Black. White.

Season 1 Episode 5

Episode 5

Aired Wednesday 10:00 PM Apr 05, 2006 on FX

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  • Rose devlopes a crush on a friend from poetry class and they tell each other about their lives. Renne finally meets a white female she can connect with. Brian and Bruno still have their problems about Bruno being racist or "the Bruno block" as Brian calls

    Rose Finally opens up to her male friend from poetry class and realizes that she has devloped a crush on him. Her friend finally shares his tattoo with her which is a flam on his heart. Which he syas stands for "His Soul on Fire". Rose is moved by his wilingness to open up with her and share a part of his heart with her. To me it is a beautiful thing that Rose is so open to the black community. Out of all 6 people in the house Rose will be the one person to take the most away from this expirence. I hope that she takes this expirence home with her and continues to improve in her acceptance to the black community!