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Renee v. Carmen - Poetry Slam

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    [1]Mar 16, 2006
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    My reaction to Renee's reaction to Carmen is that she seems to be just analyzing everything Carmen says and seeking out ways to find negativity.

    The openness Rose experienced with her poetry class is one of the most intriguing aspects of this show, and the one part of the show I've enjoyed most in viewing it. Carmen feeling like she could jump in and participate in something her daughter had been part of -- and participating in the way she did -- that took some guts, and it's interesting to me that all Renee heard in Carmen's power-filled, wide-eyed amazement -- after witnessing probably an hour of poetry, creativity and open interaction -- all Renee heard was negativity.

    That's ... well, it might be honest, but I think she was seeking out the worst possible way to take what Carmen was saying and focus like a laser on it, like it was the only possible way to take it.

    These people all seem to be more naive than one might hope people, in general, would be.

    P.S. -- Also, I'm interested in how the political statement that is made in wearing a highly conspicuous dashiki was ignored in favor of dismissing it as one more example of the Wurglers' general cluelessness.
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    [2]Mar 22, 2006
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    I agree since the show started the black parents have been haunting for racist remarks like they are exspecting them to be racist. However the way carmen comes off is like that she is trying so hard to prove that she excepts blacks that she completly disregards the fact that she is throwing here words around with out thinking.

    example:"beautiful black creature"

    from a man to a women he is dating = sounds fine

    from a family member of the oposite race= sounds fine

    from a stranger/white women whos racially non-educated to a stranger thats a young person. why did she put black in it?is what i was thinking.

    she felt the need to prove that she like black people but she needs to understand tht no one cares if shes not racist they just want an equal response as a human being.these people wanted to be treated as people not as black people.

    i understand where Carmen was coming from with her comment but being a minority is like making a bad fashion choice to some people the fact that you even noticed the way they look when you've met them for the first time could make them see you as a racist. To some people.
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