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FX (ended 2006)

Bruno and Rose have worked as paid actors!

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    remyholic wrote:
    yes bruno did acting in the past...and right now he IS a school teacher. yes he is only the boyfriend of Carmen and yes Rose is now doing a show with dysney. So big frickin deal. So many people are soooo bent out of shape about this information. The fact is one family is black and one is white..that can never change..the reality is that it is obvious that some of the inphasis were purposly dramatized...but the real problem isnt this..the problem is how we the people take this show...real or not..its reality in our everyday lives. I am black and my husband is white..and our adopted daughter is Thai..so talk about a mixed race family...and majority of the "sterotypes" from that show are true..not by all but 99% of it I have witnessed on a daily basis..from black and from whites...the problem is that some people dont want to admit it. IT doesnt matter if these people were actors or not. Its what you take from the intent of it being reality. Dont take what others say about it being fake or not (and just because you have a website that has their name on it means nothing) Talk to others who are connected to them....like the people from the show in Rose's poetry class...many of them are on live journal, myspace and blogger. Real journals and real connections...look at the reputation of Ice Cube and of Oparah...Oparah has been through enough **** with that book she promoted ..you think she wants to go through that agian.. I dont think so...


    I'm glad at least one person got up here and said this...

    The point is this - IF the show really did actually have paid actors, yes, it would have been nice to see real, non-actors carry out this project, BUT...at the same time...

    #1, I don't think their actions, reactions and thoughts were THAT much further off than what they would have been if the people were non-actors, ANYway - I think a lot of that was right on the money....

    #2, Who's to say they were supposed to be acting in this project?  Before you are an actor, are you not a human being first?  Isn't it possible that maybe...just maybe...although they were actors (well, assuming that they were), they were actually participating in this project as their own genuine selves?

    #3....Like the woman in the quote above said - it would be much easier for people to get upset and focus on these people being paid actors than to pay attention to the whole purpose of the show - the bigger picture.  Regardless of the circumstances surrounding it, the concept was still brilliant and VERY MUCH NEEDED in today's society and particularly in this country, where race, stereotypes and discrimination still unfortunately play a very big role in everyday life for far too many people!  In addition to that, as paid as these people might have been, this show STILL served more purpose and did more good than the majority of known-fictitious and supposedly non-fictitious programs elsewhere on the air, so....basically, suck it up and GET OVER IT!

    Finally...#4...If you want something or someone to REALLY get upset about being fake, deceptive and manipulative, how about you redirect your anger and attention to the big, great Oval Office in D.C.!

    Sheesh - America, I tell ya ...

    Anyway...there's my two cents - So long .

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    This statement is false.

    Say what you want, but this was quoted from Rose herself:

    though I have had paid gigs on TV my participation on the FOX
    documentary/series was different."

    I know that this is a big disperancy because people know better about marketing and advertising and the works, but this "paid actor" fisaco has got to stop.

    I'm not sure what really went on when the cameras were recording, but it is certian that Rose is not a paid actor.

    1. She has had a "private" life, and even though people think of her as a celebrity, she lived more of a normal life than *shudders*

    2. She has not been on TV for a long time, nor there was any non-Black. White. story since then.

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