Season 3 Episode 6

Duel and Duality

Aired Wednesday 9:30 PM Oct 22, 1987 on BBC



  • Trivia

    • The series is set before the battle of Trafalgar, which took place in 1805. But this features the Duke of Wellington, who was not given his title until 1809.

    • Mark Twain's 1881 novel "The Prince and the Pauper" is mentioned. The series is set during the reign of King George III whose reign ended due to his madness in 1811, 70 years before the novel was published. In fact, Mark Twain was born in 1835.

    • Since he has yet to get up, he clearly isn't actually dead yet, so there's nothing preventing him moving, is there? If he'd moved AFTER he'd fallen down again, THAT would be a goof.

    • At the end when Edmund is talking with the King, if you look at the bottom left hand corner of the screen you can clearly see the real Prince (Hugh Laurie) moving his hand up to his head then behind him even though he's supposedly dead. They haven't gotten to the bit where he gets up then realises he's really been shot.

  • Quotes

    • George: I'm doomed! Doomed as the dodo!

    • Blackadder: Baldrick, does it have to be this way? Our valued friendship ending with me cutting you into long strips and telling the prince that you walked over a very sharp cattle grid in an extremely heavy hat!

    • Blackadder: I hate it when McAdder turns up! H'es such a frog-eyed beetle-browed basketcase!
      Baldrick: He's the spitting image of you.
      Blackadder: No he's not! We're about as similar as... two completely dissimilar things in a pod! (Turning to the letter) What's the old tart-and throwback banging about this time? Have come south for rebellion... (to himself) Oh God, surprise surprise!... Staying wth Miggins... the time has come... best sword in Scotland... insurrection... blood... large bowl of porridge... rightful claim to throne... He's mad! He's mad! He's madder than Mad Jack McMad, the winner of last year's "Mr. madman" competition!

    • Baldrick: May I speak sir?
      Blackadder: Certainly not Baldrick! The prince is about to die, the last thing he wants to do in his final moments is to exchange pleasantries with a certified plum dough.
      Prince George: Easy Blackadder, let's hear him out.
      Blackadder: Very well Baldrick, we shall hear you out, then throw you out. Speak.

    • Blackadder: An unwise action Baldrick, since "Mad" McAdder is a homicidal maniac.
      Baldrick: My mother told me to stand up to homicidal maniacs.
      Blackadder: Yes, if this is the same mother who confidently claimed that wou are a tall, handsome stallion of a man, I should treat her opinions with extreme caution.
      Baldrick: I love my mom.
      Blackadder: And I love chops and sauce, but I don't seek their advice.

    • Prince George: No, no, he's right damn him, anyone could fight the duel, Willers would never know!
      Blackadder: All the same sir, Baldrick's plan does seem to hinge on finding someone willing to commit suicide on your behalf.
      Prince George: Oh yes, yes, yes, but he would be fabulously rewarded: money... titles... castle...
      Blackadder: ...Coffin...

    • Blackadder: A man may fight for many things: his country, his principles, his friends, the glistening tear on the cheek of a golden child. But personally I'd mud-wrestle my own mother for a ton of cash, an amusing clock and a sack of French porn.

    • Wellington: What in the name of Bonaparte's balls is this fellow doing?

    • Baldrick: Oh, Mr Blackadder?
      Blackadder: Leave me alone, Baldrick - if I wanted to talk to a vegetable I'd have bought one at the market!

    • BALDRICK: Well, my cousin Bert Baldrick, Mr. Gainsborough's butler's dogsbody, says that he's heard that all portraits look the same these days, 'cause they're painted to a romantic ideal rather than as a true depiction of the idiosyncratic facial qualities of the person in question.

      EDMUND (impressed): Your cousin Bert obviously has a larger vocabulary than you do, Baldrick.

    • WELLINGTON (to the "Butler"): And don't bother to show me the way out. I don't want to die of old age.

    • Blackadder: I want to be remembered when I'm dead. I want books written about me. I want songs sung about me. And then hundreds of years from now, I want episodes from my life to be played out weekly at half past 9:00 by some great heroic actor of the age.
      Baldrick: Yeah, and I could be played by some tiny tit in a beard.

    • Blackadder: Fortune vomits on my eiderdown once again.

    • Black Adder: {Reading the letter from the Duke of Wellington} Prince or Pauper, when a man soils a Wellington, he puts his foot in it… This is not a joke. I do not find my name remotely funny, and people who do, end up dead.

    • George the Third: I believe we two can make Britain great. You as the Prince Regent and I as King Penguin.

  • Notes

    • At the end of the credits is the sound a record player stylus being interrupted (the sound that accompanies the sad music ending when Blackadder is shot).

    • This is the only episode in the third series to feature Stephen Fry, who played Melchett in the second and fourth series.

    • It is presumed that after becoming Prince Regent, Blackadder killed his 'daddy' and became King of England (this is also mentioned in the official Blackadder book 'The Whole Damn Dynasty').

    • Blackadder also becomes King in the final episode of series 1 (although only for about 30 seconds, since he drank the poison and died), and also in the 'Back and Forth' edition in 1999, after meddling with time.

    • Rowan Atkinson also plays Blackadder's Scottish cousin McAdder.

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