Episode 4

Blackadder Back & Forth

Aired Wednesday 9:30 PM Dec 31, 1999 on BBC



  • Trivia

    • In an attempt to win his cash bet, Blackadder steals the Duke of Wellington's boots, which he finds sticking out from under the time machine after Wellington is crushed by it. However, when the time machine first falls on Wellington, his entire body is obscured and his boots are not sticking out.

    • In the 1300s Robin Hood calls Edmund Lord Blackadder. The first Edmund to call himself Blackadder was in the 1480s and the first Blackadder to have the title of Lord was the Edmund, the second series followed in the late 1500s.

    • Of the above, Blackadder was simply trying to placate Shakespeare.
      N.B. William Shakespeare's real name is Edward De Vere.

    • When Blackadder returns to fix his mistake with William Shakespeare, he points to the piece of paper that Shakespeare has just signed and says "King Lear, very funny." However, he when he shows the others his signed title page, it is for Macbeth.

    • When Blackadder firsts enter the Time Machine, one of the filming crew can be seen lifting the door behind him.

  • Quotes

    • Robin Hood: Am I Robin Hood? Is Will Scarlet a poof in tights? Is Friar Tuck a fat tub of lard with a ridiculous haircut?
      [Kate Moss emerges from the crowd and wraps herself around Robin.]
      Robin Hood: Is Maid Marian a hot little honey with thighs like two halves of a nutcracker?

    • Baldrick: …And the date should come up. But it doesn't because I was going to write the numbers on in felt-tip pen but never got around to it.
      Blackadder: Right. So the date we're heading for is two watermelons and a bunch of cherries. In other words, we can't get home. Rather a spectacular return to form after the genius moment.

    • Blackadder: Well Balders, this is a turn up for the books. It seems that you have built a working time machine and are therefore, rather surprisingly, the greatest genius the world has ever known.
      Baldrick: Thank you very much, my lord.

    • Queen Elizabeth: Go forth! And bring back more… minty things!

    • Baldrick: I followed Mr Da Vinci's instructions to the letter.
      Blackadder: Even though you can't actually read.
      Baldrick: No, but I have done a lot of Airfix models in my time.

    • Blackadder: Just one question… What makes you so great?
      Robin Hood: 'Cos I'm me, man.

    • Blackadder: Right, let's get out of here Baldrick.
      Baldrick: Certainly my lord.
      Blackadder: By the way, if we're lucky to get out of here alive…
      Baldrick: Yes my lord?
      Blackadder: Remind me to kill you, will you?
      Baldrick: Oh, all right my lord.

    • Baldrick: (to the dinosaur) Sniff My Skids!
      (the dinosaur sniffs them, and drops dead)
      Blackadder: Fascinating. One of history's greatest mysteries solved. The dinosaurs were indeed fact wiped out, by your pants.

    • Queen Elizabeth: Go forth! And bring back more...minty things!

    • Blackadder: (trying to be friendlier towards Shakespeare at their second encounter) I'm a very big fan, Bill.
      William Shakespeare: Thank you.
      Blackadder: Keep up the good work. King Lear...very funny.

    • Blackadder: May I present to you, the greatest breakthrough in travel since Sir Rodney Tricycle thought to himself, "I'm bored of walking. I think I'll invent something with three wheels and a bell, and name it after myself": the time machine.

    • Blackadder: You really are as thick as clotted cream, that's been left out by some clot, and now the clots are so clotted, you couldn't unclot them with an electric de-clotter, aren't you, Baldrick?

    • Blackadder: (to a Tyrannosaurus Rex) Sod off.

    • Centurion Blackaddicus: Last one in gets hacked to death by Rod Stewart's great-great-grandfather.

    • Baldrick: You know how when you're drowning, and your life flashes in front of your eyes? Well, what I was thinking is that you could dunk your head in a bucket of water and if you held it down till just before you died, you could see how the levers were and get us home.
      Blackadder: Excellent plan, Baldrick, with perhaps one slight modification...
      (He punches Baldrick. Shortly afterwars, Baldrick has his head in a bucket of water. After a few seconds, he takes his head out of it)
      Baldrick: I'm 18, I've just left Nursery School.
      (Blackadder shoves Baldrick's head back into the bucket and pulls it out again)
      Baldrick: I'm 25, I'm back in Nursery School.

    • George: Well you certainly won the bet, Blackadder. Here's your 10,000 francs...
      Blackadder: What do you mean, "francs?"
      George: What do you mean "What do I mean, 'francs'?"
      Archdeacon Darling: We've been using francs for over 200 years.
      Archbishop Melchett: Yes, ever since the Emperor Napoleon won the Battle of Waterloo.

    • Blackadder: And here is a front page of Macbeth, signed by William Shakespeare himself.
      George, Archdeacon Darling and Lady Elizabeth: Who?
      Archbishop Melchett: Oh, come on, you know this...he's the fellow who invented the ball-point pen.

    • (thinking they've arrived in the 1960s)
      Blackadder: I might stay awhile, actually, for a bit of hippy free love. Not that free love would make much difference to you, would it, Balders? I mean, what would a sheep do with money?

    • (on first seeing the time machine)
      Melchett: Well, glaze my nipples and call me Rita!

    • Blackadder: Baldrick, I have a very, very, very cunning plan!
      Baldrick: Is it as cunning as a fox what used to be Professor of Cunning at Oxford University, but has now moved on and is working for the UN at the High Commission of International Cunning Planning?
      Blackadder: Yes, it is.
      Baldrick: Ooh! That's cunning!

    • Edmund: (punches Shakespeare) THAT is for every school boy and school girl for the next 400 years. Do you have any idea how much suffering you're going to cause? Hours spent at school desks trying to find one joke in Midsummer Night's Dream. Wearing stupid tights in plays and saying things like "What ho my lord!" and "Oh look here comes Othello talking total crap as usual". Oh and (kicks Shakespeare in the shin) that is for Ken Branagh's four hour version of Hamlet.
      Shakespeare: Who's Ken Branagh?
      Edmund: I'll tell him you said that, and I think he will be very hurt.

  • Notes

    • During their adventure through time, Blackadder and Baldrick stop in:
      1) The prehistoric times
      2) The Elizabethan area (Queen Elizabeth the first, and William Shakespeare)
      3) The future (Star Wars)
      4) Robin Hood time period.
      5) The battle of Waterloo
      6) The Roman Empire

    • The Blackadders in the opening sequence are:
      1) Shooting an arrow on a tapestry of the crusades.
      2) Felling up a nun in a painting.
      3) Making a face, dressed up in Indian (Hindu) clothes.
      4) Dressed in drag.
      5) Giving the middle finger to Winston Churchill.
      6) Holding his nose in disgust, as Margaret Thatcher raises her arms in celebration.

    • Premiered 31-Dec-1999 at the Millennium Dome in London. First shown on Sky One 1-Oct-2000.

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