. By the time the episode ends we can believe the squadron could survive with him.

    Major Boyington works hard to return not just to save his Black Sheep but to return to the fighting. This character is the direct opposite of his companion on the island, an Australian Lt Hooper (played by future Star Trek Odo, Rene Auberjonois). The writers have a glorious time pitting Major Boyington against Lt. Hooper. Viewers can see how little by little Boyington can become anyone's Pappy.

    Major Boyington is resourceful and with a little help at a strategic moment from Lt. Hooper, both of them get off the island only to face TJ again.

    Philip DeGuere (the writer) certainly understands irony.