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    Hi I know this is a US Forum (I live in the UK) and i thought you might want to update your Blackadder titles, firstly the first series was called 'The Blackadder' but after this the titles changed - the the second was called (imaginatively) Blackadder the Second, the third was (yet again another great strech in imagination) Blackadder the Third, however the Blackadder series that you are reviewing under the title 'The Blackadder' is actually 'Blackadder Goes Forth' i have been a great fan of this series since it first began - when i was a little nipper - (actually us Brits dont really say stuff like that..) and for all you US Blackadder fans there is a lot more to look out for, such as Christmas Specials where the Scrooge/Christmas Carol roles are reversed and the only Blackadder film never shown on British Telly, this was a short film that was produced exclusively for 'The millenium Dome' where 'Lord BlackAdder' - a Butler to the present day queen -somehow manages to get hold of a time machine and travel backwards and forwards in time meeting various other 'Blackadders' well thats about all i have to say on this and if its a repeat of other stuff shown in this forum - Sorry!!
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    No, it was called Blackadder II.

    And 'The Blackadder' serves as a collective way of covering them all.
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    we all know about the specials

    also seriously blackadder does back and forth blackadder gets the time machine cause baldrick built it
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