Black. White.

Season 1 Episode 4

Episode 4

Aired Wednesday 10:00 PM Mar 29, 2006 on FX

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  • Nick realizes he doesn't fit in as a white guy while in white makeup. Rose realizes she doesn't fit into the black group as a white person. Bruno and everyone around him realizes he should never ever rap again under any circumstances.

    The episode starts off with Rose and \"the amazing people\" (her poetry class) out for dinner, and then Rose telling her mom that she doesn\'t fit into the group. Later, she goes out with her mom and a black girl asking for applications in her neighborhood. There was some serious editing here because in some shots Rose has applications in her hand, but the montage is edited as a series of rejections where they say they are out of applications. They don\'t say how many stores she asked for applications at, but they only showed the rejections. That tells me the producers think it\'s okay to lie to me in order to make their point - disappointing to say the least.

    The focus of this episode was mostly Nick, who unfortunately is not getting into the spirit of dressing up as your opposite. In white makeup he looks the part mostly, but his voice doesn\'t match his face. When he\'s hanging around the white group at etiquette class he is almost a non entity and comes across as a dullard. He mumbles his words and doesn\'t have anything worth saying. As expected, most of his white classmates ignore him when he\'s in white makeup because he just isn\'t a very interesting white guy. A curious truth comes to the surface here - when you are a white guy in white society there is no free ticket. You have no excuses to call on so you better play the game well or you are going to be excluded. At one point Nick becomes frustrated and tells Rose in confidence that he wishes he could show them he is black. He then decides to reveal his true color to the group.

    Well, suddenly Nick is interesting! He\'s the center of attention and people can\'t stop talking to him. Later he comes to a dinner without his makeup on and again, Nick is the center of attention, despite being the exact same guy underneath.

    Nicks parents came down very hard on Nick when they heard some of the white kids were using the word Ni**er, even though Nick is the one who spurred it on and said it doesn\'t offend him. While at the dinner the Sparks really brought the proceedings down by going up to the table and demanding, \"Who is the one who used the word Ni**er?\" Lesson for the white kids: do not be real. You must put up an act and walk on eggshells otherwise there are people who will condemn you. Not a particularly good lesson I think.

    The show caps off with Bruno presenting a rap he made two months before. The rap is well produced but the lyrics are pretty much a condemnation of black people in America. It\'s no where near as edgy as the lyrics you find in black rap, but it ends up offending Bruno\'s wife Carmen. The episode fades to black with some ominous words by Carmen.