Season 3 Episode 1

Dish and Dishonesty

Aired Wednesday 9:30 PM Sep 17, 1987 on BBC

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  • I'll be honest with you - I've seen better episodes of Blackadder.

    The only real laughs in this episode come from Baldrick, ie - when he’s attached to the spit and how his first name is Sod Off! I’ll explain:

    Blackadder: Okay Baldrick I need you first name
    Baldrick: Dunno
    Blackadder: What do you mean you don’t know, you must have some idea!
    Baldrick: It could be “Sod Off”!
    Blackadder: What?
    Baldrick: Coz whenever I would play with the other kids in the gutter they would call me “Sod Off Baldrick”!
    Blackadder: Okay, “Sod Off Baldrick” it is!

    A mediocre episode with a handful of laughs but I have seen better ones. I'll be honest with you - I've seen better episodes of Blackadder.
  • This is a fine example of what Blackadder is all about.

    The hilariously witty Edmund Blackadder, butler to Prince Regent George is constantly frustrated at one Baldricks antics. However, this episode sees Blackadder use Baldrick to help him save the Prince Regent from Bankruptcy. He makes Baldrick an MP, and cheats, using Baldrick as a puppet to win a rotten borough. They take the election without a problem, with 16,472 votes, however the idea of Baldrick being a politician very much backfires, when the mouse-brained moron obligedly votes for PM Pitt the younger, a snobby young 13 year old.

    This forces Blackadder to put Baldrick on a spit over a fire, berate himself, and think of something better. Fortunately Mrs Miggins reminds him of the House of Lords, and Blackadder returns to the Prince Regent, telling him that they should appoint a new Lord, hinting himself as that Lord. However, thick George thinks that Blackadder is referring to Baldrick when he describes "a man in your service, one who has done sterling work matching the political intentions of the evil Pitt". Blackadder goes out and buys a £1000 catskin robe, which unfortunately goes to waste after he finds out that George had chosen Baldrick.

    This episode has all the good humor and hilarious storyline of a classic, and is recommended highly.
    High Point: "Well if it isn't the lord privvy toast rack!"
    Low Point: N/A
  • And you thought politics was bad today. Step back to the age of kings, when people dealt with their opponents the old-fashioned way: they killed them.

    On any given day, Blackadder can't wait to get his hands around the neck of his incompetent servant Baldrick and strangle him.

    This time, however, Blackadder needs the man's help.

    As usual, the Adder is desperate to save his own hide, and eager to put somebody else in front of any danger. If his patron, the Prince, is removed from the Civil List, Blackadder can look forward to a fate lacking either freedom or oxygen. Not keen on these choices, the knave determines to fix the election.

    He gets Baldrick to stand for MP. Both men discover that success in politics can be murder.