Black Tie Affair

Season 1 Episode 1


Aired Saturday 10:00 PM May 29, 1993 on NBC
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The episode (as does every episode) begins with the voice of Dave Brodsky (Bradley Whitford), who narrarates each episode, explaining the situation to the audience. He is a private investigator, who has been hired by Margo Cody (Kate Capshaw) to find out whether her husband, Christopher Cody, is having an affair and with whom. They are attending a testimonial dinner at San Francisco's Fleetwood Hotel in honor of Christopher who has been selected as Man of the Year. To keep a low profile, Dave is dressed as a bellboy who works at the hotel. When Christopher slips out of the dinner, Dave follows him and pretends to be an avid fan of his clothing line, for which he is famous. After frantically trying to shake free from Dave, he slips into the elevator and up to the 12th floor. Meanwhile at the dinner, Margo is approached by (a slimy) Hal Kempner (Bruce McGill) who wishes to get his "amazing multi-purpose" line of "Toads" shoes into the Cody Man catalogue. Dave interupts just in time to give Margo an excuse to leave. They leave the ballroom and travel down the hall and Dave tells her that Chris did in fact go up to the 12th floor and he saw the woman who he is supposed to meet and insensitively describes her knock out features. Margo grabs Dave and kisses him only out of jealousy and pain, but implies she would be willing to get more from him than just information (hint, hint). They part and Dave tries to catch up to Chris Cody. We then see that Hal Kempner was hiding nearby and heard the entire conversation between Dave and Margo. While Chris is looking for the rendevouz room, he initially knocks on the wrong door (becaue he's not wearing his glasses)and gets the room of Feltner, a regular resident of the hotel, who is also a loyal fan of the Cody Man line. After a rather akward conversation about the features of his underwear, he decides the room next door is where he is supposed to be meeting someone(Eve). He finds the door slightly cracked and the bed occupied by a woman in lingerie. He begins telling her that he doesn't feel comfortable about meeting like this and that maybe they should wait a while before they start their relationship. She's giving him the 'cold shoulder', so he reaches out to her and she falls off the bed in a puddle of blood. Scared and shocked, Chris runs out of the room, knocking over a table and a room service tray. Before he can get up and run, the hall fills up with people looking to see what happened. Felton comes out to help him and tells everyone that this is the famous Christopher Cody and is quick to point out the time and date so they can all remember the time they met the famous clothes designer. This will inevitably and concretely place him at the scene of the crime as well as point out the date and exact time and will make him a likely prime suspect in the murder. Chris tries to convince the crowd that he's not really there and that they're actually seeing something else. "You didn't see me. What you saw was someone who looked like me. A dwarf or maybe a dog. Yes, you saw a dogg." The crowd looks very unconvinced (obviously) and he runs away and back down to the ballroom. Dave arrives on the scene just after Chris leaves and finds the room where Eve lay dead. Back at the dinner, Chris arrives back at the dinner covered in food (from the tray he knocked over) and makes very horrible attempts at trying to explain to Margo where he's been and why he looks like he does. She doesn't believe him and says their marriage is a sham to which he agrees. He has to now give his speech and he impromptly decides to exalt Margo and all her work for his company. Then a woman appears at the door of the ballroom that he leaves him speechless... It's Eve and she wants to know why he is taking so long! The entire ballroom turns to see the attractive woman he is gawking over. Chris faints at the podium in front of the crowd. Brodsky's voice ends the episode with the question, "If that's Chris Cody's Belle de Jour (Eve), who's the woman in 1216?"moreless

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